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  1. Thanks dude. I will drop by to check them out and let you know what i think
  2. I keep hearing the new models are to be released this month. Has anyone seen them yet? My mate at HN has them on order but does not know when he is getting them. I am looking at upgrading my R7 to a 550 or 650 LCD Would love to hear some first up impressions and where i can see one in the flesh
  3. My friend had the same problem. What you need to do is go into the digital menu and turn off the autoatic update. In theory it's function is to upgrade the digital software via the coaxial when one is available but australia is not set up for it Give Samsung customer service a call and they will talk you through it I have an R and the TV makes a clicking noise for about 3 seconds after i turn it on. It has been working fine apart from that.
  4. Hi All My friend at HN told me the following. He confirmed this with the rep: LA26R71 ongoing LA32R81BDX and LA40R81BDX avail in may replacing R71. 8000:1 contrast. LA40M81BDX,LA46M81BDX and LA52M81BDX avail may replacing F71. 15000:1 contrast PS42Q9 and PS50Q9 avail may replacing the Q7. he told me the same specs 1080p plasma.....TBA but coming
  5. Let me ask this question. What is the difference between a cheap HDMI cable and a $100 plus HDMI cable? The answer is nothing!! HDMI is a digital connection and it should make no difference what so ever. I'm amazed that the stores have the balls to rip people off. I worked at a retail store and the margin they make vary from 40% to 70%.
  6. I have been told first week of november. it will be released at the same time as the blue ray player. HN will be the first to get them. At least a month b4 anybody else. I have already confirmed this with my local HN store
  7. what store did u buy it from? What is the PQ like in the shop? what was it running?
  8. Hi I confirmed with samsung last week that the R71 is only available in australia with the digital tuner. The BX is the Kiwi model with the analogue tuner. The new S71 is the same screen and the old R51 with the lower contrast ratio. the bezzel looks a bit cheap and the speakers are on the side aswell. And the same time the guy at samsung told me the new F71 will be available in November. This is the 1080p model. it will have no digital tuner, 6000:1 contrast ratio, 8 m/s refresh and 2 HDMI input. it will look like the M series. Will only come in the 40" and 46" sizw. No pricing yet. The sales desk guy said call back at the end of the month. R Hudsta
  9. Hi did you check the setting on the TV sets. It is my experience that people play with them and mess them up. Also the store may change the setting depending on the set they want to sell. I have looked at both in the store and to my eye they are pretty much the same. It has been my experience that sony TV's tend to have more realistic colours.
  10. I have been told it is the PS50Q7HDX and it has a optical out!!! The bezzel aparently matches the dvd recorders and hometheatres. It is available from october.
  11. Hi all I thought i let you know that this model is now finished. I confirmed this when i rang samsung sales. The new model is the PS42Q7HDX. It has the same specs except this one has optical out. The look is slightly different. The guy on the phone said it looked more stylish. No price info yet.
  12. Hello all I would appreciate your advice. I'm in the market for a 40inch plus panel. Up until today I was certain i was going to buy an LCD and it was going to be the samsung. I made the mistake of walking into my local HN to kill some time and what i saw has thrown me. They had the TV's running the AFL game and while the best PQ of all the LCD's was the Samsung the Pioneer just blew it out of the water. The major issue for me was the ghosting on the Samsung as opposed to the pioneer although i think the picture on the samsung had more "depth" I have been given a price of $2899 for the samsung and $3999 for the Pioneer. I have Foxtel Digital so I don't really need a box and I'am willing to pay a bit extra for quality. What should I do?
  13. just checked with a mate( he works in the industry) and they will be out at the end of the year in aussie. Features may differ from US model and no idea on price. it will still have a refresh rate of 8 m/sec
  14. Hi This is an Event model that samsung brought out for the commonwealth games and world cup. It is cheap and under spec'd. It was made to hit a cheaper price point. It has 2000:1 contrast ratio, 12ms refresh rate DVI not HDMI and still has 3 year warranty. Pay a little more and get an M61 or an R71.
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