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  1. Loving my LX509A. Will get a decent camera and post some better photos soon I hope.
  2. Got my 509A cranking. Some grainy phone photos for your amusement. Furniture you see is custom made to suit my gear. I design it and send to this craft guy not far away. Oh yeah the photos. http://www.turboimagehost.com/p/1889199/20...-_0116.jpg.html http://www.turboimagehost.com/p/1889200/20...-_0117.jpg.html http://www.turboimagehost.com/p/1889201/20...-_0118.jpg.html http://www.turboimagehost.com/p/1889202/20...-_0119.jpg.html http://www.turboimagehost.com/p/1889203/20...-_0125.jpg.html http://www.turboimagehost.com/p/1889204/20...-_0126.jpg.html http://www.turboimagehost.com/p/1889205/20...-_0127.jpg.html http://www.turboimagehost.com/p/1889206/20...-_0128.jpg.html http://www.turboimagehost.com/p/1889207/20...-_0129.jpg.html http://www.turboimagehost.com/p/1889208/20...-_0130.jpg.html http://www.turboimagehost.com/p/1889209/20...-_0131.jpg.html http://www.turboimagehost.com/p/1889210/20...-_0132.jpg.html http://www.turboimagehost.com/p/1889212/20...-_0133.jpg.html http://www.turboimagehost.com/p/1889213/20...-_0134.jpg.html http://www.turboimagehost.com/p/1889215/20...-_0135.jpg.html And she's perfect. Remember my four busted, defect 608s I went through with that group buy? Such a pleasure to have my Kuro kicking absolute arse!
  3. Klapp in Melbourne seem to be selling the 509A for about $5800. Speakers and stand etc come with. Not bad if the extra few hundred dollars doesn't phase you. And it's a reliable source. invercom maybe courier to your place in NSW. How scarce are these things at the moment? I have no idea so just posting what little I know.
  4. Yeah am waiting on my LX509 too. Paid same price delivered at $5300. Sweet!
  5. I have a brand new LX509 coming to my place on Wednesday. Originally I was looking for the KRP500 but it turned out one brand new LX509 was there for the taking. I am told it's one of the last in Australia. I paid $5300 delivered, $500 of that is tax. The KRP was about $500 extra. LX comes with 5-year warranty and all that. Again, brand new panel. Where did I get it? Well I dug and dug and dug until I hit gold. Happy to share my resources if people are still in need. Am an original owner of an LX608 but had boatloads of problems with it back in 2006 when I got it through a group buy on this forum. Returned the 608 after four replacements! Hoping my new LX509 gives me nothing but joy. Will report back on Wednesday when she arrives. The rep I got it from thinks I've got the last new LX509 in Australia. Could he be right?
  6. Pioneer have acknowledged the panel is faulty. They tried to give me a new (fourth) 608 but I refused. Three panels is my limit. You guys should feel lucky that there's a 5 year warranty on these. That's all I'll say for now. Good luck with your panels.
  7. I am unsure where the option to do a factory reset is. I found a set of instructions at AVS but they didn't really work. It involves the service menu anyway and that's not ideal without very strict instructions. Varying the source material doesn't really make much difference. All HD-DVDs will play with the issue while some SD discs play fine. For example I was actually watching one SD disc when I saw the panel correct itself. That means it had the issue but then righted itself. I have a strong feeling it's not my players, source material, or leads. I've spent over 10 hours playing with this problem and am concluding it's the panel. Now I'm at a loss what to do. Already returned my first two panels due to faulty pixels.
  8. Looking at the pictures I provided, can't you see a noticeable lighter part of the image? That's not meant to be there.
  9. I have a question. Does anyone recognise this image distortion I'm getting on my LX608? It appears as a lightened bit of the screen on both top and bottom of the display. Picture of problem. Background: Panel is 40 hours old. DTV is unaffected. Can produce issue using either SD or HD-DVD (on all inputs). Have tried all connections possible, including HDMI, component, S-VIDEO, etc and can confirm that the television is doing the distortion. Will also occur on any resolution, although seems less evident when the panel is running at 1080p. I have had my panel working without error up until now. This distortion problem starting occurring just after I hooked up my new A35 HD-DVD player via component (as I am short a HDMI cable for now). Is there any way I can get my panel to not distort playback? Was thinking that maybe the panel is in a kind of limbo and doesn't know how to handle whatever signal it is being fed. Not sure how or why a simple switch to component (for the first time ever) would have done that but it's the only thing I can think of. Would appreciate any help. This is my third Kuro and I'm starting to think I'm just not meant to own one of these. I have spent many hours today working back through each setting, resolution, and input (including leads) trying to find a solution. This issue truly did just appear out of nowhere and I'm stumped as to what to try next. Picture of bottom of screen.
  10. Read the last paragraph. http://idents.tv/blog/2007/11/29/ten-hd-on...ultichanneling/
  11. I read somewhere that 9 were going HD next March. That's 1080i however, like 10.
  12. You guys with delivered sets should check for dead or stuck pixels. I went through 2 608s before my third one arrived without any issue. I was in GB1. Chuck up a white JPEG and you'll see any if they're there. Enjoy your new panels!
  13. Couldn't he just use something like a splitter? http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Optical-Toslink-2-W...oQQcmdZViewItem
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