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  1. I utilised ours to run multiroom audio some years ago but now made obsolete with wifi and Chromecasts.
  2. Go for it. I'm looking to build some diysg volts and I've already built 2 full Marty's!
  3. Your receiver cant take a digital input so you will need to DAC (digital audio converter). Connect digital coax audio out from tv to DAC and then RCA from DAC to receiver. https://www.spacehifi.com.au/av-distribution/audio-and-video-converters/digital-to-analog-audio-converter?gclid=Cj0KCQjwof3cBRD9ARIsAP8x70PkJ6WLdyIY-4lBujND53JWV-MmNKN9SaM0sZvYZSl2n9rvDk61M8AaAgCiEALw_wcB or a HDMI audio extractor. Which you can connect straight to your receiver and probably an easier solution. https://www.auselectronicsdirect.com.au/hdmi-audio-splitter-extractor-with-arc?gclid=Cj0KCQjwof3cBRD9ARIsAP8x70Np0EdGG1bF7TvCDcd0cXG0bUqLzH518xK81AoqOOUXnuGgwU3c6y8aAvFmEALw_wcB
  4. Chromecast works. I use it with my Integra and ghome.
  5. So i just realised i thought i was on avsforums which is why i referenced amazon.com. apologies! Here are some aussie links https://www.homewired.com.au/shop/wall-plates/audio-visual/cable-pass-through-wall-plate/ https://www.bunnings.com.au/deta-white-brush-wall-cover-plate_p4430713
  6. These are good https://www.amazon.com/TG8891-2PCS-Multimedia-Bristled-Pass-Through-Decorator/dp/B079N2YHTG
  7. Pass through wall plate https://www.amazon.com/Double-Cable-Through-Plate-Outlet/dp/B00BCRTKOC
  8. You have this option. Wall plate with connections will always look cleaner though.
  9. Thanks Mikey, appreciate it. Ive been in touch with OZ theatre screens. Cheers
  10. I use an Integra reciever which does 5.1 plus 3 zones. It has a reasonable app which can control each zone and is seamless with spotify. You can pick up a refurbished integra from Ambertech at a good price.
  11. Thanks for the response Mikey. Just out of interest who did you go with for your screen? I have heard so many good reports from those using spandex so thanks for an honest response. I think without comparing it to anything it probably looks great to first time DIYers! I would like to build the AT screen myself but happy to go with a commercial provider in Australia if they are reasonably priced. Do you recall what the shade screen material was called? Surely we can source the same material commercial screen makers are using? Thanks again
  12. Hi, Im looking for a source for Spandex in Australia to build a 150" AT cinemascope screen. I have found this source and wanted to know if anyone has used this particular spandex? Im mostly concerned about its accoustic performance. Or can you recommend a good source? If not I'll import some from US (Seymour) but would rather not if I can avoid it. https://theremnantwarehouse.com.au/matt-lycra-white.html
  13. Hi So I'd like to get my hands on two Dayton Ultimax 18s for my subwoofer builds. (Marty Sub) I'm looking at importing them from the US and wandering if anyone else wants to go in on a bulkbuy? Or can anyone recommend a local supplier or an alternative driver available in Australia?
  14. No I'm not a doctor. But I do know who you are likely thinking of. He is a good doctor and a good bloke!
  15. " Go West....life is peaceful there"
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