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  1. Zone 2

    Cheers Guys I think this is resolved, although a little poor on the manufacturers side.
  2. Zone 2

    Hi Kaynin, I would agree that if extra HW is required that could be the reason. I don't think anything extra is required though, an AVR already takes in audio signals from both digital and analog sources and plays both fine through the main zone speakers. It seems odd that the same audio cannot be routed to zone 2 whilst the analog input audio can. My assumption is that all audio routing to speakers must be done after the DAC is performed, but maybe that is not the case. Perhaps the systems are so simple that they just put a stereo speaker relay on the aggregation point for the analog audio inputs and do nothing to the DAC audio. Thinking about it thats probably the case and as you said it all comes down to cost.
  3. Zone 2

    Question time, why is it that when driving a second zone (stereo zone 2 for eg.) receivers can only switch analog sources to play in the zone and not say optical inputs?
  4. Cheers, I have priced it keenly to sell.
  5. Item: Epson EH-TW9300W Location: Perth Price: 2000 firm Item Condition: Used (barely) Reason for selling: Upgrade to JVC 7500 as seating position too close to screen and can see pixel grid (hence the low hours/lack of use, I would recomend at least 3.5m preferably 4m to avoid this issue) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Only Extra Info: Comes with wireless HDMI unit and 2 pairs of RF 3D Glasses, happy to demo unit. Still has 2 yrs 3 mths warranty remaining on PJ and globe, can supply receipt for warranty purposes. Pictures:
  6. FS: Denon AV Recievers

    Sold pending payment/pickup.
  7. FS: Denon AV Recievers

    I have had it for 3 to 4 yrs, can't quite remember exactly. It was in the lounge and was used mainly for tv and streaming services. It was replaced last month as part of an atmos speaker upgrade.
  8. FS: Denon AV Recievers

    Price drop Denon X1100W AVR now $150 pickup in Perth. https://usa.denon.com/us/product/hometheater/receivers/avrx1100w
  9. FS: Denon AV Recievers

    Denon AVR 1911 Sold ! Still have Denon AVR X1100W for sale.Asking $200 not including any shipping (seems under $20 to capital cities though).
  10. Sold pending payment/pickup.
  11. FS: Epson TW9200

    Sold pending payment/shipping.
  12. Love the theatre room, well done hatless chimp. I just picked up my 9300W today after much deliberation, can't wait to set it all up