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  1. Nice to see you put up a nice large whiteboard for your child to scribble on with crayons. It clean off easily? Joking aside, you don't worry about the screen been messed with?
  2. Argh, 6 Underground is netflix, so damn it, yet another NO UHD release...
  3. Watched the blu ray last night on the projector / atmos setup. Great story. Some incredible low frequency effects in it too.
  4. Yes, Sony the last holdout here sadly. So have to import the rest. I honestly don't understand why they torpedoed 3D. It seems like huge collusion, but to me I'd more blame the TV manufacturers. I don't understand exactly why TV manufacturers stopped supporting it. It could 100% be implemented on ANY TV with firmware plus an optional external dongle for a 3D rf emitter - similar to JVC projectors where you have to buy the dongle if you want 3D. Firmware would be more or less free, and buy the extra hardware if you want it. But they pack so much garbage onto TVs these days with applications etc. I've a projector so I'm fine.
  5. Yeah my experience with ALL German online stores shipping is SOOOO slow. Amazon DE as well, when they still shipped here. I'm waiting on a couple from Grooves myself. Still wish I could find a good retailer from France. Fnac shipping is so high.
  6. JPC have a "Switch to English" right at the top of the page, middle of the header.
  7. Oh gee yeah! I had cable TV for a couple of years in the 90s. Station logos on shows was an abomination I could not tolerate. Free to air I stopped altogether in the late 90s when the shows started showing up on DVD, and FTA stations also started with this station logos bullxxxx. It has been over 20 years since I've watched anything other than physical media, and more recently a tiny bit of steaming. No regrets. I still can't imagine the horror an autuer like David Lynch seeing one of his films on FTA, xxxxing station logos like some scribblings of a demented imbecile painted over his images, and then doubling up with a ADD induced scrolling advertisement popping up telling viewers of the new season of The Block starting next week... And then ad breaks. I refuse to support them. At least steaming doesn't do this.
  8. I'm going by BR2049, which as far as I'm aware is an official BR movie, where they show the date of the Rachel interview as being November 20 2019 (as in the screenshot I attached)....
  9. My experience has some similarities in that if say I'm watching a planned show with my wife on blu ray or possibly streaming, and my wife goes to bed a bit early, a couple of times I'll start having a look and I end up just wasting time. It is too much like channel surfing... 98% percent of my viewing is planned either earlier in the day or at the least BEFORE I sit down to watch. And this week, being that the once in a lifetime Blade Runner day is tomorrow, I know what I'll be watching tomorrow night... And Thursday night I'll watch the sequel.
  10. https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/movie/detail/-/art/waterloo/hnum/8970444 https://www.grooves-inc.com/waterloo-waterloo-version-regio-pZZa1-2098853446.html
  11. I was sort of thinking all this ridiculous fragmentation of services with every company and their dog starting their own service diluting content so much it's start hurting the concept. I was already in the physical media camp and never left. Aside from being an AV enthusiast, I tend to watch and rewatch planned content not browse. And nothing ruins a viewing experience more than outages, glitches, or sudden quality degradation. I have Netflix, but barely watch it. I have prime, but more for free shipping. And The Grand Tour. I'd drop Netflix if not for my wife. I do buy TV shows on iTunes for hd when no Blu Ray release of shows we watch, but not much. At least with iTunes hd you can download to PC and watch via home share on Apple TV, so not WAN dependent. The thing that really galls me about the steaming services is their utter disregard of av enthusiasts in their ability to download for offline viewing to a stupid mobile device, but NOT to home theater gear. I rewatch so much of my library too. My rewatch list just keeps getting longer and longer. I do see streaming as a great alternative to free to air and cable. But no to media.
  12. I expect they would release it on itunes also, so you could buy it and then watch with just an apple account, not apple+ steaming account. Eg just in your library. If I was going to see it on apple, and that was the only way I'd do that over a subscription. I watch a LOT of movies and TV series. And 98% of it is on disc. I only watch streaming under duress... Other than that I do buy some TV series on itunes - ones I watch that don't get a blu ray release.
  13. I recently watched Band of Brothers and The Pacific (and Generation Kill) and am keen on that Masters of the Air. The Pacific was just fantastic I was also really waiting on that Hue 1968 series Michael Mann was doing - but that was FX so thanks to di$ney, probably kaput now. I HATE it is appletv + though as it probalby means we'll never get an AV enthusiast level physical release of it
  14. Alas, poor Tom Bombadil... I read the books as a teenager, and by the time I saw the films, the only thing about reading them that had stuck with my was that I had enjoyed it, but was still irritated by the constant injection of poetry... And Tom Bombadil. The movies fixed both those annoyances... The Hobbit movie series though I found OK but way too long. And whenever I rewatch them (and I did earlier this year), but the time I get the the third film, I just can't remember what the hell the story was about, what they had set out to achieve at the start. Even now I can't actually recall...
  15. Panasonics 820, 9000 can, but it forces 60Hz so does not support native framerates. I personally would rather use the appletv and haven't even set it up on the Panasonic 9000. But looking at the thread I'm on on AVS forum for the 820 and 9000, they both do atmos for netflix. Prime I think it has an issue with atmos _I think_. I've never used it either.
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