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  1. On greatest, so hard to say. So many great ones, and my opinion changes over time. 20 years ago I'd have said Apocalypse Now, but now I'm 50, I rewatched The Deer Hunter and found it epic, and heartbreaking. It is probably the one that resonates with me emotionally the most. As a movie I find it near perfect. From a film making / lover perspective, i still couldn't say. I'd nearly say Lone Survivor or Black Hawk Down. And outside of movies I'd probably put The Pacific over all of them.
  2. Yeah! A beast. That said, I'd rather spend more money on 4 than less on 6 for overheads.
  3. Yeah, I enjoy it. I can't think of a Michael Bay film that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed (although I've not seen six underground, given my distaste of steaming). I don't get the hate on him to be honest.
  4. I loved it. A lot of fun. And the DTS-X soundtrack is awesome too! Action comedies are a far undervalued / underutilized genre.
  5. Definitely go 4 overheads over 2. If I had a 9 speaker limit, the choice between 7.1.2 and 5.1.4 would be a no brainer - I'd go 5.1.4.
  6. I'm not really familiar with the speakers so can't comment. On the subwoofers, the PB3000 is great, but if you are thinking two, you'd want two pb3000. I have a 3.6x48m projector theater, and have dual PB20000s and it is very good, Your room is larger. What is above the room? Top floor so don't care? At any rate you probably want to use poly insulation in the cavity. I'd also suggest filling wall and ceiling cavity air gaps with poly insulation also. You do mention the other wood and double plaster and I can't quite picture it, So Are you saying say 90mm steel framing with plaster, then putting 70mm or something studs inside and glueing plaster on both sides of that? Is the timber really needed? Or could you just cut and glue the extra plaster to the interior plaster, then poly fill, then glue the outer layer where required.. At any rate, I'd poly fill. I'd have the entry door either open out, or open the other direction (for front right speaker in the event you get a nice floorstander. Also the obvious idea of cabling for the speakers And hdmi CABLE in the cavities. For the HDMI (and network possibly) I'd suggest using heavier diameter electical ducting so the cable can be changed if needed. Seating wise, ditto on the rear wall comment. Also, have you thought of having just smaller walkways on the sides rather than prime listener position open? Seriously if just you in the room viewing, it will get to you not being able to sit in the sweet spot... Also better to give side viewers better separation/balance from the surround speakers on their side.
  7. Love those Ritchie crime dramas. And McConnaghey as well! I usually love his work, but just couldn't bring myself to see Aladdin. I can't take musicals...
  8. LOL. I am getting so sick of so much of this 4k era sXXX it isn't funny. I mean labels started loosing meaning to me when THX jumped the shark with releases like the Thinner DVD... Now look at IMAX "enhanced". Here we are thinking, hmm, maybe that means I'll get IMAX ratio for movies. But what it has resulted in is some labels dropping TrueHD Atmos for DTS-X MA. What a frigging joke. I'm so glad though that we still do have UHD media though. At least we have something definable and fixed and repeatable on viewings. Digital is an utter hell hole of forced 60Hz frame rate conversions. Over compression. When we entered the 1080p era, the thing that made me immensely happy over the prior pal ntsc era was not the resolution, not zero overscan, it was technology that supported actual theatrical frame rates. I thought finally we are done with this 50Hz and 60Hz mains frequency driven BULLXXXT. But no, thanks to frigging broadcast media 50 and 60Hz stuck around. I was hoping with the Hobbit films we might have actually just looked at doubling and tripling, but no, still stuck with this garbage mains frequency briadcast TV holdover framerates. It is just ludicrous. And they talk of filmmaker mode? Outside of the disc based world (in which any descerning AV buff would not have motion interpolation on anyhow), the concept of filmmaker mode is frigging so far beyond reach.
  9. Yeah. To be honest this whole 4k HDR era has been an utter cluster XXXX in comparison to the 1080p era. Too many hdr "standards", including more or less unused junk like the HLG ones, licensing vs no licensing costs, and no actual agreement with a real standard up front before it all started getting pushed out, and some being pushed out too early. The situation would be a lot better if they had the free dynamic HDR10+ up front instead of starting with HDR10 and then having the costly dolby. And I'm sick of high nits on disaplays being some great benchmark, as opposed to 100% DCI-P3 coverage and dynamic range. My eyes only haveone iris setting at any moment in time, and if I'm staring at the equivalent of a 900 lumen bright spot, I'm not going to notice the black level detail around it.... Heck, I'd be encouraged to hear stuff was being mastered taking advantage of the larger rec2020 coverage and manufacturers were starting to look at even better color.
