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  1. Thanks, I got sound now by connecting optical cable. By the way, do i need to upgrade to 1.08 version? Mine is 1.07 version.
  2. Please help, I connect HDMI OUT from 3900 to sony xbr 46" HDMI IN but no sound at all.
  3. What's the best price for the 4310 in Aus?
  4. Where can I find one in Melbourne with good price?
  5. Hi, I am after sony pvr 870 or 970. Anyone knows good prices for those ones and where I can get it? Thanks.
  6. Hi guys, if you live in Melbourne go to the warehouse electronic in Braybrook (central west shopping) and look for Nam (staff) you can get 46' X only $3689 with 5yrs warranty and of course free ps3. I just bought it this morning.
  7. Hi Nam, I am Leon, live near Braybrook. Can you give me a good price on 46"XBR. Thanks.
  8. How much is cheapest nowadays on STRDA5200ES ? The new Sony av STRDA5300ES is already on the market for around $1700.
  9. Sony V 40inches is $5499 but someplaces sell it for $4999.
  10. Around $750 dollars for panasonic wall mount. I saw it adv in skunswork website or somewhere.
  11. Make a copy of any dvd movie, insert the copy of dvd into dvd player, then setting dvd player (lg dn100h) to 720p using hdmi to hdmi or hdmi to dvi cable depending the lcd. So you have it.
  12. I got one nice pictures when using hdmi/dvi connecting to my pyrod 37''.
  13. buy LG D1000H, it can play all of them. It costs around $195 or less.
  14. How do you think this system is good for a room about 50 square meters?
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