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  1. Software based functionality I can nearly excuse on the basis of hardware needs. But given DTM is really using the same underlying logic as the dynamic iris, it is hard to understand. I see on AVS the 760 is getting a firmware update so I hope that does give some semblance of DTM. And the 790 has some other feature warranting new hardware. I could have got a z1 cheap, but it to me had too many things to me against it.
  2. It'd be a bigger shock for 870 owners. No successor, and even the current firmware and capabilities are below the 760, and no firmware update since way behind the last 760 firmware. I'd be asking myself why I paid the extra 10k...
  3. Yes!!! Dynamic tone mapping! I'm glad I held off. This sounds like it is what I was waiting for.
  4. Here we go. Some domestic news. No details, but a successor to the 570 and 760. https://www.avmagazine.it/amp/news/4K/proiettori-sony-2020-2021_15766.html
  5. But technology sucks? No way. Especially current era AV technology. When I finally got my theater room setup, I can't explain how emotional I kept getting. Perfect timing, with 4k HDR and Atmos. Other than The Abyss, there is not a single film from my life that I saw in the cinemas that my affordable home cinema setup utterly trounces with media I own. Utterly trounces. I've gotten pretty emotional early in my experience of the room seeing movies I loved from my youth in such incredible quality. Like Blade Runner UHD, The Deer Hunter UHD. It doesn't seem real that it is possible. And OMG, remember the analog era? PAL and NTSC were both idiotically flawed systems with a frame rate set by the previously established AC power frequency. Just idiotic. And that was all we had for about 50 years. And then DVD. They actually gave PAL and NTSC a decent swan song, where suddenly we started understanding the horrors it exposed we weren't aware of, like overscan, convergence, pal speed up, 3:2 pull down. And when we finally got 16:9 material with 1080p panel TV's, we suddenly FINALLY got to see the entire image. For the first time. And unfortunately thanks to the curved period we are still stuck with vestiges of the stupid 50 and 60hz rubbish in this era. I with what Jackson tried with The Hobbit with 48hz started rather then the bullxxxx 60 hz garbage we still get - so so many digital streaming devices and platforms convert 24p material to 60p with the equivalent of 3:2 pull down. If we'd down the smart thing and gone 48 /72/96 24p material would translate perfectly. But no... but no, technology doesn't suck. But there are still flaws.
  6. I'm more in line with this sentiment than "technology sucks". And more specifically HDCP 2.2 era sucks... I never had handshaking issues prior. Maybe I was lucky
  7. Ugh, no way you could pay me to go back to analog. And not a chance I ever want to see CRT anything ever again!!!!
  8. I admit the entire HDCP2.2 4k era has been a mess with handshaking. Temperamental. But, I found if I observed start-up order it worked flawlessly, Sony projector, Anthem AVR, and then the video source, Panasonic, oppo, Apple TV. The Panasonic does have some firmware flaws. If you pause or fast forward, audio can dropout and need handshaking or swapping audio tracks to get t to work. Also, if you hit buttons such as eject BEFORE the home screen image shows, it can lock up and need power cycling. Sony also has the idiotic idea of NOT defaulting the HDMI ports to HDCP 2.2 so you won't get 4k HDR. Just idiotic. It stumped me when I first got mine and was wondering why UHD was doing only 1080p...
  9. I equate it to standing in a dark room and someone shining a 500 lumen torch in your face. A lot of black detail in the room, but you'd need to stick your hand up in front of the torch so you could actually see it...
  10. I'm more interested in seeing black detail, without having torch bright spots on screen making my retinas close so much I miss it. If I can pause, hold my hand up blocking a bright light on screen and suddenly see way more image detail as my eyes adjust, I've missed it when viewing normally. Light cannon TV's can just get lost as far as I care. Especially in a light controlled theater room. No 3D also reduces my interest so much... I'm still running a 1080p Sony in the living room, and won't bother "upgrading" to a 4k non 3d tv until it does.
  11. Yeah. To be honest I'd consider a panel TV the same size as my screen (115") but I just have never been comfortable with the obsession with nits. Not to mention the absence of 3D. Something EVERY panel TV could support with firmware and an optional dongle (like JVC does). If a projector is the only way I'll get 3d, a panel TV will never be in my home cinema.
  12. Ouch. Yeah it does indicate large venue. But it is a lot of new tech, so hopefully domestic models to follow? Ah gee I just with JVC would just end the market by bringing an equivalent of the 760 or 870 with laser, same chassis as the lamp models, DTM, and glass... It would be game over...
  13. Sweet! Some news! https://pro.sony/ue_US/products/laser-projectors/vpl-gtz380 Seems to indicate DTM. Plus hdr10+. I wonder what the price will be comparable to. I think looking at specs will be too powerful for my small room though.
  14. In this day and age any tools announce a Blu Ray proudly touting mastered in 4k, but no uhd, I just feel less favorable towards that company. I can't recall the last criterion I wasted money on...
