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  1. From someone at Blu Ray.com via GeoffR at Whirlpool: "Thanks to Mierzwiak over on the blu-ray forums, I now have an answer to this. You need to put create a folder on the usb called 'sub', rename the srt file to 'sub.srt' and put it in that folder. Must be all lower case. Then when you go to the subtitles menu from the option button, there are additional items in the menu, and you can load the external subs. I tried it and it worked like a charm"
  2. The pioneer does seem to be plagued with playback issues. The Panasonic has a few (eg recent Lionsgate DV so no issue for MadVR) but no source direct. I wonder if the Sony x800m2 is currently the least problematic best suited for an external video processor, having the desired features (eg source direct). I think the only issue with Sony won't affect madvr users - eg Dolby Vision on for all content. I really love the Panasonic subtitle control. And a region free mod will be available next month (Gatti). But I'm really struggling to figure out what the best solution is. @wooferocau, would you know if there is say a simple way to get the madvr to say send an edid saying 1080p so the player switches? @,,,
  3. There's enough material to make an unprecedented number of sequels. I'm not hating on the concept of a Denis Villeneuve Dune (I'm certain it'll be incredible) just more to the point that tackling something as rich as this will inevitably end up a at the most two movies. It's be preferable if stuff like this was common practice as a lead in to a lower budget (or GoT) series, if the got cast to sign on.
  4. Yeah I just watched the Lynch movie, and was going to start on the 2000 series next week. I did have a quick look at the transfer. The non CG stuff doesnt' look too bad.
  5. Yeah, Richard from MadVR contacted me earlier saying they should have it sorted shortly and I should be able to pay and order by Friday. So tomorrow or Saturday Australian time I guess. My ultra discounted Sony 760es showed up this afternoon too. I'm sort of wondering if I should wait until the envy arrives and swap all,at once! That said I'm pretty stoked with the higher lumen laser projector for 3d, which madvr is less involved with! Ok I've convinced myself already. Tron Legacy 3d IMAX on the weekend... Might watch the 3d Alita as well...
  6. Come and See just sounds too depressing for me. As much as I enjoy SPR, from the very first time I saw it, on release in the cinema, it has always grated on me the d day landing portrayal. I mean if you were ignorant of history seeing it you'd think a bunch of amphibious landers left England and crossed the Channel. No air support. No naval support. I mean ignoring aircraft, naval firepower alone in WW2 was incredible, especially for ship to near shore.
  7. BTW, I listened to the Audiobook again (the one by that journalist, Jake Tapper), and the movie is pretty accurate. If anything understated on how messed it all was. I guess somethings that you might say differed is some people that died seemingly in the movie, died slightly later in hospital in Germany, like Yllescas. I want to get the audiobook for Romesha's account of it.
  8. A UPC. "Universal Product Code". The barcode they stick on the back that gets assigned to movies when a release is planned. So you can search for that in various places, but noone seems to have had any evidence of having the item. So for example the Underwater UHD AND BLu-Ray. Both of those got UPCs assigned so retailers can put up for preorder. But the releases disappeared eventually, so the never existed in the real world. I'm thinking White Tiger Blu Ray is the same deal.
  9. Yeah I've been searching for it for years. It got a UPC but I've never seen a copy or heard of anyone with it. I don't know if it all comes from a spurious listing, or someone actualyl had it. I mean the DVD release was only a few months back, and no blu at that time.
  10. Just on various other forums, Whirlpool and AVS, on the threads for this player and the 820. All new owners, here and America, have 1.66 on the 9000 and 820. That is the current firmware they are shipping new units with. That is where I'm getting the info. Initially people thought it might have been to fix the DV Lionsgate issue, as it arrived after it was reported, but it does not appear to.
  11. No, 1.60 is far from the latest. If you purchased on new today, here, it would come with 1.66. A user on whirlpool got one. They are just too lazy to bother releasing it properly. Wiley the pandemic has shown a lot of smaller companies step up and grow, doing more stuff online, companies like Panasonic have used it as an excuse to not bother with support. You see someone who can work from home on support, or updating firmware is at high risk... The spend so much of their daily job meeting with random people - just like store cashier's. Nor have they fixed the Lionsgate DV issues. I agree though, the usb firmware updating is stupid and clumsy and poorly documented*- my instructions are 5 times more comprehensive than Panasonic.
  12. Not sure given the naming on the firmware file. And everything still English. I wonder if I set the player language to Chinese if the subtitle option shows. It might just be I don't have it in the right spot or file name (like with the oppo it only works if the file is subtitle.srt). User manuals these days are rubbish. I mean the subtitle option screen, there since day one, has never been in the manual. On other news, Gatti have a region mod for this next month!!!!
  13. I found the latest firmware. Loaded OK on my Australian UB9000. Someone said this one had the ability to load external subs, but I can't find it. https://av.jpn.support.panasonic.com/support/global/cs/bd/download/ub420/china/index.html Loading is odd. Extract the FW file from the exe, copy it to the root of a USB stick (NOT NTFS), turn the player on, then stick it in the front USB. It restarts, then Shows something like FVV, then proceeds to something like "Loading" then eventually (after maybe 6 minutes) shows Finish. It doesn't then automatically restart though. Anyhow after it was on Finish for about 5 minites I gave up and hit the power standby button. Then I turned it on. And there is was, 1.66. I can't find how to load the subs though.
  14. I've learnt now to stop wondering that... But technically it should be available as an aftermarket piece of kit, shouldn't it? I wonder if there is a market there to make one...
  15. Looking at the JvCs with the filter, it is a physical piece of glass (or plastic), isn't it. I wonder if someone could sell / make an aftermarket filter to add on the front of a Sony like you do with a scope lens setup?
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