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  1. Well, I got my Crowsons last weekend, and my Behringer arrived this morning, so I'll be setting it all up tomorrow!. I have a fan swap to do on the Behringer, plus I got to pick up some speaker cable connectors for the behringer from Jaycar (I didn't realize they didn't have standard speaker posts so didn't order them - I did get RCA to XLR cables, but missed the speaker connections...), and get it all installed and configured. I've got so much to do this weekend, projects and chore-wise...
  2. So "within six weeks" from the article at the beginning of September is now late November...
  3. Well, the article was 6th September, and it said within six weeks, so I guess sometime in October. I hope I can finish watching these Fast and Furious films finally, and they have fixed DTSX HRA...
  4. Nice. Yes someone on AVS mentioned using a smart power strip. To be honest I didn't even know that that was until after I saw it mentioned. I guess I've never felt the need for smart light bulbs to avoid having to use a switch when I enter and leave a room... LOL. Thinking about it though, I have no issue powering it up manually. I may initially forget to turn it off! Once I get accustomed to it, it should not be an issue. Just a wee bit inconvenient - but laziness for me is a slippery slope!!! I ended up just getting an NX3000D. I've got the RCA to XLR cables ordered as well as a recommended quiet fan (the Noctua NF-A8 PWM Premium 80mm). Given Aron7awols low shelf curve to compensate, that seems like a pretty simple option I can live with.
  5. BTW, I found on AVSForum about the Behringer DSP series. You can set up a low shelf filter on them to flatten it to zero. So it might still be a decent option. Originally Posted by aron7awol Alright, as promised, for those who want to flatten the iNuke response to 4Hz (+/- 0.5dB!) and only down ~1dB at 3Hz, here's a filter: LS 10Hz Q0.5 4.4dB My Croswon is en route (thanks for the Oceanic tip jeffpr). I just hadn't decided on an amp by the time I ordered it (the rep was about to leave for Cedia so I put it in). I still am tossing up on the actual Crowson though. I guess the standby is useful but not a real problem - more that I have to remember to manually switch it off... On AVSForum people have said volume control really isn't an issue as you tend to set and leave it.
  6. Ok thanks. So I guess the Crowson really is the simplest option I can think of. The NX Behringers do have the roll off as well I believe. So does you Rotel go flat to 1hz?
  7. BTW, this is from the manual on the SA1000. It sounds like it might fit the bill. It has a bypass. The bass boost curve is interesting but I guess not needed.
  8. No worries. I thought from what you were saying you knew how. Edit: looking at the manual, the SA1000 might be of. That 18hz filter is controlled by a switch on the back. "Subsonic Filter Selects a subsonic filter with -3dB @ 18Hz, Q=.8. Allows the user to remove the subsonic information from the signal and tighten the low end response of some subwoofer systems"
  9. No, I was looking for a component/rack type one - The Dayton SA1000. sounded pretty good to me, until you mentioned that low frequency cutoff they put in it. Do you sell units then if you are a repairer? Would you be able to point me in the right direction for how to remove the SA1000 low frequency cutoff filter? I've been searching Google AVSForum but no luck. I might be searching the wrong terms. I do have some soldering ability, although sadly largely unpracticed (I did an electronics engineering degree 87-91, but have been just in software development... :P)
  10. Ah right so they aren't just listing that low freq, but they are actively putting a low pass filter on it? That seems nuts - especially for an amp that is listed as a subwoofer amp. Just nuts. The one you have is the SA1000? How hard would that mod be? Or do you have a link to a thread that might cover it? Or the best search terms. If you were in Brisbane I'd probably offer to buy it from you!
  11. Sounds complicated and a lot of parts! I'm still looking for a nice subwoofer amp. Hard googling stuff like that without finding a lot of junk. I came across the Dayton ones though and maybe they will fit the bill.
  12. Nice. Do you have a DSP between it and the source? Looking at the QA3004 the low pass is only 80Hz. So you modified the amp to stop the low freq rolloff?
  13. Cheers. Yeah Oceanic seem great so far. Which Quest amp do you have? Something like a QA1004? Or one with DSP ?
  14. It may end up just being the Crowson is the simplest cleanest option if you don't have existing HW to spare. Noiseless, remote, standby. Just it only has a low pass down to 40. I could use the miniDSP (it will be coming from that anyhow, but I'm using that for BEQ in a major way so it would mean I'd have to merge the BEQ dsp xml files with the crowson output. I do have an old reciever I could possibly use. I did have a nad stereo amp from years ago, but I lent it to someone. Was such an unreliable unit too...
  15. Did the A500 have a standard low pass filter for subwoofer or did you need a separate filter? Thanks. Yes the newer version of the inuke, the NX1000D. Looks more like a traditional amp too not like the inuke. It is as far as I'm aware it is the inuke with a nicer body. The crowson thread at AVS talks quite a bit on the inuke, but not much on the new ones. As you said though the lack of standby mode, and no remote is a downside. It means I'd have to get up if I needed to adjust the volume...
  16. Yes, looking is seems like the Behringer is a good fit for a crowson, just the fact it is fan cooled and by default, noisy, is a bit of an issue. I am thinking I might have to go that way and do the fan mod. I do like the fact it does have good low pass filter capability - and configurable. And it being a third of the price of the Crowson one doesn't hurt either... The cabling is a bit annoying. RCA to XLR...
  17. Oh my god. I just saw the price on those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <chokes>
  18. Having an amp with dsp in it would also be helpful, or at least a low pass filter down to 30hz. One without a fan would be nice. The Behringer passes one of those, but I see on avs they do fan replacements for quieter fans. Too much research! I guess I should search for subwoofer amp?
  19. Thanks. So if I can find a 2 channel Rotel equivalent of that model, it would be better and smoother. I'll do some research. Cheers.
  20. Thanks. I emailed them and they got back to me already. asking what I was after I am waiting on a reply . Anyone tried these with amps other than Crowson? I see some people on AVS were using the Behringer inukes - the older model. The NX is the new ones. I like the idea of having one with a DSP in it.
  21. Thanks, I'd appreciate it! Not after a bargain (although it'd be great), just a recommended seller!
  22. When IMAX enhanced is disc based or a high quality DOWNLOAD service, and I can get a projector that will work with it, I'll be doubly excited. I'd be happy enough with Anthem for a firmware fix that addresses that damn DTX:X HRA issue so I can frigging finish watching the Fast and Furious UHDs... Given imax is a variant of the DTS:X codec, I hope they actually manage to test the less common HRA - that said, if imax enhanced is streaming, it sure won't be DTS:X MA...
  23. Thanks. So 2, you mean two transducers, as in what comes with the Crowson T108SS? Also, where in Australia do you get them from? The only place I've seen listed is the Lifestylestore, but can't find much about them. Other than a thread at whirlpool on being a bit disorganized... Cheers
  24. Just investigating this myself. I've a three seater, and really only need it for the middle seat (mine). But not sure as connected if it'd mean too much loss. So you have it rear rail. Are those white feet at the front the ones that come with the Crowson, or what comes with the couch? If crowson, did you need to replace all feet on the couch with them?
  25. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the audio gear. When I just had a stereo setup, I had to watch Gravity with headphones so I could hear a lot of the quieter sounds and radio chat etc. Now I have the HT setup, atmos, no issues at all. Interstellar though I am strugging to think of any time in it where I couldn't understand what McConaughey was saying. When I read this here I was scratching my head trying to think of what spots may have had this effect on people.
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