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  1. Advice on screen and projector

    I'm building my room at the moment. 4.8 x 3.6, so I'm thinking 3m distance and either 110 or 100" screen. I've cabled it for 7.x.4. Just had it plastered this week (16mm Fyrcheck with insulation behind). Now I have to put the floor down (I'm laying antique ironbark flooring from a woolstore we've had for some time, over ply - I did the room next to it with this also about 5 years ago). I'm actually going to check paint today. I am considering the dulux textured paint like Tuscan or Stone. I will try samples. I'm thinking the rough surface might have the same effect for light reflection as velvet, muting it even further. I'm still wondering if I should get the room air conditioned. I'm honestly not a huge fan of it, and don't have it at home, and am sick of it at the office... I will need something to move air though, preferably fresh from outside. I'm just not sure what the best idea.
  2. The 9900 shows up quite well! How does that translate in real terms though for an operating system with anti aliasing, clear type tuning etc? I mean that text samples are great, but the text it was trying to reproduce is more in the line of ye-olde text on a Hercules graphics card, monochrome monitor
  3. ? I mean if a projector can't display a 4k test pattern, how does it handle text readability when trying to emulate a 4k text/graphics/gui image. Do you have to scale it so that you are treating it as a lower res screen, use scaling? I've seen what eshift4 looks like with fine text and it does look a big nasty.
  4. On the true 4K / Pixel shift, what is it like using one of the pixel shift projectors at a 4K nice large computer screen/projector? Anyone have any experience on it? I take it due to lamp lifespan, it really isn't a recommended use?
  5. OK, it looks like current Onkyo has a "late night" mode, but that is it. Pioneer also has something. But I can't see any real details on either of them. Their manuals are just horrible... From looking at Denon and Marantz, they have multiple options, as you were saying.
  6. Thanks. That is tipping me more to the Marantz and Denon units then. It doesn't look like Onkyo has an equivalent, looking through their current models manual.
  7. I'm in the market for a new receiver, after some years, and am trying to figure out if any current receivers have some decent volume levelling capabilities, like Dolby Volume did. My current old Onkyo had something, but I've never found it that good. So even a TV show like Hawaii Five-O has me sitting with my thumb on the volume control winding it up and down. I was reading about Dolby Volume, but it looks like it was something that came and went in the time since I last got a receiver.
  8. Anyone checked that new David Fincher series on Netflix? I noticed in the end credits it had Dolby Vision. I wonder if the Netflix 4k has that capable (or any Netflix players handle it). Brilliant series. I'm only 1080p at the moment though...
  9. I definitely don't disagree with you. But I've gotten lazy or rather less diligent with TV tuning since I waved goodbye to CRT technology... Just starting to feel a bit daunted at the thought of getting back into it. I'm getting older... I'll do it, and the results will pay off, just got to psych myself up to it! And in my opinion, my post was on topic as I'm trying to understand the technology and situation and I was surprised to see it wasn't as clear cut or understandable as panel technology, and now I'm seeing it has more in common complexity wise as the CRT technology.
  10. Got to say, I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with it all, and the complexity of it and tuning. On the old CRT technology, I spent so much time tuning them, convergence, overscan (spits), linearity, etc. And then 1:1 mapped source:display technology with LCD. And it had been simpler. If the mothers hadn't dropped 3D I'd still be looking at the largest OLED screen I could get. And it annoys me that it would add nothing much to the cost for active 3d. Firmware and maybe an additional emitter.
  11. Ah OK, so you'd only get them if a customer orders one.
  12. Doh.... Given you are a Sony dealer also, do you have the 360 yet? If so have you checked it out, see if your opinions have changed?
  13. Thanks. I'd googled, checked the x9900product page at JVC, downloaded the manual, and I didn't get a single hit on the work Iris...
  14. So the JVC units don't have a dynamic Iris?
  15. Geez. Hmm, that is a pretty significant difference. And concerning. I've seen on a US forum (AVSForums) owners of the new 385/360 have complained about the outer lens (or is it in Sony projectors more a lens protector than an actual optical lens?) having visibly irregular and in some a bubbly surface in places.