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  1. I love the kefs so I'm partial to them... Consistency is nice. I've actually used Q100s for the four overheads, on brackets, angled at listening position. My rears are also q100s. It does work very well and I've never regretted it. I'm personally not a fan of reflecting up firing atmos speakers. The concept is flawed. Although if that is your only option, better than nothing. I'm also not that keen on the in ceiling mounted speakers. After a lifetime of hearing and reading how so much of the speaker sound reproduction and quality is enclosure design etc, to just take a driver and stick it in an inconsistent void without an enclosure is imho not that great a concept. I have seen some enclosures you can buy to put on the ceiling. But just not the same as a real enclosure designed for the speaker.
  2. If you aren't getting 4k out, I'd try the projector. I think the 500es only has HDCP2.2 on HDMI 2 - and you have to go to the menu and set HDMI2 to enhanced mode to enable HDCP 2.2. HDMI1 doesn't support HDCP 2.2. It is illogical. On the 550ES both ports support 2.2, but on factory settings, both are set to non Enhanced. Function Menu -> HDMI Signal Format. Set to Enhanced
  3. Hmm, that makes me think of an interesting idea. I do a lot of atmos 3d remuxing. But i'm not thought about if it was possible to remux a 4k left eye stream with an upscaled mvc right eye (or the other way about, which ever stream isn't the same as 2d)
  4. Yeah I am honestly surprised any cable package of any sort in Australia is still a thing. Do they still have station watermarks and advertisements? If it is on HBO, it should show for sale on itunes eventually, and HOPEFULLY on blu-ray or UHD in the future. And if they don't, I just won't bother. I've such a backlog of stuff I can get legally with fantastic quality, I'm not about to downgrade to add another thing with my to watch pile...
  5. So it wasn't just me that felt the levels are better with Genesis. I had previously done the same, and had to bump them as well, but not now.
  6. Yeah, finally getting my lifelong dream of a home theater came at a perfect time tech and media wise, but it is seriously messing with me. I'm finding it overwhelming seeing movies and TV shows in it, and am just going nuts with the stuff to watch, both new and the 3ver increasing list of stuff to rewatch. And , I've found myself nearly in an insane shock trying to come to terms with seeing films I've loved my life, and in the quality I could never, in my wildest dreams, have EVER hoped to have at home. I've embarrassingly found myself tearing up a few times, like watching The deer Hunter UHD.
  7. We are so lucky to be living in a time when we can see and hear all these fantastic movies, even older ones, at home, BETTER than we could have ever seen them at the cinema. I'm so grateful for what is available now, hardware, and physical media. Streaming isn't in the same ballpark, BUT it is definitely better than ye olde broadcast TV and the abomination that was and is cabletv
  8. I've got the 3D coming but have seen the UHD. I'm looking forward to seeing the 3D version. I am pretty forgiving with all stories, and give props to just original type stories rather than retreads, or plain overhyped films. It was a fun watch, but it wasn't a story that made me feel "oh wow, that was great". But enjoyable enough and an AV treat. To me though probably more an afternoon matinee movie rather than a night event.
  9. It sent me a bit nuts discovering that thread. Not what they do, but why they have to. And even ignoring the idiocy of recent disney audio mixes, seeing what they do to some movies where you can compare the spectrum of the original Blu Ray release and the remastered Blu Ray, it is utterly insane. Take the Atmos remix of Hellboy 2, They deliberately filtered bass out. There are so many movies this happens to, and the results of correcting it can be amazing, like First Man. The reason people give for why studios are doing this is rubbish fake Atmos soundbars, but that makes no logical sense. If soundbars was the reason for altering mixes. They would boost the bass as soundbars have a garbage low end response that even for a great one rolls off at 60hz. But no, the do the opposite to make the bass worse. I'm not joking, it is the one thing in this crazy world that really drives me nuts with the illogicality of it. Even politics makes more logical sense. If the reason people gave was they ant the home video releases to sound like garbage to encourage 0eolle to go to smelly theaters, I'd understand. It would make some sort of sense.
  10. Aside from the tone mapping, I so love the subtitle luminance I hate it when I have to use the oppo for region a titles. I'm considering buying a US 820 as a backup and region A unit...
  11. Thanks. Odd. I'm on the Bass Equalization thread at AVS so use a minidsp for bass correction of some movies. It introduces a minor delay and was advised this needs to be corrected with a profile adding extra distance for the sub. And given distance is against profile, you'd think you could adjust it in ARC.
