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  1. Zak, I was lucky as I had my old PJ on hand and just used it whilst I battled away. Be prepared take lots of good pictures showing the problem. Black and white movies show up the issue really well as shades of grey always give it away like white often does. Another good choice is movies with a lot of sand e.g. Lawrence of Arabia, as that colour often works well for colour non-uniformity issues. Push for a replacement PJ and try and avoid repairs like a light engine change. If they do replace the light engine make sure it's a new part not a 'reconditioned' unit (hard to tell I know but ask up front) and check it carefully for the same problem on return as my bet is that it will still be there.
  2. Just like the other person who started this thread. It looks like colour non-uniformity to me and yet another particularly bad case. Good luck as Epson will likely say it's within specification. They may offer to repair it (replace the light engine) but I would not hold to much hope that that will fix the problem either (even though it should). Ultimately you may have to pursue them with Fair Trading and if necessary all the way to Tribunal (VCAT in your case). Time consuming, yes, but if we as consumers don't take them to task then they will continue this behaviour. I had to do just that to get a refund as Epson were unable to fix the same issue for me and refused to replace or provide a refund for the PJ. Yours is still under warranty which makes it easier with the Tribunal but being under warranty doesn't necessarily matter either. Depending on how many hours you have clocked up and how old it is you would still be entitled to a refund. The amount of refund would then depend on age etc but it all boils down to what would be a reasonable expectation for how long you would expect it to work without a fault. It's called statutory warranty and it's your right as a consumer. Thanks goodness consumer law is what it is in Australia. BTW you should definitely be talking with the retailer you bought it from as ultimately you will have to pursue them with Fair Trading and the Tribunal if required. Good luck!
  3. Guys you can pick up a Popcorn hour C300 for $249 atm. Do you reckon these are still a good unit as need to upgrade the old Astone as it's getting a bit slow lately?
  4. I am talking about 4 weeks after the movie has finished showing at the cinema so more like 6-7 weeks depending on time shown at the cinema. You are right, many movies do take longer to release on BD but there has been others that have been released relatively quickly. Perhaps there is now a standard minimum delay to release. Interesting stats on US vs AUS release dates. Perhaps its my imagination but my wife agrees that the time to release on BD does seem much longer. There is no doubt whatsoever that movies are going to streaming service release prior to BD release and I am sure this has added to the delay to release on BD as it is yet another revenue stream for the movie house releasing the film. So if you pad out release date for a few more weeks to allow for streaming services you end up perhaps 11-12 weeks. I did draw some conclusions that were pure speculation of course but it seemed odd to me that availability in stores has also changed significantly. Perhaps this does just relate to margins and revenue no longer sufficient to justify floor space etc. There is no doubt however that in the past DVD/BD sales in Australia were significant and seen as a good revenue stream. Thanks for all the comments.
  5. What films you ask...here's a few May cinema release: Avengers Age of Ultron Mad Max San Andreas June cinema release: Jurassic World July cinema release: Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Sorry I still think there has been a shift in the release strategy. You tell me why it is now taking 4+ mths for the title to come to Blu-ray. Not that long ago a movie was on Blu-ray 4 weeks after they stopped in the cinema. Agree with Netflix the Aus library is crap. Coming to the end of my free trial and will not continue.
  6. The difference is that previously you didn't have to wait to long, with the odd exception of course, but now the situation is ridiculous and again only appears to be here in Australia. They wonder why content piracy is rampant here in Australia. Well guess what it's potentially going to get a whole lot worse if this delay is driven by what I suspect it is. The timing also seems to coincide with the change in anti-piracy laws here in Aus......the pieces of the puzzle fall into place me thinks.
  7. Something very odd is going on with new release movies which are now taking many months after release at the cinema to get to market on Blu-ray. Perhaps Netflix, Fetch TV and other streaming video suppliers have managed to convince the movie houses to delay the release to market of Blu-ray so they can have a bight of the cherry first? Have you noticed how BigW, Target and Kmart just to name a few have drastically reduced the amount of movies they sell? Perhaps they knew something was about to change? I find this extremely frustrating as I rarely go to the movies as the picture quality and price is just not worth it. Rather wait and watch it on my own home cinema but now month after month goes by and no sign of any recent movie hitting the market in Blu-ray. As for Fetch TV, they want $19.99 to watch the new Mad Max film in SD.....your kidding me right? Sorry if this is posted elsewhere as I could not find anything.
  8. Totally agree...the term "fit for purpose" comes to mind......thanks goodness consumer law in Australia is written the way it is.....
  9. My problem was excessive colour non-uniformity (green clouding) in the picture which was not evident when the PJ was new. The light engine required replacement (for a different reason which I won't bother explaining as it was a long protracted issue in itself) and two subsequent replacement engines had very obvious non-uniformity problems that were in no way acceptable. I understand that all LCD based PJ's suffer this issue to some extent but this was terrible and completely unacceptable particularly given there was no obvious issues when new. If they would have replaced my PJ with a new (not refurbished which I believe the replacement light engines may well have been) then we probably would not be having this discussion but Epson management dug there heals in and the rest is history. Edit: It is worth noting that no documentation supplied by Epson (that I know of) mentions or specifies what level of colour non-uniformity is acceptable nor how it is or can be measured. IMO this gives a very strong argument against claims that 'it is within spec'. Food for thought if others suffer similar issues.
  10. Been there done that with my TW9200 (now replaced with a Sony 55ES).....Epson refused to replace my projector stating it was "within spec" despite my evidence refuting this. Ended up at NCAT (NSW Consumer Affairs Tribunal) where I obtained a refund. Suffice to say that was the end of my Epson experience which started years ago with a TW2000. All very sad really and a poor reflection on Epson's customer service (yes the retailer was also involved but to no avail).
  11. Rodz, glad to hear all is good....I haven't got my 3D glasses out yet either and as for the fan...what fan.....and if you know anyone who wants some TW9100/9200 air filters let me know as I have three going really cheap! Kwarrior, yeah blacks may be a little worse than Epson but sooooooooooo many other advantages it doesn't matter. For a start colour non-uniformity is finally at an acceptable level!!! Owen, running auto iris on the Sony seems to work a little to improve things IMO.
  12. As a previous owner of Epson for many years and now the proud owner of Sony I can vouch for everything OZ just said. Worth the extra cash....you better believe it!!
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