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  1. Yamaha. Shouldn't need an AVR with a soundbar...
  2. Same here. Have lost about 24mths (re-subscribed for another 12mths only 2mths ago). I won't be supporting the proposal.
  3. FYI - I recently managed to get a brand new Yamaha YSP-2500 as mentioned earlier in this thread for under $750-
  4. FYI as covered elsewhere, new Wiz model on the way... http://shop.beyonwiz.com.au/
  5. FYI, was in Clive Peeters (Maroochydore QLD) yesterday, noticed they still had 500gb P2s for $324-. Not sure if same pricing at other CP stores, but for anyone in the market, may be worth investigating...
  6. Haven't tried the FLPR so can't comment. But FYI, MWave.com.au have them discounted to $29.99 atm. Also free shipping today. (Have ordered 1 to play with myself).
  7. Scored a brand new P2 500gb for $324- from Clive Peeters Maroochydore today.
  8. My experience basically mirrors Paul55. I only use T-Box as my second PVR, but for a number of months now it's been rock solid.
  9. Which disc are you chasing Wags ? I may be able to help you out PM me if you like.
  10. Well, Pfeff is correct, same deal at WOW Maroochydore - $1298-. Was advertised as a 1 day (Saturday) deal only, however I spoke to salesman Sunday arvo and said would still do it for that price. Sucks that I'm not in the market atm...
  11. On a more serious note, I thought the tribute to Ayrton Senna was brilliant........and watching Jezza drive his block-o-flats was hysterical...
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