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  1. I thought I made that pretty clear. My point is that exisiting DAB radios (sold in the UK for years, and briefly in Australia 3-5? years ago) usually CANNOT be upgraded to DAB+. DAB+ is quite a big jump in technology, similiar to the SD Vs HD analogy.
  2. Usually not. It's very similiar to upgrading an SD set top box to receiving HD. DAB uses MPEG2 compression - something relatively simple these days. DAB+ uses MPEG4 compression and requires much greater hardware. Very few DAB models are compatiable or upgradeable.
  3. I measured about 4-5s the other day on my Sangean DPR99 if it helps. Is it possible better quality radios have a different delay? I read a Roberts model at 20s, and a Bush at a similiar delay.
  4. Same, my Sangean DPR99 seems to get around 25-30hrs, although it's hard to judge because you just connect the power and they recharge. Highly recomend the Sangean - am wanting the Sangean WFT-1D for the home theatre now.
  5. If getting a tradie to install it, it may be worth letting them get the bracket. They buy at wholesale, so the price is usually good. Because they supplied the product, as well as the installation, the entire warranty falls on them If by some chance the bracket was faulty or missing a part, or unsuitable for your screen, you have already paid a call out fee but you'll still be waiting on a replacement part, then another call out fee. There are plenty of brands available, and to save $20-40 bucks, but pay it back twice over on installation may be frustrating. My $0.02 worth...
  6. If I spend $599rrp on a component style Digital receiver, I would appreciate more that 'just' radio. As a relatively large purchase (equal to or more than a BD player) the inclusion of a media player from my PC and a WiFi radio (listen to national and global stations in good quality) are fantastic value add features. In regards to standarfd FM, would YOU buy a portable or personal digital radio without FM? I wouldn't because when I leave the city and there are no FM broadcasts I am carrying an expensive papderweight. And what happens if I visit a dead spot for the digital signal? There is a chance that (like digital vs analog FTA tv) analog FM will give a signal with some interference but still acceptable, where a DAB+ receiver won't. Lets embrace Digital radio, and enjoy high quality local radio through our stereo systems.
  7. And we have chosen to market DAB+ as 'Digital Radio', not MPEG4, DAB+, etc. Digital radio should be easy for customers / general public to understand.
  8. Tru, Freeview starts 1st May, but until MPEG4 penetration is greater, most stations won;t start transmitting. The sooner the better as far as PQ is concerned I think. It won't be long until those with MPEG4 receivers start screaming for the upgrade in quality. I hope it's nopt a long winded exercise.
  9. http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,2...0-11869,00.html From May 1st all new HD "Freeview" channels will require an MPEG4 decoder. Most of the HD receivers out there including PVRs and integrated tuners will NOT receive these additional channels.
  10. http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,2...0-11869,00.html The usual sensationlists news from the Herald Sun but this is GREAT news for HD FTA, as long as you haven't recently paid top dollar for an MPEG2 HD PVR or integrated tuner. From May 1, new Freeview HD channels will be launched. Sometime thereafter those extra HD channels will take advanatge of MPEG4 compression and deliver a real HD picture. I wonder how many HD products have been shipping with MPEG4 compatiability already. I know Strong HD tuners have actively advertised it for some time, but most others specifiy MPEG2 or just spec DVB as their HD capabilities. There will be alot of unhappy people, but I can't wait for real HD at last - the sooner the better I think.
  11. Can someone please shed some light on the two 50" Pioneer models, the PDPC509 and the PDPLX509. My friend is tossing up between the two models, and doesn't have any interest in the LAN or USB features. Please correct any details I have wrong. PDP-C509 20,000:1 Contrast ratio 24/50/60Hz modes Bottom Speaker 3xHDMI Made in Japan 3yr warranty PDP-LX509 5x Contrast ratio (Is this ever stated as 100,000:1 or interpreted?) LAN support for sharing media USB (photos) Side speakers 5yr warranty In real life, how much extra is the LX worth over the C. Some people compare the C to Panasonic black levels, and the LX as the benchmark it has been since the previous launch. Is it like comparing the 508XDA and the LX508 in terms of contrast, or is it a major step? Is the C509 a previous generation panel with 509 electronics? Or is this just a rumour with no evidence either way? BTW, Do you still manuallyh select the drive mode on the 9th gen like the 8th gen? If so I take it you can set the drive mode different for different sources/inputs?
  12. The writing was on the wall for a long time. When I bought my Panasonic 50" I would've gladly paid $500 more for the LX over the PZ800. But it's not 10-15% more, it's closer to 100% more. For many people, having a quality 50PZ800A in the lounge room and the living room makes more sense than 1 PDP only. Why couldn't Pioneer keep the 50XDA? I would've bought that over the TH50PZ800A. Also, from my sources Pioneer is getiing rid of PDP and receivers in Australia, they will keep car audio for now. One of the head honchos from Pioneer Australia took a package this week. If it isn't clear, I am really sad Pioneer is leaving PDP. I bought a Panasonic for value, but I wanted the Pioneer. Personally I think you'll see the next Pansonic, or the one after, catching up to the LX508 picture quality. Progress is an amazing thing.
  13. And thank god people are buying at these prices and not best thread forum prices. If everyone bought at the best price you would see more retailers close, more manufacturers pulling out of Australia, and less choice and service for everyone.
  14. The A450 remotes look very similiar to the R71/81 series remotes. She we won't have any issues. Wall mounting, most retailers have the Vogel's VFW030 for $40rrp that will suit. Cheaper ones cost about $30.
  15. It's a bit like a $3k 46" LCD when really a $149 CRT from Kmart does the same job!!! If you spend 4hrs a night watching BD/DVDs, get a good tv you get alot of enjoyment out of it. If you do 600kms a week on two wheels then you appreciate a good bike. PS: I would pobably be spending $5k+ on the wheels (let alone the rest of the bike) for the Tour!! I just hate spending large amounts of money on equipment and struggling to get good service. With the whole financial / economic crisis progressing I can only see this trend of JB like service spreading throughmore and more industries, and true specialists who offer specialist range and knowledge slowly dying out. And much of this forum has changed into price threads. There are many very knowledgeable people ready to make comments, and help with problems, but the main problem seems to be tight @sse5 who are prepared to pay a fair price. No wonder people get led down the monster path - it's the only way to make money.
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