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  1. BTW - if you are still looking, I just reaised today that it is still available in Hong Kong. So can buy from DDDHouse, YesAsia, etc. The back covershot on yes asia does show atmos listed.
  2. All or just one or two? Checking discs for full info is pretty slow, even if you have a drive that can read them and software. Which ones?
  3. I think the worst bit of star wars revisionism was in the last release of Star Wars IV, where when Obi Wan is chasing off the sand people and does basically a Benny Hill "WAKA WAKA WAKA WAKA WAKA!!!". Oh my god that makes me cringe beyond believe at how stupid it sounds.
  4. If you want a behringer amp, you can have mine if you arrange pick up. I was just getting too much induced noise when using it with the minidsp. I've done the fan swap too so it is a quiet amp. Yeah I definitely hear butkickers and earthquake are way more unrefined, from people who have tried all, but I've only used Crowsons and I have no complaints. I've only gotten the two actuators under my seat the middle one. My wife doesn't care, and she still notices it. If you are doing it to impress more others, maybe get more... And when I've had others over they have noticed. You are right on prior post though - it is a good way of getting the low end effect without the sound levels. I'd definitely recommend BEQ too. Just watch the opening of First Man with and without it. Hoo boy... I think on the thread on AVS they have sample files for you to see the effect without the hardware investment. A minidsp is so cheap in comparison. A couple of hundred. I can't recommend Crowsons enough though.
  5. Oh yeah. Especially if you discover BEQ (see the AVS forum). They are incredible and add a smooth seamless low end response. I used to think of my viewing experience pre home cinema and post. Then it was pre BEQ and post. Then I got the Crowsons, and it is pre and post Crowsons... Ever since I got them I've had to rewatch stuff id watched in the home cinema without them.. Some movies are just another thing altogether with it. Jack the Giant Killer was bowel loosening when the beanstalk sprouted for example... Even older stuff - like I'm in a Star Trek marathon at the moment, and BEQ and Crowsons has been an awesome enhancement to them. They are a cheaper and more effective means of getting lower end without spending tens of thousands on subwoofers. Same with BEQ.
  6. Blu-Ray.com has a great website, and also a mobile app that has barcode scanning.
  7. Hah! Can only hope. I'd love a Quinn series. Obviously going back to the past. Damn I miss that character on screen. You know so many people I hear talking about Homeland and the talk about the Damian Lewis seasons like some sort of peak of the series. In my mind the series didn't start until he was out of the picture. I couldn't stand the character. A weak gutless traitor. The first two seasons just provided to me some back story to the real series.
  8. Hope it gets a blu ray release so I can finish my set!
  9. Well, I watched it. To be honest, it falls into the category of a movie I get excited about due to all the hype, but end up feeling a little disappointed. For starters, the modern score felt so out of place. I'm sure it must have been the same composer who has done some of my fav British crime movies, like Welcome to the Punch or The Sweeney or something like that. I tried looking it up but there was no one credited as a composer on imdb just a bunch of people in the music department. Which IMHO is very odd. To be honest I'd actually like to see how it all played with no music at all. Story wise, I liked the first 2/3rds of it but to be honest by the end I was getting a bit distracted. I liked it way more than Parasite though.
  10. My UHD arrived yesterday (was from eBay) and I'll hopefully watch it tonight.
  11. If I had to put it down to which 3D movies just wowed me overall on the AV experience, especially if you have an awesome sound system, and a projector, probably Tron Legacy. Especially being IMAX and switching to 3D when it goes to the computer world. That whole scene where suddenly Flynn was in the computer world, wondering what on earth was going on, and the Recognizers were coming in, was just jaw a dropping experience. Especially with Crowsons... If this got a 4k release, I'd be pretty surprised if the UHD would be better - especially if they drop the IMAX stuff. I really love the whole experience of Gravity with it too.
  12. Might want to see if you can figure which ISPs have Netflix open connect setup. https://openconnect.netflix.com/en/
  13. I'm glad steaming of any form is just my last resort. Eg if I can't even get it on Blu Ray. I just don't understand, especially now, that they don't offer something that they all allow on every mobile device. Eg, download, to watch offline. The reason I used iTunes was could buy a series on HD that was only on DVD, download it, and watch via homeshare on the Apple TV. 4k they stopped that. Anyone that relies on streaming for entertainment, just be thankful though that you are still an infinite amount of content and quality beyond what we had available in ANY format for home consumption 20 years ago. Infinitely...
  14. Oddly enough, I didn't realize Hitler had blue eyes before this. I always though it made it more clear how nuts his position on blonde hair blue eyes when he was the opposite... So I was surprised to check afterwards he did have blue. I was wondering why Taika Waititi was wearing blue contacts in the film.
  15. I've the UK UHD from a couple of years back. Definitely recommended. IMHO
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