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  1. So true. Being 60km north of Perth resulted in headaches for me. Only by jumping up and down did they even pick it by courier. It was a battle right through to get my AT3705 replaced. But, as you say, seems that way with most things these days whether it's replacing a TV or getting a dripping tap fixed.
  2. I guess everyone has different experiences, but I've had 2 TEAC products over the years and they were amongst the most reliable. I wouldn't hesitate to buy again, especially this LCD TV having seen the picture on it.
  3. Both were showing the same picture. I asked the salesman what they were running off and he said a HD Hard Disk, so I assume both the Acer and the Teac were getting a HD signal.
  4. Makes no difference to what happened!
  5. Don't quote me, but think it was round $3100. I even got the salesman to tweak the Acer as I thought it must be set up wrong, but it wasn't. The TEAC was just murdering it. I wish I hadn't seen it as, like I said, I have the Acer. I was in the store getting some speakers. Oh well, off to bed. Must stop lusting and be satisfied eh?
  6. Hi Just saw this new TEAC at Retravision Malaga. It was next to an Acer AT3705 which I have, and absolutley killed it in PQ. Naturally I am sad. But great pic if any one considering a new purchase. 1920 x 1080 panel resolution 550cd/m2 panel brightness 1000:1 contrast ratio 8ms fast response time 16.7 million colours Progressive scan Display capability: 1080p/i, 720p, 576p/i, 480p/i HDMI with HDCP S-Video Input Component Video Input VGA Input Composite In/Out PC Audio In Audio L/R In/Out RF Input Headphone Input
  7. Same version after I had mine fixed. At first I thought it was a step backwards as firmware number was lower but all seems good now.
  8. Don't think firmware will give discreet inputs. I use an mx-500 and just use a macro to step thru till I get to input I need. works ok.
  9. Yup, I think Retravision made a giant advert blunder and are now trying to wiggle out. I went and looked at the $1999 set and it was the lower resolution model with non detachable speakers, and was marked as a AT3704. Honestly, in the few months prior to my purchasing the AT3705, I was told so many lies, to my face, by incompetent and disinterested salespeople that I was astounded. Instead of knowing about pixels most were off living with the pixies. This forum was the only place to get any TRUE info.
  10. I've seen the $1999 one, it's an AT3704, lower reso, half the salepeople wouldn't know the difference between an AT3705 and a bicycle pump.
  11. My replacement set DOES NOT have the channel 10 offset problem. I don't know how they fixed it or if it is a later version, but there are no bright pixels and channel 10 is perfect. I'm glad I jumped up and down about it. The offset on channel 10 bugged me. I had occasional audio sync probs on the first set, rarely tho, but I've had none on this replacement set.
  12. Nup, if I select DVI input and run audio to PC input from eg STB or DVR, I get no audio. Must be another fault. Think I'll stick with component input. Could not face going thru Acer repair again. Thanks for replying.
  13. Nup, but did come with a used guide.
  14. Thanks guys. Yep, the SD output is a stretched 4:3. The blurb from LG is dishonest really as it says it sends 576i to the composite/S video outputs which "implies" all is ok to watch HD and at the same time record to a dvr, but alas, it don't. Shame on LG. Strange that if you set the HD output to "zoom", the output to the composite video IS in fact 16:9 SD???????????? That's harder to figure out than my ex.
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