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  1. Hi ppl,

    I am currently have a 5.1 system setup and like to switch to a 6.1 system. But I am not sure will it be better with a 6.1 or 5.1 in my room. The size

    of the lounge is about 40sqm(7m x 6m). With this size, is it better to stick on 5.1 or switch to 6.1 system? The system I got now is a Yamaha 2600 amp, Denon 1900DVD player, Audio Pro Precision Cinema speaker pack, (on the rear is only satellite type) and a Audio Pro Ace bass 2 sub. Please help!! Appreciate for any advice. Thanks.


  2. The Hitachi reps also adjusted (for the first 100 hours of use) the settings for all the inputs I had hooked up, while answering all of my questions. They did a pretty good job, I have adjusted some things differently but most of them are right where the reps left it.

    I probably have about ~60 hours on the set now, so maybe in a couple months I will make some more adjustments.

    If anyone is interested in the settings the reps put in, let me know. I wrote them down shortly after and I know I have them somewhere at home.

    Yes please, will be very appreciate !!


  3. Hi ppl,

    Just bought a 8800 for $3400 with 5 yrs warranty and 19 mths interest free.

    Now is wondering what kind of setup (ie. contrast, color, brightness, etc)

    should I run during the first 100-200 hrs? What should I keep in mind

    to be careful in the first 100-200 hrs?

    Also I'm using component connection for now, if I want to use the HDMI,

    should I run it directly from the DVD player (Denon 1920) or through the

    receiver (Yamaha 2600)?? Which way is better? Thanks for any advices !!


  4. Hi ppl,

    After read all comments on the 8800, finally, I got myself one for

    $3400 with 5 yrs warranty and 19 mths interest free. :blink:

    Just wondering what should be careful for the first say 100-200 hrs?

    What sort of setting (ie. contrast, color, etc...) should I set to the

    first 100-200 hrs? B'cos I play a lot of PS2, what should I do to prevent

    burn it or image retention? Thanks for any advices !!!!


  5. Hi ppl,

    Just have a worry in mind regarding to the burn in issue. Becuase I play quite a lot of PS2. How's the 8800 handle with the burn in issue? I know the Pana are very good in handle the burn in, what about the 8800? Are they as good as Pana or similar? Thanks for any advice !!

    Also I can source one for $3100 in Domayne ($3400 with 19 mths interest free), is it good? Where else in Sydney I get a bargin??


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