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  1. There’s a MQA version practically new at a reasonable price availed on the forum.
  2. Basically adding a source of upper even order harmonics to particular tracks / sources. Having been a professional audio engineer for decades with my start on SSL desks with tube inputs running Studer 2” 24 channel tape machines and migrating all the way through the digital era ... also including running the Boiler Room at BDO for a decade I’m just wanting, as previously mentioned, the ability to add at a push of a button choral harmonic warmth to my system when and if I choose. I utilise equipment to make a sound I enjoy. Apart from that the components are nothing but tools to get there. In studios or live my options Are often endless. Not so much in the home situation. Hence, requesting advice from those who revel in that environment.
  3. No one has any advice? Nothing on the quality of the Freya tube pre amp? I have to admit I am surprised.
  4. Hello, I was hoping for some opinions on using a Schitt Freya (possible a plus model) as a tube buffer for two channel listening in my HT system. My idea is to either use the processor loop in my XSP-1 which drives XPA-3 Gen 2 LCR front stage. I could also place it directly inline between the XSP and XPA. This would be the preferred manner of operation as I could use XLR input / output. Primary DAC is Oppo 203 acting as Roon media streamer end point / CD and when my wife is operating a Denon AVR 3310. The real query then becomes, as I have to “idiot proof” it for my wife, is whether it would be possible to get a 12V trigger switch installed to allow auto on and off UNLESS it does bypass Audio when turned off. I’d suggest it wouldn’t but cannot ascertain. Would anyone have opinions and / or Experience with this type of setup? Thank in advance.
  5. I think this question may suit this thread ... can anyone suggest a tube pre amp that I could use in a “processor loop” on my XSP-1? Not wanting to spend serious money just have the ability to add some tube warmth on occasion.
  6. Whilst I am still yet to receive my cables as they’ve just been posted; dealing with Bill was one of the most professional and pleasurable interactions I’ve had in years.
  7. I was hoping someone wasn’t going to say that. We had major power line / transformer upgrades in our old suburb lately but some form of power conditioning is still on my list of upgrades. I’ve lost two Velodyne sub amps over the decades due to catastrophic power surges.
  8. I to really need to stop reading the classified section. GLWTS
  9. Thanks for those thoughts. Hadn’t considered using Pure Direct for the comparison as yet. Tend to use stereo setting as I have a Velodyne SPL Ultra sub. All speakers crossed at 80Hz. Will go through the settings again. Have never used Audyessy EQ as to put is bluntly ... it’s rubbish.
  10. Hello, Am finding myself with this quandary where my Denon AVR receiver’s DAC seems to produce a better sound than my Oppo UDP-203 running analogue to the same receiver. Denon doesn’t do the main amplifying work as I run a Emotiva XPA-3 Gen 2 for LCR. I’m wondering why, as I’d assume otherwise, the Oppo DAC sounds worse. Im also finding it hard to believe that perhaps the RCA interconnects are creating such a difference.
  11. Is this the same DAC that was used in the Oppo 205 Blu-ray players? Just answered my own question. HA-1 is ESS Sabre 9018 reference. UDP-205 is ESS Sabre 9038 pro.
  12. Is the price listed for two (2) mono amplifiers? Or per unit?
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