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  1. OK, checked White Tiger is in Russian, burnt in amber subs
  2. I posted the UPC and the online store name. Should be able to find given that with google. I'm just not sure if I'm allowed to post detailed links. No idea,on subtitles. I haven't watched it. There is no set stream. But it is an Australian disc so I guess burnt in subs. Or ugh a dub. I'll check in the morning when I'm in the HT
  3. Well, I finally snagged a copy. It does exist. DTS-HD MA 5.1. Got it for $5 at CEX shipped. UPC is 9338176011584 - I set up an alert, and blow me down it finally popped up/.
  4. I saw Captain Marvel 3d. Hoo boy, especially with the IMAX, I don't think I'll be watching the UHD again.
  5. Ah geez are we related? I even have that Moffat Cobra... I have a 7.1.4 setup, keft q900s front and side, 650 center, and my rears are Q300s on angled brackets slightly above ear level (or ear level if I was 8" taller...)- sort of so they aren't as muffled by the rear of the couch. My 4 uppers are all mounted to the ceiling itself (brackets bolted to the joists), and are q300s on angled directed brackets aimed at main listener position. Works very well.
  6. I appreciate I'm anomalous, given I'm an av lover and have not seen a movie in cinemas since Revenge of the Sith, and prefer disc based media and home at equipment. And I don't have any interest in standing in line waiting and group experience. Especially these days when xxxxing people would be constantly lighting screens on mobiles... But I kind of hoped 2020 would be the death knell of the anachronism of this whole theatrical release rubbish. I mean talks of bailing out theaters is as stupid as pumping money into horse drawn carriage makers when automobiles started taking control.
  7. Yeah I finally cancelled mine. I mainly watch disc, but had kept it for a couple of shows, never went 4k as when I was ready to do it and had time, the covid degredation happened, so never bothered). Anyhow the only reason I kept it was my wife watched it. But whenever I saw her on the tv she'd be wathing stupid videos on youtube. I watch more on prime. And just one price too including 4k.
  8. Nice! So the uncut Immortals too I watched John Carter on the weekend actually. Such a fun movie. I don't have a couple of those, mainly as I wasn't wanting to see them. The ASM movies are very good in 3D too. I'm one of the few that like the Green Lantern movie too!
  9. Just remember the UK Immortals is pretty badly cut. Local one is fine. Pretty cheap at CEX, and probably on ebay too. I got it cex.
  10. You have a ps5 already? Or do you have first-hand reviews of the UHD capabilities? To me I'm waiting to hear what it has feature wise. Even the Dolby Vision is speculation based on their games not having it. But it'd be more surprising if it doesn't for media.
  11. Anyone seen Immortals? I watched the local release on the weekend, and hoo boy, talk about a brutal carnage fest with a fantastic sound mix and incredible low end activity. And the 3D was incredible. If you have Crowsons this is a reference title. The carnage is off the charts nuts. The gods fighting is just brutal. And the human stuff too. I haven't cringed and let out audibles in a movie this much ever. Very enjoyable. The first time I saw it I recall liking it (I had it in a 3 pack of two other films from the UK - and I didn't realize the UK version is HEAVILY censored). But now, with
  12. Worse than that (Atmos support) is native frame rate support. The abomination that is 60p 3:2 pull down conversions of native 24p material is a crime. And in some cases, it isn't just the hardware manufacturers not supporting it. I was told with the Panasonic uhd players, netflix wouldn't allow them to do it. I think there are only a couple of devices that do native frame rate. Apple TV and I think the Nvidia Shield.
  13. On the topic title though, irrespective of the price rise, the free market is in my opinion ruining it now, as due to the success early of Netflix, every company and their dog have tried emulating it, including incessantly now more than ever these has been dinosaurs like cbs and nbc just further diluting the market with more and more services. And the sheer volume of content is just too much. Prime is great as they offer way more than video. Way more. And much less cost. Netflix I only keep as my wife uses it. And I can't even understand how foxtel or any cable survives
  14. I'd go the other way. 5.1 to 7.1 is not that big an improvement from a listening perspective. Having 3D overhead is a big improvement.
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