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  1. Another bump - many thanks for the great customer service. * Nearly three yrs ago, purchased Hdmi cables which have been working flawlessly, recently encountered an issue with one of them , which was quite bizarre as it just stopped working. Needless to say, Keith was fantastic and sent me a replacement cable immediately whilst I got myself organised in sending the original cable back to him, Thus saving us a lot of waiting and staring at a blank screen. Kudos to Ezyhd.
  2. Awesomeness... looking fwd to that. . . instead of wall mounting our tv's. . we can just use blu tack to hold them in place..lol...
  3. Hey Kulfi, Certainly a mixed bag with the various retailers around Melb with the boxing day specials.. Browsed thru Hn- and yes, absolutely packed .. though got no service.. Let me rephrase - short, abrupt..etc etc - fiance wasn't impressed. Ended up in Jb and bought the Sharp 52" - hard to say no personally , given it also comes with a rather handy 32" for the alfresco. It was more from my partner, you can't seriously be thinking about this too much. ..just buy it .. so i can go shopping proper.. It still stuns me, this time last year, paid around $1230 ..i think, for a sony W 40" ...bonus bd player. i think, back in 2006, prior to the world cup, paid about $3200 inc lg hd box .. lol That was for the 42" pana pv500 .. which is still going strong at my parent's place. Seeing some of the prices being bandied around .. this time next year , it will be buy a cd/dvd/bd .... get a free flat screen..heh heh... Just finished plugging it all in earlier. . .busy day today. .lol .. got home, tv got thrown gently into a corner and out to dinner... missus off to bed after being forced to help ..heh heh.. now im all awake.. excitement of having a new toy in the house.
  4. The prices you've been quoted seems more than reasonable to me.. So happened to be in Jb earlier, and the 55" series 6 was advertised for around $1996 - 15% .. roughly $1700- Though i've seen it advertised on exaltek for around $1620 or thereabouts.. . And as Kulfi mentioned earlier, one of his mates picked up the C6900 LED-edgelit LCD 55" for 2k. Seems quite reasonable around the $1400 pricepoint.. Logical progression down the price - size feature food chain. Keeping in mind clearly that boxing day sales are only a few days away.. One thing for sure.. you won't pay more now than what you saw em for .. and you may very well save some $$ on the 26th. Though as Dm Dave mentioned.. you could buy it now, and enjoy the tv for the next week. And if you buy from somewhere like harvey / Good guys. . Im pretty sure you get a price guarantee which will cover you for that boxing day period. Lol. . clear as mud eh.
  5. Good luck with the shopping...and keep us posted. .. If you do get the 46" around the 1k . . that's a pretty good price .. imo . .. Though i haven't been following the mkt much since my purchase last boxing day. Very curious to see the state of the mkt regarding the 6 series sammy lcd's ..
  6. Hey mate - It was Jason- from Melb Antennas.
  7. Firstly, many thanks to Jason for dropping by yesterday to complete the installation. A late afternoon it was as well, so cheers for that. And yes, Happy overall with the price and quality of the installation - Rg6 cabling along with F-connectors for all the wallplates. ** Secondly - from an uninformed noob regarding antenna's - Does a lot of this antenna talk make much of a difference - I noticed a lot of the talk with regards to the design of an Analog / Digital type antenna. I'll be honest - my folks - they've had the same antenna for 20 years now - and I'll assume it's an analog antenna - picking up digital / analog no problems.. Everything is crystal clear - Though I will say on particularly cloudy days - Abc and Sbs take an several seconds to show a picture.
  8. Yeah, thanks for the recommendation mate - I sent a pm earlier - so I shall await his response. Though if he doesn't work out West - Do you ? Though im mindful of the fact that you're pretty flat out currently.
  9. Hi everyone - I posted earlier in the Hdtv display section, thankfully MTV mentioned this was the correct forum for this sorta question... Can anyone recommend someone for an antenna installation, out in Melbourne West. (Derrimut).. So far I haven't had any luck with two installers - one of them has advertised on the forum.Though I won't be naming names.. It's just a tad frustrating... when they say yes, no problem..I'll be there.. and sadly - after three weeks- still no antenna.. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Ah.. Melb viewers forum.. cool... I looked at that .but just didn't look too hard.. Can't spend too much time on the forums at work... heh heh. Lol... well, I've been waiting for three weeks now... so yeah... It is a new home, so yes, a completely new installation. There are two points currently wired as per the specifications - so looking for an extra point as well.
  11. Hi everyone - I have a distinct feeling this is the wrong post for my querry... but it is regarding my Hdtv... lol...so there is a correlation there. Can anyone recommend someone for an antenna installation, out in Melbourne West. (Derrimut).. So far I haven't had any luck with two installers - one of them has advertised on the forum.Though I won't be naming names.. It's just a tad frustrating... when they say yes, no problem..I'll be there.. and sadly - after three weeks- still no antenna.. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. I actually received my cables several days ago, so many thanks to Keith and Anna as well - prompt arrival and well packaged. Definitely must say the cables all look top notch. Big thumbs up. With the impending arrival of the blu ray player from Sony..it's slowly coming together.