  15. Yeah I got to say I'm kind of amazed worldwide what a joke UHD releases are. Covid. No theatrical releases. How can I make money? Ok I have hundreds of fan fav movies in my archives. How about I get some techs on my payroll do safe solo work on computers scan and do 4k mAasters of catalog titles, release on iTunes and sell to a streaming platform and press a UHD. But we are seeing none of ANY of those.
  16. Prime is great for the shipping. I have found I watch more there. And I get 4k too if 4k. They have been getting a lot of older content I watch too - including ALL of Top Gear. Criminal Minds, Elementary too. Hah, I know the feeling. I barely use it too but my wife does. I've never upgraded to 4k though as can't warrant it for the amount I watch. But I would temporarily to catch up on things. And the 4k stuff they do have, I'd be happier just buying them on UHD or even iTunes - but none have shown up yet.
  17. Thanks. In which app / platforms do you see this? Or I take it you only see this if you have a 4k enabled account? So if you were interested in figuring if they had any 4k content you wanted before upgrading, you can't?
  18. Yeah I need to watch High Plains again. It did get mad, with painting the town red etc. I always felt The Good The Bad and the Ugly felt a bit like Apocalypse Now in some ways
  19. ?? If you plug the EAN into their search bar at the top, it shows it.
  20. The best one to get is the Canadian edition. A lot of the others have lossy audio. The German editions might be OK. EAN is 0065935830610 I think I got the spelling wrong though. two s's. Passchendaele
  21. Ah right so they managed to add 3D. That is good. So what OS is the MadVR Envy running on? So it isn't running on Windows like the MadVR software does?
  22. I know the result I want. I guess though my feelings on JVC as a company are more or less mirrored with lumagen and madvr. I'd prefer not to send a cent their way.
  23. I am a pessimist by nature, so I wouldn't be surprised if Sony didn't, but I look forward to being pleasantly surprised! My pessimist viewpoint on what jvc and their neverending litany of stupidity will mean they'd release a laser model in an NX chassis, but because they can't help themselves, it will be sold as a model above the nx9, so the will take the idiotic price of the nx9 and add 12k to it. They'll probably round it to say 40k. And in real term, we have a projector that is a light source upgrade to the nx7 and in fiscal cost, about 2k to jvc. So say to the nearest 5k, $15k. But they will charge an extra $30,000. THAT is JVC. The price difference from the nx7 to nx9 just rubs it in my face why JVC, to be perfectly frank, utterly disgusts me, at a visceral level. Professionally as an engineer and software developer I just see one thing after another, again and again, that is wrong, and it offends me, and I'm disgusted that the real professionals they have working for them that are obviously skilled go along with it. If I was there,I'd leave, and go work for Sony even for minimum wage.. I'd feel honestly bad if I bought a jvc product. I'm not being hyperbolic. If I had the choice between a 40k jvc DTM laster model vs a non DTM Sony for 32 plus say 13k for a madvr, I would probably go madvr. Or I'd figure a way to do an Oceans 11 heist on their warehouse... Sony on the other hand I have an entire life of owning and using their products and never being disappointed or finding their decisions ridiculous or objectionable.
  24. Sorry, but the fact it needs such ridiculous power (CPU, VPU & watts), runs on a bloated os, no 3d kind of sours me. I might give it a go if in two years there is no DTM laser projector, but it'd be a lot of physical work to install. Due to its bulk and heat and I'd say noise, I'd put it on the other side of the wall outside the theater room, and run HDMI thru the wall.and mount it on a shelf.. All to get something jvc have proven a projector can do to my satisfaction
  25. I can't see why anyone would want an nx9 over an nx7 as there is no real value. The extra cost for it is just laughable. If it has a laser light source, I'd get it, but they just stick in a useless gimmick, and charge a lot more. I'm ok paying an over inflated premium for a laser, but not for worthless gimmicks like jiggle shift. And it just adds yet another pathetic action/behavior to what I continually see with JVC, and why I really would prefer not to send a single dent there way Regards madvr and lumagen, don't get me started. If it was just a matter of paying for it, fine. But these devices are idiotically complicated to set up and configure for the one feature I'm interested in. DTM. Madvr is bloated power mad, and requires overpowered, loud, hot computer equipment running on a bloated fat operating system. And it can't even handle 3D. I was going to go lumagen, but got such a runaround, such a load of nonsense from their sellers and forum threads I just lost interest. The fact I've can do it with a friggin menu option says it all. That is all I should need to do. I don't want to have to hire a pro to set it up or spend weeks learning. DTM is an entire subject that makes my blood boil at every level. Every damn HDR display device should handle it. This entire era has been an utter clusterxxxx. I mean especially panel TV's. I can't understand the idiocy of having an actual signal that says ok this pixel has a max of 2000nits, and the tv knows, ok I can only display 1000 nits, so I'll just clip everything. It is idiotic, and speaking as an electronics engineer, if I was working on these I'd be xxxxing ashamed of myself for being so xxxxing lazy. I'd be utterly disgusted with myself. Utterly. So yeah, I'm waiting for a laser projector with real 4k and dtm. At the moment, there isn't one.
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