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  1. I was with you Al right up to the point where I have started to find faulty Blu-Ray discs amongst my collection that once worked fine (see my new thread). I wonder how many won't work now amongst the thousands. Physical media all ends up failing so I think it might be time for a couple of large drives and copy everything on to them., with one as backup.
  2. Haven't been around for a long while, but for those of those from the old days would know I had, and still have, a fairly large collection of movies, numbering in the 1000's on HD DVD and Blu Ray. Well sadly a number of the HD DVD's I have tried to play over the last year seem to have suffered from Disc rot or some other failure that means they skip, pixelate and freeze. I am now noticing it with some of the Blu Ray discs too. I haven't had much opportunity to check through a lot of the discs but after having my copy of Queen Live in Montreal give me a Copyright Violation error on my Panasonic I tried it on my Oppo with relief when it played. I then tried the top menu and it froze. I reset and when to pop-up menu and when I made a selection it froze. I tried it on my sons x-box and when I selected the Live Aid concert it pixelated and played a little then froze. I cleaned it to no avail and then when I looked at the disc closely the edges on one side look like they have become deformed. I now wonder how many other discs this might have happened to and how many others have seen problems? I have read the criterion discs may have an issue and a few other titles but couldn't see the Queen one online anywhere. I have always preferred owning the physical disc but it may be time to just get a massive hard drive and give up on physical media.
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