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  1. Hey guys, im just trying to understand something at the moment. I have foxtel in the main lounge room here (standard digital set top box) on my plasma tv, but im wanting to know if its possible to get another foxtel STB on the tv in the bedroom? Is this what they call "multi room". Like i dont want it so i HAVE to watch the same channel as the one they are watching on the tv in the lounge, i want a totally independant box. I was told it was possible once to get another unit installed. But i was wondering what the cost would be??? Thanks!
  2. I recently bought the ASUS My Cinema U3000 Mini off ebay, brand new, hadnt been opened. I installed all the drivers and there crappy program EZVCR that came with it. Firstly, i didnt see any lights on the actual USB stick light up, so i thought something was up with it. And i tried to load EzVCR but "Load Video Codec" Error comes up. Ive googles it and apparently its a common problem. Some site recommended downloading new programs, such as Mediaportal, GB-PVR and Arcsoft Total Media. I installed them all, and NONE of the recognise the actual tuner stick. Im getting mighty annoyed as the ASUS website support is well, s*** basically, and tells me nothing. The only solution someone came up with was I have to be using Media Centre, and i DONT really feel like using that as im trying to use the tuner on a laptop that has Windows XP Pro on it. I chose this tuner because i didnt want to buy the chinese ones from Hong Kong on Ebay because i figured ASUS was a good brand and i wouldnt have trouble, I WAS WRONG Please Help!
  3. If you ring up foxtel, they will just tell you to unplug the power cord from the back to reset it. Ive had the same problem, it gets annoying!
  4. Thats what i was trying to do over here: http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php?showtopic=49130 I think you should get a Harmony Remote Ebay has them cheap
  5. Thanks for all the responses guys. The only other problem i could think of is, you know how it has all different "activities" on the screen, can i change them so that one can be like "Watch Foxtel" or are they all preset? I own a Pioneer DVD hard disk recorder, UEC Foxtel Digi box, Sony Surround sound Amp and a LG plasma, so i have MULTIPLE remotes, i really need this to stop confusing hahaha!
  6. Hey guys, Im looking at getting the Logitech Harmony Remote 785 to replace the 6 remotes i have at home! But ive just been researching a few different things. First one is, will it work to replace the foxtel digital remote? I know it wont have the planner and box office buttons, but im more worried about will i be able to get "Information" on programs. Does anybody use the harmony remote? Thanks!
  7. Sorry for my ignorance, but i thought 7 was showing the grand prix this year i must have heard wrong, i knew they got the V8 supercars
  8. I have the 50 inch LG, and i had the same problem, i just gave up in the end i got sick of it. Now im stuck with the black bars at the side
  9. According to my TV i have "GOOD" signal and at the top of the bar for strength I thought DTV signal was meant to be stronger the analogue?
  10. Ive had my LG 50 inch since about november, and we had problems where the SBS digital channel would get all pixelly, and break up slowly, and you couldnt watch it. Now, instead of a broken picture, all we get is "NO SIGNAL" flashing around the screen. So when i want to watch the old top gears, i have to watch them on Foxtel Digital! Now, i want to know whats causing this problem. I was told the LG have very touchy tuners. Is there any way to see what is causing this?? I was going to call LG, but i thought i might ask around here first.
  11. Thanks for that extra info Roger. I thought it might have been something touchy. It was just funny when i rang LG and he knew what i was going to say straight away. It was nuts yeah, i reset it and everything, but its ok. I was getting very angry too as our unit is only 4 weeks old! Thanks again for the info!
  12. Hey i posted madly last night that my LG 50 inch was dead, but i found out why. I just rang LG and all i said was "I have a 50 inch plasma and.." then the guy goes "stuck on channel 9?" and i was like Yes! He said Channel 9 are having problems with their broadcast and are still trying to fix it. It bascially caused my in built tuner to pause and stick on channel 9 and i couldnt change channel and it took ages to turn off. Just thought id throw it out there for any others who had same problems.
  13. Never mind, it fixed now :s i just left it off for a while. Wonder what caused it
  14. Please help! I have a 4 week old LG 50PC3D, which is 50 inch with in built tuner. I was watching Futurama on Channel 10 and i flicked to Channel 9 at 8:30 to watch Third Watch. When i flicked over, after the intro music and such the picture stopped and the whole tv paused. I have turned it on and off several times but everytime you turn it back on, the TV loads the "Channel 90 HD" indicator in the corner, then it either doesnt load a picture just stays black, or it loads the picture and sound, and after about 5 secs the picture pauses and the sound keeps going. I tried changing channels really fast before it froze but then it just leave son black screen. I have turned it off at the powerpoint too and nothing works!! Im begining to get really worried. I think John West may have caught my Tuna inside my TV HELP ASAP! PLEASE!
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