  13. Hey Nero - receipt just emailed through to you.. Been offline for several days, back onto the forums now though..lol. enjoy. ** On a different sidenote - I was reading the Herald-sun y'day and noticed Myer advertising a special for several days- till today - You get the Wii as per normal , but you also score a 19" pana lcd ... not too bad. For their S / G / V series .. I think sizes from 46 - 50" -
  14. I was referring to an earlier post by Marty77 - who got the panel for that price.. Back on Dec 31 last year, seems ages ago..lol. either way, to me, $2599 or $2.4k.. still seems stupendously good. Though I just noticed Slippery Slop awesomely good price on the 58" V goodness... More than just awesome... blooming brilliant...
  15. Hey there - receipt just sent through to you. Just got back in last night after spending a week up in lovely mornington... Totally didn't want to come back. newdig - Hey there ... yer.. it's one of those things with tv's. falling prices..etc etc...needless to say. . .just enjoy what you have.. I must say wow ... from over a week ago... I'm reading now the 58" Sammy's for 2.4-2.5k .... that's incredible... from the 3k prices in Dec... that's very good buying. Along with the Pana 54" for under 2k.... Lol .. .and the famous challenge for the first 50" under 1k... wonders never cease.
  16. Hey there Zippy - Glad to see the receipt is doing the rounds and helping people out... I didn't even think I was going to be able to jump online now.. .with new year's approaching...my holiday down the coast is rapidly approaching. .yaya. Hope you have some good luck shopping up in Sydney.. make sure you post where you purchased it from..and give your fellow member - Striker999 - some helpful suggestions. It looks like everyone is managing to snag themselves some pretty good deals... Definitely the standouts from what I've read - The 50" Sammy's which are around the 1-1.2k mark and the 54" Pana for $1999 - Stupendously good buying.
  17. Fair enough..Lol... im not aware of the various vagaries with Sydney's shopping situation.. Are there other homemaker centres.. ? They are dotted all over Melbourne....with all the new suburbs popping up around here. Oh ..cricket is back ... Go Watson .. . .
  18. Hey no probs - Glad to help - dollar saved is a dollar earnt.. Striker999 - With regards to your Sydney conundrum... I am not aware of the various Sydney stores...but as mentioned in other posts.. The price is definitely achievable...and no doubt beatable based on "hefeinna" experience in HN. Just gota go to one of those homemaker centres - where you'll usually find Harvey Norman, Dick Smith , Jb Hifi , Good Guys all parked within 100m of each other...and just ask.. Almost too easy. Now back to the cricket.
  19. I haven't seen them personally as there are no stores around where I live. I do know someone who bought one, not the exact same model, several years ago and they love it...over the competing Jap/Korean makers... but I think he's been brainwashed by Encel stereo...lol. The price seems pretty good... Have you gone and checked them out ? Pricewise it seems lineball with the Sony Z series... but you get the blu ray player thru Sony. whisk - No probs buddy...Im sure you'll be able to find a store to match / beat it.. perseverance .... No Myer / Dj's around your area as well ?
  20. Hey folks - to the various folks here - scanned copy of the receipt has been emailed through to you.. good luck shopping... Striker999 - hopefully you get to the shops today and they're open..good shopping mate. Yes, as Kulfi mentioned - I noticed in the papers Myer / DJ are touting 15-20% Tv's ... take my receipt and ask them to take 20% off that price.. .then send me the receipt ... lol.. Hmm - that is very interesting with the other posts on - the 54" pana for $1999 - truly stupendously awesome...Imho.. Yes. any fellow Victorians taking up the challenge...or are we all watching the boxing day test... c'mon !!
  21. That's just phenomenal pricing atm... I heard on the radio this morning Retravision was advertising a full hd sammy 50" for about $1290 - Panasonic 42" Hd for about $875 - Really can't argue.... Bang for buck with size vs dollars certainly is good atm..
  22. Lol - no worries.. No probs mate - If you wana list or pm me your email address - I'll send it through later tonight. With the receipt I'm sure it will be achievable ... didn't really do anything special..more like this is the best price according to my manager..etc etc... My missus was like .. that's fine. .we'll take it.. I need to go buy some shoes...lol.
  23. Ooh - that's very nicely priced as well - seems like the various Sony Centres trotting out various specials to tempt all of us eager consumers... any other specials from the other states.. Bring it on. .. . the more lower priced tv.. the better our wallets will be... C'mon Kevin...... hand out more cash so we can buy more consumables...lol.
  24. Hey - not sure where you're located - but if in Melb - In today's paper - Sony Melb have the 40" Z advertised for $1696 - See how low you can go....
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