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  1. Oh Dear..... :) Who cares just turn the dam transmitters on and be done with it
  2. "The final countdown is now on with work nearing completion at the Mt Lennard transmitter site. From July 28, the Greater Bunbury area will receive digital signals for the three commercial television broadcasters and their digital multi-channel" note no year given.... just a month and day
  3. OH! then the B Mail should have said the week before last ... Bunbury to get DTV by the END of July and not Bunbury will get DTV next month which implies 1st July. I know it is just a word game but misleading for anyone who has been told time and time again ... soon, soon, soon, by December but never what year...
  4. OK it's the "Next Month" in Bunbury...... WHERE are the new DTV channels???? Come on TV Station.... enough waiting....
  5. well sorry to report that this firmware did work for a while then not. Still after 12 hours or so it will not eject after first boot, second is fine.... OH well back to the drawing board...
  6. well it worked. It has been a week now and the new firmware worked. File name VB-307.zip, inside is a file called PANA_DVD.FRM and the fix is for EZ48VGN.txt Firmware_History Category: DVD Recorder For Europe,Oceania & Asia models MODEL: DMR-EZ48VGN Firm name: VB-307 (Main 3040VB) (Drive S120) (ST 1.05) (Loader 0.15) Firm history: 1.Software change for changing DDR2 memory on main PCB. Hopes this helps anyone else with this issue. thread can now be closed as it is solved.
  7. ok did the upgrade. It appears the cd or dvd I was using did not like my pc burner or visa versa. Burnt the file to a different brand cd-rw and stuck it in the machine and it updated on its own. It should have been as easy as that. Now tomorrow morning I will test it out and see if this firmware worked.
  8. Yes it is Australia as it is from the repair shop. I unziped and then burn to DVD, I did finalise the disk, format was dvd -r Does the unit have a SD card slot maybe you can use? NO
  9. I did that and this was the reply "Dear , Thank you for taking the time to contact Panasonic with your enquiry. The details on this email indicate that the DVD Recorder has developed a fault that will need to be assessed and repaired by an Authorised Service Centre. Please use the link below to locate your nearest Authorised Service Centre: http://www.panasonic.com.au/support/service%5Fcentres/ Kind Regards, Gavin. Panasonic Customer Care www.panasonic.com.au" Like I d did not do that first up. As it so happens i got hold of the firmware PANA_DVD.FRM a file that was called VB-307.zip (Wed 02 Sep 2009) but when I burnt it to a disk to insert the unit says unsupport then comes up with this disk not compatible.
  10. Ok did some digging and called a few places. I seem to need a firmware file called VB-307.zip. BUT I cannot find it anywhere on the net. Does anyone know where on the panasonic site they hide theses things.
  11. Thanks diesel The shop has already told me to contact panasonic myself and they will advise of local repairer, if it was faulty within 2 weeks of purchase they the shop would have exchanged it. Am I in my right s to ask for as replacement regardless from the shop? It did it again today. After second time I switched on it was fine and for the rest of the day I have been testing it and so far at intervals of 1 to 4 hours it has worked well. Seems that perhaps after being turned off for 12 hours it needs that restart. That makes me thing firmware issue.
  12. HI all. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue with any DVD recorder. This unit is 6 months old and each time we switch it on and wait till it is ready and then press the DVD eject button it does not work. If we then turn the unit off and then on again it tends to work second time round. So any ideas or pointers in the right direction. I am going to try leaving it on standby mode and see if that works, not sure if it is a boot up issue or a physical glitch. thanks for any pointers. Kev
  13. Love My display BUT has ANYONE EVER had one of these fictitious firmware upgrades for our LA32R71BDX displays.... it's been well over 18 months and I have never seen a firmware update yet.???? Or was it by some technical miracle released with the Perfect Firmware
  14. It says in the manual that upgrades will be over the air... have not heard of one ever being done in Australia... someone please correct me if I am wrong. So our chances are about Zero...
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