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  1. Well i just got my Crowson Transducers and AMP today. Just have to install them now....Then the fun begins.
  2. Yeah i have one from ages ago when i measured it with REW. This is what the AS-EQ1 saw it as After the EQ1
  3. 4 12" TC Sounds subwoofers. Getting about 380w each. Can handle 400w RMS each. Room has 2 bass traps in opposing corners. There is a door in one other corner and my equipment rack in the other.
  4. I am powering them with a Behringer EP2500 amp. EQ is with the SVS AS-EQ1
  5. Also i have to EQ my subwoofers due to room modes. So at 31Hz i have a 6db peak due to the room. My EQ is set to flatten that out but now i don't get the shaking affect from the subwoofers at 31Hz as they are now only getting 1/4 the power they where before EQ. I can hear the subwoofers just fine at 31Hz just cant feel them as they are not moving much to create the SPL because of the room mode that's boosting that frequency a heap. With no EQ the subs shake great. But the bass sounds boomy and uneven due to the room. Now with the transducers i will be able to get the feeling back with my flat sounding bass.
  6. My 4 IB subs are only 12" ones though. Wow you have 2 submercives. That's like if I where to have 4 18" sub drivers plus you have another 2 SVS subs in the back. Impressive. That setup would easily out do my humble rig.lol Hence the need for transducers.
  7. Interesting. I have seen that movie also and didnt remember anything of the bass in it. You must have a better subwoofer setup than mine.
  8. lol yeah i know. Don't get me wrong the IB subs can absolutely shake the entire room down. It just has to be obnoxiously loud to do it and i don't like listening to it that loud nor am i really allowed too. I get complaints that its too loud. So it would be nice to have that feeling but not need to have it absolutely cranked to do it.
  9. Yeah that would be great if you could. Thanks. Really keen to try something like this out in my HT room for that extra something to go with the 4 IB subwoofers.
  10. I'm keen if this deal is still available ? Might be a little late but i have only just started looking at a transducer system just now and found this post. Hopefully its still available ?
  11. LOL. Not a chance. The quality of SD or even HD TV in this country is hopless for blowing up big with a projector. Is only just watchable on a 46" Sony Bravia let alone anything bigger. And when playing computer games on a massive screen can you say Motion Sickness ? Leave the big screen for Movies. Anything else its the TV all the way. WAY better picture on the TV for that kind of stuff.
  12. Yeah they would be at 100". We have been talking about a 92" size screen. These guys have the LP Morgan in a 100" for about $2150 http://www.justproje...nsmotorised.htm This is where i plan to get my 92" from.
  13. [quote name=' timestamp='1344683915' post='1825233] missed this sorry, couple of reasons I think why the screen technics suits, its not as wide as the rondo with its side cut for the same screen size. plus I have young kids one 4 and another 7 and always be worried theyd end up damaging the delicate material of the rondo vs the conventional more hardy stuff the screen technics made off. but thats just my reasons I dont think be unhappy with either screen. the screen technics is reasonably quiet, a touch quieter than the rondo. both are much quieter than the cheaper and smoother operating than some chinese screens come across. but keep in mind you only put screens down once at start and back up again once finished viewing so in real terms its not something a huge consideration in use. Cheers mate.
  14. Sorry double post/thread. Mods can delete this one.
  15. So Al just wondering what made up your mind of which screen to go with ? What's the motor in it like ? Quiet ? Fast ? I have been searching YouTube videos to see one in action but there are none. Would be nice to see one rolling out to see how fast the motor is and how quiet.
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