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  1. Item: NAD Stereo Tuner 4220 Location: Vermont, Victoria Price: $40 Item Condition: 7/10 Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pick up only, used to use it in my secondary system, receives the signal well I couldn't fault it. Pictures:
  2. It's just a different medium I think everyone should try all mediums and decide which one they like most and stick with it. Unless you are like me and can't decide and have a bit of everything Nothing to lose having a crack, except a bit of money. Then, if you decide you like it, a LOT of money
  3. Hmm, I might yet be swayed, 14 minutes a side isn't so bad. If I have to get up for a beer...
  4. Completely agree with the above, I saw the price of the X album - That's cheap! But if it's 45RPM, not so sure. My setup has my turntable in another room to my speakers. Not ideal to be going in every third song and going in and flipping/changing the record. Might just have to buy the CD
  5. Agreed, relo/really good friend, use in another room. Sadly they're not worth much anymore.
  6. FYI if that pre-amp isn't grounded, could be the source of your hum We had one and it did this, grounded it - Gone! GLWTS - Good unit, great price
  7. Pro Bi-Amp. It made my system sound better It's in a 2 channel system, I have a 5 channel amp running it. May as well use 4 out of 5 instead of 2 out of 5. I originally did it for sh*ts and giggles. Difference wasn't profound, but enough. All depends on your hardware imho.
  8. Happy anniversary! Before my time too
  9. It did, I had a very cranky worker at the time. He rang them and they said it would be up by 8:30 which it was. May have even been 8. Apparently the lady he rang said to him, "Get an analogue!" He didn't like that answer... Missed his rumour file - Devo
  10. Yep - Good point! Just speaking from my own experience. I shouldn't have said easy, 'cos it wasn't. I should have said EASIER
  11. I went through this exact scenario nearly 7 years ago. I can't remember what gauge cables I used, 14 or 12. But they still work. I just bought a roll of stuff and off I went. Unfortunately later I decided to biwire my speakers so had to invent a way to run them after the fact anyway. Just remember, if you run one cable and want to run a different cable later, that's easy, just attach it to the old cable and pull it through So don't worry if it eventually gives out, it's easy to replace once you have it in there
  12. Stupid question... Why? I have a DC battery on the concrete now on the charger, am I damaging it?
  13. Wow - Glad to see I'm not alone. I was diagnosed about 3 years ago, didn't know I had it until it was pointed out to me. Now that it has been, I hate it! I have it in both ears, with it being MUCH worse in my right ear. Left ear is hardly noticeable in comparison. My hearing is significantly diminished on that side. It is worse I find after consuming a lot of alcohol. I worked in an industrial environment for about 8 years. The ENT specialist I went to said it is unusual one side is worse than the other. IT is unknown how mine occurred, Could be work related, ear infection, anything. All I know is it sucks! Thank goodness I don't lose sleep over it. Frustrates the wife and those close to me no end. I'm 34. Fragile these bloody hearing devices we possess aren't they?
  14. I had some tosspot kids at my house when we were having a party push some of my speakers in. Vacuum cleaner and you wouldn't know it. Worked like a charm. Have to be careful though not to oversuck it. I just turned it off and on quickly, didn't work the first couple of times, then it did. You wouldn't know it now unless you got real close (There are a couple of crease marks, that's it )
  15. - Bit shocked when I got told this by a work mate this morning.
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