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  1. *SOLD* Thank-you for your considerable interest in this item and sorry to those that missed out. Happy New Year.
  2. Not on Facebook just via this Forum. You can message me from within the Forum itself. Top right-hand corner of the Forum page you will see "Messages". Justin
  3. I still haven't heard anything from Minh to confirm so Yep, still for Sale. Please PM your interest. Cheers, Blade
  4. Item: Shunyata Anaconda VX Power Cable 1.8M Factory 15amp Australian Clipsal Plug Location: Sunbury, Victoria (Will Post within Australia) Price: $800:00AUD Item Condition: Virtually Brand New Reason for selling: No longer have a system Payment Method: Pickup - PayPal or COD. Postal - PayPal or Internet Transfer. Extra Info: This was once connected to an Anthem D2V in a High-End Home Theatre System for about 2 years. System was dismantled in 2013 and this Cable has been in storage ever since. No fraying, scuffs, marks or other negative aesthetic anomalies. Australian 15amp Plug so you do not need a U.S adapter. Made a vast difference to my system at the time (Movies and Music). Transparency and Low Noise, particularly excellent for Digital Sources (Negates harshness). The Vx cords use Shunyata's well-known patented FeSI-1000 compound inside the large-diameter outer sheath to reduce noise beyond the capabilities of the complex hand weaved Helix geometry alone. The Alpha power cords (sold separately) are the same as the Vx cords, but without the compound. "The Anaconda vX occupies the top rung on the Noise-Reduction power cord ladder and at a retail of (USD)$1,995, is not for the feint of heart or the light of wallet. Like the other Noise-Reduction cables, the Black Mamba v2 and the Python, the Anaconda vX makes extensive use of Shunyata's patent-pending FeSi-1000 passive noise isolating material in order to do its thing, which according to the Shunyata website is to "restore the texture, dimension and spatial cues in sound and video that are often obscured by EMI and RFI noise" (italics Shunyata's)." Pictures:
  5. A beautiful room Ruth. Congratulations. Hard work has its own rewards. Regards, Blade
  6. Hi Ruth, Coming back for my Bi-monthly visit. Looking over the last few pages - what a wonderful job you have done! Truly in awe of your talent. It really is looking like an old-school Art-Deco Home Theatre. Would love to see it in person one day. The carpet should really make it (And I do love your choice). I hope and trust everyone else here is well. I have been lost in my work and have been renewed for another 6 months so work until the end of the year. Regards Blade
  7. Thanks all. I found it particularly puzzling as to why it would be closed. There was no OT so I just posted there. Haven't been here since late 2013 and it seems some things haven't changed unfortunately. Know though that I appreciate the support here and on other social media. To the MODS I hope you are never in my position and crave some simple humanity. Abraham Lincoln once said "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power..." Don't abuse yours. Blade
  8. I haven't read the forum since January but just dropped in to say g'day. I have stories, many stories. Business is tough but the weather is turning so it'll get better. Change is on the way but I won't say much more at this stage. I miss you all, the banter, technology. I have no idea about the latest and greatest. 100 hours a week precludes the old HT hobby. I hope and trust you are all well. Love to all. More to come when I have it. Blade
  9. I have only just caught up with your thread Arthur given I'm living in The Twilight Zone (Business) and do not live normal hours. Stunning result. If I find the time I would very much like to see it in person. The ceiling looks first rate. Blade
  10. Very excited for you Kevin. I know how long you have waited for your dream to become a reality. I'll be watching your journey closely. Cheers Blade
  11. Actually the sale has fallen through as the buyer realised the screen is too big for their situation. Back on sale for $700. Blade
  12. Well done Neill and all. I was just too tired to attend unfortunately. The Triax sounds how I imagined it. Will force established makers to not rest on their laurels... Blade
  13. That now requires an appearance fee of some $2000:00USD Blade
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