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  1. I logged them all. Low brow to high brow... Mostly low brow... I've a wide taste...
  2. BTW, I got mine direct from Oceanic Distribution. They were great, and easy to deal with. I don't know why no online AV stores here even sell crowsons. It is just idiotic. Try searching here for the gear.
  3. Just an update. I'm into Bass Equalization (the BEQ thread at avs forum) and I was having issues with signal noise from the Behringer. Like a bad PSU. So it was injecting 10db of noise into the signal path with all devices grounded, and without grounding, 20db. And that is with the Behringer off, just connected to power. All on a Thor power board filter. So I ended up getting a Crowson amp. No noise. I don't know if I had a faulty PSU or what. Also, I had both amps filtering at 40hz, and I'm getting a better effect from the Crowson. I think. Unmeasured, but I'm noticing more. Just to clarify, if you aren't doing bass equalization, the Behringer is fine. The 20 db noise you can't hear. But, if you are equalizing part of the low end with a minidsp, even if not touching 50hz, the 50hz mains noise on the board, and you may hear it on your subwoofers.
  4. Crime films, you mean? To be honest my favorite Scorsese films aren't the crime ones. I'd probably put Silence as my favorite. Hugo was a real departure for him though.
  5. May be better posting on the oppo owner thread. I've the UHD, but not an oppo
  6. Well, now I have my home theater, I watch and rewatch more movies than ever... I had 5 weeks holiday and watched 162 movies.... That said, 95% of those 162 were movies I'd seen before and wanted to rewatch... Of new movies that come out, I honestly can't remember the last one I was hanging out to see that I hadn't seen before. If you asked me today, 2hat movie I hadn't seen that I was wanting to see, I'd say Ad Astra, although I know nothing about it, and don't watch trailers. I'm looking forward to It Hobbs and Shaw, also all media unseen
  7. Yeah, I see it more as I guess an experimental foray into digital effects for Scorsese, and will expect it won't be perfect. Irrespective of the director though, the whole concept of digital de-aging in films doesn't sit well with me. Maybe each time they do it, they get slightly better, but it will never be anything I'd ever look for in a movie, that I would wish for. Eg, I'd never think "Gee this movie would have been sooooo much better if they had old Actor X in that role, de-aged, rather than young Actor Y"
  8. Well, I got my Crowsons last weekend, and my Behringer arrived this morning, so I'll be setting it all up tomorrow!. I have a fan swap to do on the Behringer, plus I got to pick up some speaker cable connectors for the behringer from Jaycar (I didn't realize they didn't have standard speaker posts so didn't order them - I did get RCA to XLR cables, but missed the speaker connections...), and get it all installed and configured. I've got so much to do this weekend, projects and chore-wise...
  9. So "within six weeks" from the article at the beginning of September is now late November...
  10. Well, the article was 6th September, and it said within six weeks, so I guess sometime in October. I hope I can finish watching these Fast and Furious films finally, and they have fixed DTSX HRA...
  11. Nice. Yes someone on AVS mentioned using a smart power strip. To be honest I didn't even know that that was until after I saw it mentioned. I guess I've never felt the need for smart light bulbs to avoid having to use a switch when I enter and leave a room... LOL. Thinking about it though, I have no issue powering it up manually. I may initially forget to turn it off! Once I get accustomed to it, it should not be an issue. Just a wee bit inconvenient - but laziness for me is a slippery slope!!! I ended up just getting an NX3000D. I've got the RCA to XLR cables ordered as well as a recommended quiet fan (the Noctua NF-A8 PWM Premium 80mm). Given Aron7awols low shelf curve to compensate, that seems like a pretty simple option I can live with.
  12. BTW, I found on AVSForum about the Behringer DSP series. You can set up a low shelf filter on them to flatten it to zero. So it might still be a decent option. Originally Posted by aron7awol Alright, as promised, for those who want to flatten the iNuke response to 4Hz (+/- 0.5dB!) and only down ~1dB at 3Hz, here's a filter: LS 10Hz Q0.5 4.4dB My Croswon is en route (thanks for the Oceanic tip jeffpr). I just hadn't decided on an amp by the time I ordered it (the rep was about to leave for Cedia so I put it in). I still am tossing up on the actual Crowson though. I guess the standby is useful but not a real problem - more that I have to remember to manually switch it off... On AVSForum people have said volume control really isn't an issue as you tend to set and leave it.
  13. Ok thanks. So I guess the Crowson really is the simplest option I can think of. The NX Behringers do have the roll off as well I believe. So does you Rotel go flat to 1hz?
  14. BTW, this is from the manual on the SA1000. It sounds like it might fit the bill. It has a bypass. The bass boost curve is interesting but I guess not needed.
  15. No worries. I thought from what you were saying you knew how. Edit: looking at the manual, the SA1000 might be of. That 18hz filter is controlled by a switch on the back. "Subsonic Filter Selects a subsonic filter with -3dB @ 18Hz, Q=.8. Allows the user to remove the subsonic information from the signal and tighten the low end response of some subwoofer systems"
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