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  1. well figure that one out tried to use the search fuction through this website and got nothing. used google and got a heap. lol!!
  2. have done a search through this forum and cant seem to find anything but just wondering if anyone has any tips or reports on this model. http://www.toshibaav.com.au/spec_42X3000A.html It seems about right for what i want and need at this stage. Currently have a no-name 32" LCD which is more than suitable, but am now after a 42" Version so the 32" can go into the Pool Room looks good, the picture was good, would love to get the 46" Version as it looked a sligthly better picture, but thats a little out of my price range. I was in Hardley Normal on the weekend, and noticed they had this set marked down to $1700 which seems a good price for Full HD & 42" reckon if i can talk them down to $1500 its a goer, and it comes with a 5 year warrenty as standard. so just hoping there are some reviews or someone out there who has this model (or the 46") that give me the heads up. my main use will be Foxtel HD, Foxtel Sports and FTA Sports and of course HD-DVD (I still say this was the better format) and Blu-Ray!
  3. HD-DVD Player - Toshiba EX-10 Blu Ray - Sony PS3 So, thats not a concern for me.
  4. awesome, thanks mate. and i have noticed that as well, which has me stuffed. the HD-DVD on ezydvd are the ones i want, but they only have the combo on dvdpacific does my head in, why do they have any differences between regions. gives me this shits
  5. oh i agree but without buying both and listening to both you cant really compare them to what sounds better. considering that, i go by what they say on the back and hope for the best. I will pick the TrueHD over the Linear
  6. yeah. pretty much what i thought. the hard thing is, i started to do it at dvdpacific to compare and just see the difference, but they dont say what any of the audio is. frustrating. i want to get the harry potter in hi-def, but im trying to confirm the difference between the two and about the only way to do it, at this stage, is to have a blu-ray amazon page on one screen, a hd-dvd amazon page on the other which i do with ezydvd, but i find that place expensive. as a by the way Harry Potter on Blu-Ray Audio: Linear PCM 5.1 Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1 16:9 Enhanced Transfer Format: 1080p HD Widescreen Harry Potter on HD-DVD Audio: Dolby Digital TrueHD Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1 16:9 Enhanced Transfer Format: 1080p HD Widescreen I think im going to get the HD-DVD Version over the Blu-Ray
  7. hello all please, this is not a thread about blu-ray v hd-dvd, i own both, so i dont care for what is exclusive and what isnt etc.. nor do i care for the entire format war. what im after, is a reference guide where i can compare titles that are released on both formats and compare what the difference is between the two so i can get the best product. The prime example. The Harry Potter Items Ive read several times, that the blu-ray versions are supposed to be better than the HD-DVD versions. however, when i had them side by side at ezydvd i was surprised. Video - Same Audio - Different HD-DVD had TrueHD 5.1 Blu-Ray has PCM 5.1 which leads me to my search, are any of you aware of a website out there, that compares titles like that? As i dont really care for special features, they are nice, and be a bonus in addition to the movie, but it is the quality of the movie that concerns me foremost. I wasnt the best Video Quality i can get, and i want the best Audio i can get. And with the HD-DVD having TrueHD i would tend to think the HD-DVD is a better title than the blu-ray in this instance. And this extends to several titles im considering getting (Last Samurai, Matrix etc.. etc..) Again, this is not a format war thread, im just looked for a reference site where we can compare titles vs each other, if there is such a site. Thanks for your help inadvance Scott (Loving both Formats)
  8. Now a proud owner of the 605 in Black. Got it yesterday from HN Cranbourne. $1500 for the unit as well as a PS3 Pretty happy with the deal. Out of interest the receipt said $880 for the Reciever, $620 for the PS3 so for those that say they can get cheaper PS3 than the RRP, there ya go, living proof. I TRied it get the Reciever for $850 but he couldnt do it, but i was going to get both the reciever and a PS3 for $1500 if they could do it, and they did So im pretty happy with it all. DVD Setup (Component Connection) DSTB Setup (Component Connection) HD-DVD Setup (HDMI Connection) Blu-Ray (PS3) Setup (HDMI Connection all connected to TV via HDMI and im loving it Great little system i have now. It works perfect i find my ideal listening range is between 50-60 70 if i want to hear window break sound. Really happy with the purchase as this stage Going to set up the speakers as suggested in this thread as well, to hopefully get a better sound again
  9. good pick up, i didnt notice that
  10. just noticed on excel hi-fi they have the rxv3800Bi for $1812 inc GST thats a pretty decent price by the sounds of it.
  11. its the only way i shop now the only bad thing is, you have to be patient but it gives you time to work out your best prices and then smash HN down and get it all interest free. I go for the 36 Months. Im moving real close to deciding on the new HT equipment (its been ages since i last looked at this) and am just waiting on HN to have the correct sale. Pana 50PZ700A (seems around the $3000 mark is a good price?) I love the look of the Unit and the picture is great as well Yamaha 1800 Reciever (seems around the $1400 mark is a good price?) Loving this Unit, wanted one since the 1500 Version Klipsh 7.1 Synergy F-3 Home Theater System (seems around the $3000 mark is a good price?) Perhaps a PS3 for Blu-Ray (Ive already got a Toshy HD-DVD) Thats $7400 over 3 years = $50.00 per week I consider it a three year lay-by in which i get to use the product. After three years, if the equipment is old, i simply get another 3 year lay-by and that system goes into the Pool Room I like HT Stuff, but i dont have the sort of money to do it the way i would really like to do, but ive checked out the Klpisch stuff and i really like the way it sounds and looks
  12. got mine today $699 from HN Cranbourne. With $100 cash back, the $150 i would save on buying "required" hd-dvd (riddick, batman begins, v for vendetta, perfect storm and superman) i put the cost down to around $450 for the unit. very very happy
  13. there is, for DTS, but when you get into the HD Audio formats, there is nothing on the market as yet that can handle these.
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