  12. Yes it is honestly pretty confusing. It took me a while to figure that. Did anyone find where you can setup the speaker distance in it, or can only do it on the Anthem itself? I found the levels it set straight up seemed better than what it did with ARC.
  13. Damn it I am so SICK of how garbage the network capabilities are on this device. I have it wired, direct next to the frigging router and I can't get a connection. I'm so sick of it
  14. Does anyone with the unit know what subtitle options there are? The Panasonic allows position and luminance adjustment, although not mentioned in the manual. What options are available on the Pioneer? Thanks
  15. I've had it about the same, and all good. Like the tone mapping. Love the reliability. No problem playbacks yet. The thing I like best though is the subtitle options though... I just hate it now when I have a region A disc I have to put in that sluggish oppo 103 I have. I've been wishing I could get a region A 820 for US and Asian blu rays... I wonder what subtitle options the pioneer has?...
  16. Hmm, I should have spent time playing with it over the weekend... I avoided this thread though as I was doing other projects!!! And I'm pretty happy with the current. I did find I manually upped levels on rears and overheads on ARC just for preference. I mean I have couch back to deal with. It would be nice if they could do curve adjustment based on multiple room measurements, but allow level adjustments based on a seating positions only.
  17. I just got the email with the download link https://www.anthemarc.com/downloads/index.php
  18. Yeah, the Pioneer is a beast. The price though, and I'd say hard pressed to compete with the Panasonic 9000 for video tuning, especially for projectors. Definitely a shame the Panasonic has no mod, But given UHD is region free, getting a decent multi region blu ray player - or just something simple like a PS3 from Region A. The Panasonic has a feature though none of the others have - subtitle luminance drop as well as shift. I couldn't go back to a primary player without the luminance drop now, especially how bright gear is now, and you get 100% white subtitles... If the Panasonics were universal voltage, I'd buy a region A one...
  19. High Nits are so overrated and in my books irrelevant. I'm more into color space and black level details. Nits though, the issue is my eyes only have one setting at any point in time. So take a real world scenario you are in a dark room and someone shines a torch in your eyes. How much black level detail is in your frame? 100%. How much of it can you actually see? Next to nothing. Unless you stick your hand up and block the torch. So in terms of a display the same applies. In a dark home theater with a projector it is even more apparent you don't want or need the nits. Part of the calibration I was doing on mine was checking scenes with heavy backlight to see what I could see on the dark areas with and without my hands blocking the bright area. At any instant of time your iris is at one position, and it is determined by how much overall light intensity is in your field of view. And this is just the physical reality. The argument above about dynamic range is correct as well.
  20. Gravity, most definitely! Especially if you have a projector!!! Mad Max is one I slightly prefer the UHD just for color intensity. I alternate between the too Heart of the Sea is great also. Feels lifelike. Awesome movie too.
  21. To be honest, I'm one of the people that like them. I do wish though that if they have it, they have it as an OPTION. I remember when Anchor Bay did the Reanimator DVD back in the day, they had a trick they did for variable aspect ratio, and used a subtitle stream that was just black bars to mask the full screen. They could easily do the same with any movie with variable aspect ratio. Either that, or for the imax scenes, just have separate video files for the two aspect ratios and branch. That way everyone can get what they like!
  22. Anyone see mother!? Geez I think the affect on the viewer may all depend on your personality. I'm more than a bit of an introvert, so I started getting ultra uncomfortable as soon as the couple showed up. By the end it felt like it was my idea of what hell would be like for me... I was a nervous wreck half way through it, and my state of mind did not improve by the end of it... But if I was in that situation, I'd have walked after the husband left for the hospital. On the Australian UHD release, on my Panasonic 9000, Anthem 1120, for some reason selecting atmos on the setup menu only gave 5.1 so I had to just bring up the system audio menu in playback and select track 1 (which was already showing). Very odd
  23. If you make it through the first season, IMHO, it gets really good after that. Nice to see Leonard Nimony show up in it too. Especially the animated one.
  24. Yeah, I'm interested to see what the Arc genesis is like. Not that I have any issues with the current arc! On the AVM60 vs 1120, I have the 1120, and have no complaints. My HT room isn't that large. My speakers are all kef Q series, with 4x 900's plus others. An all in one is just easier and if you don't already have the 11 channel amp to spare or want to have a stack of X channel amps. Plus I never really figured how you control the volume with a pre / post amp. Do you lock the amp at a fixed volume? Max volume? Or what?
  25. A shame. IMHO he was my favourite character in the prequels. I like watching the prequels thinking of it as the "How Palpatine Played the Universe and Took Control". trilogy..
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