  10. Be nice if display manufacturers started doing stuff that AVR manufacturers have been doing for decades. Supplying devices with room correction software and measurement device. I mean I've been saying for ages they should ship TVs and projectors with a colorimeter or the like and a calibration mode. It is good though that they see the need, although I wonder what it will really mean. I mean people complain about the Goodfellas UHD because it doesn't have vivid ultra bright colors. If all this sort of stuff results in a mode that will auto disable motion interpolation, so what - I'd never have that turned on at all anyhow. And when so many steaming services and their supplied software force frigging 60fps with pulldown artefacts for 24p/23.976 material, too little too late....
  11. I take it from that review that is on the old firmware? I thought the new N models got a dynamic / frame adaptive tone mapping, and the old Z1 just got the more static auto tone mapping. That said, the above support issues mentioned are pretty concerning. JVC in general doesn't seem like that big an organization though do then, not just Australia. They don't make much.
  12. I think that is the wrong link. Try https://pro.sony/en_AU/product-resources/software-firmware/vpl-vw760es-firmware-update-8102 It is amazing they added it. I remember when it came out someone on AVS posted a video showing it had the iris, just disabled. And now they have enabled it! I wonder why they haven't added manual iris limiting though, like you can do on the 570/550/350 etc?
  13. Anyone else wondering why there isn't some sort of intermediate device? Eg something simpler, requiring a lot less processing power and $$ that can do auto tone mapping like the Panasonic UB820 etc? I'd be happy enough with an ATM device to handle PS4, AppleTV etc if the tone mapping was as good as Panasonics..
  14. It seemed to have been generally disliked, but I really liked it too. My only minor complaint would be some of the retro stuff they were doing was so wrong for the period. Like that "laptop" she had in late 80s... I remember what a joke a "portable" computer was back then. I remember in 87 working on some (I think) Compaq portable with this horrific amber plasma screen, where the plasma had one pixel intensity, and they emulated half intensity by turning pixels on and off at a horrific refresh rate, a rate so slow it was hypnotic so on a solid window frame border you could hypnotize yourself following the adjacent pixels turning on and off around and around the border...
  15. BTW, regards setting up a MADVR HTPC, can you do it and run it as just a hdmi processor for MadVR? Eg you are only using it as you would a Madvr eny for HDMI in out processing?
  16. Oh wow I was interested in this, once I heard about Cold Pursuit being made. I didn't know that it was available.
  17. Yeah a prime account is worth it for the free shipping alone. And I get to see The Grand Tour! Not that I do much streaming...
  18. I wonder if the author here can get an update on this WAY overdue firmware they announced here. https://www.stereo.net.au/news/imax-enhanced-anthem-keeps-giving It is about 14 months since the last firmware fix. I'm still waiting for the Fast and Furious 6 and 7 DTSX issues.
  19. Guess I could try others. But to be honest steaming is so low on my priority I'm not likely to bother. Plus I'm a stickler for frame rate matching. Each time I consider another device, that side of it looks like a total XXXX-show. Plus the extraneoius rubbish that irritates me (like the on screen nags/notifications like "skip credits" and ""Next Episode" (garbage that wrecks the immersion of viewing) I'm that not subjected to on disc, I expect no matter what device I'll have it'll be more or less the same. I find the older appletv, the 1080p model, more tolerable to be honest for on screen nags. Although still some.
  20. It was a miniseries - the movie was a recut shortened version they did for cinemas. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/193180665872 I only actually ordered it last week, so haven't seen it yet.
  21. I bought the longer miniseries version of it. Has Atmos too. https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Tuntematon-sotilas-Blu-ray/229777/ Got it eBay.
  22. Hmm. Although I applaud and personally live by that sentiment (on not chasing what doesn't exist and enjoy what we have), it was not something I got from the movie. Other than indirectly as in what a waste of a life with the father... I haven't really mentioned this elsewhere, but one other thing that really (and oddly) irritated me about the movie was just bad physics with stuff the rocket engines always being on, like they were in atmosphere. Or that ridiculous rocket ship entry on Mars. Not to mention the laughable action film trope of riding an explosion shock wave. I loved that bit in the movie "The Other Guys" where they were making fun of that...
  23. Yeah, just disapponting. What a travesty, an utter squandering of cast, crew, and large budget, to ignore the actual story. I guess the same with the new star wars "trilogy"....
  24. Yeah, wish I had the Scandinavian release - it came with atmos. Great movie though.
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