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  1. BTW, with the full set of Fast & Furious movies now being available on UHD, I went and watched them end to end. I've an 1120 with latest official firmware (1.4.095), and Fast 6 and Fast 7 are not showing DTS:X HR, Just DTS HR 7.1. These are the North American releases. The Australian (and probably Euro) release seems to be even more of a faulty disc in that BDInfo doesn't show DTSX, just 7.1. I've got both regions discs. The US versions show DTSX HRA in BDInfo. I guess the problem was never fixed in the Anthem. I've contacted Anthem, but am surprised it is broken still. Here are links from Onkyo and Denon on the specific problem: https://www.de.onkyo.com/faq/index.php?action=artikel&cat=4&id=506&artlang=en https://denon.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5674/~/dts%3Ax-issues-with-blu-ray-disc-titles-fast-and-furious-6-and-furious-7 I'm surprised it wasn't fixed in Anthem. I hope they can get it sorted. My uninterrupted run is well and truly broken. The discs are an utter mess from the perspective of probably being the only two discs ever with constant bitrate DTS HRA. On top of that, for Fast 6, the extended cut has the DTS-HRA track HIDDEN so you need to rebuild it to listen to it. The only track available from the menu is the lossy DTS5.1. But it has a full DTSX HRA track - hidden
  2. No breed. The way they should be, genetically speaking.
  3. I'm kind of thinking as well. The buttkicker lfe sounds best for the buck. It would be nice to have wireless though. Cabling from avr to couch is just... Ugly.
  4. Ah great... I just got the paypal email. Sigh. I placed it on the 27 June. I was wondering where it was. EDIT: Found it - was in my spam folder... Sigh... Sorry for that...
  5. BTW, do you guys send out an actual order confirmation email, and shipping notice? I just got the paypal email.
  6. Ah good so they are starting to show up. Did you get a shipping notice? I haven't yet.
  7. I've tried searching the thread here, but I'm wondering what a good reliable source for bulbs is? I've a Sony 550es, and am looking at getting a new bulb. I'm just not sure what everyone here does. There are several threads here over the last decade, but after reading them I'm not getting a good idea of where to go, and if bare bulb or lamp housing. More to the point of being certain I'd get an oem Philips bulb.. There was a couple of threads that mentioned PureGlare, even with a link from Oztheatre, but checking productreview.com seems like some bad reviews. Do you buy local online, local retailers, or overseas like BHPhotovideo? Or can I just go to videopro or something?
  8. Thanks! There seems to be a whole menu entry on the left there for SDR BT.709 though? The second last one.
  9. OK thanks. So does it only contain REC 2020 material, no 709? Eg so nothing native for calibrating a 4k projector and display the 709 color space? Downconverting 2020 to 709 is going to not give the same effect and is more a player dependent result.
  10. Does anyone know if it also covers the 1080p material, 3d etc also, or is it just 4k?
  11. Here are my instructions from previously, the instructions to use HDMI2...
  12. You are still having an issue there. Is HDMI2 on the projector set to enhanced mode as I said above? It is showing 4k SDR/BT.709 on the third line, not HDR/BT.2020, which means the Panasonic thinks the projector isn't HDR capable. You might need to toggle outputs on the receiver to get it to handshake again. I get this on occasion on my 550 and have to toggle inputs on the projector and receiver to force it to handshake again.
  13. Do they still do the god awful station logos over shows?
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