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  1. It is not colour blotches, it's the inability of the PJ to project a particular colour uniformly in an area of the screen. So it's colour non-uniformity.
  2. I was unaware that colour non-uniformity (magenta or green discoloration to large areas of the screen) could be removed through adjustment in the menu.
  3. I assume that correct panel alignment is probably a function of panel design and time devoted to actual alignment. The problem is that panel alignment out of the box is often questionable. Given this is a factory process there is little a consumer can do but escalate to the point of sale and rely on the manufacturer to remedy the situation. I can assure you that deterioration over time is possible. I can't explain why but I have seen this happen on both Epson and Sony PJ's. Perhaps this is related to actual deterioration of one or all of the panels, or in the case of one of my
  4. Firstly, apologies for my short rather basic question and thanks for all the answers. I have been using Sony SXRD projectors for approx. 6 years. Currently using a VPL-HW65ES for the last 3 years as the previous model was replaced under warranty just before the end of the 3 year warranty due to an issue with the prism causing unacceptable colour non-uniformity. I have found the SXRD technology delivers a good quality image but, as has been the case with my two previous Epson PJ's, colour non-uniformity seems to develop over time as the PJ ages and (at least to me) becomes very not
  5. What is the price point for native 4k with a laser light source?
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