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  1. Im not sure your pricing is correct studio, 100s sell for around $2200 MSRP a pair state side, thats over double the price of the pair of Elec UF5. I could get a whole surround setup for the same cost as a single pair of studio 100s. You are right though I wonder how they stack up, as the guy designed the TAD Reference One he knows how to make something sound good.
  2. They are said to be US$350 for the centre, $500 for the bookshelf pair and $1000 for the floorstanders pair. Every review I have read is absolutely glowing about them.
  3. The new Andrew Jones designed Elac Uni-fi series received a tremendous amount of buzz at CES and are very inexpensive. Does anybody know if they will be stocked locally? http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/2016/01/ces-2016-andrew-jones-does-it-again-with-elac-ub5/ http://www.audioholics.com/surround-sound-reviews/elac-uni-fi
  4. 10-12 was thinking under 2kEdit - I was looking at the SVS SB12-NSD subwoofer, the ultra is a little too large
  5. So does anybody have any sub recommendations?
  6. I don't mind the Mod4's as front and centre's as they would be next to and under the TV. I would use Mod2's as surrounds
  7. I live in an apartment so it massively limits what sort of speakers I can use, personally I'd love a pair of Epos 5's that I selected for my brother but what can you do. I'm looking at a Mod4 system powered by a X4000 which with XT32 should hopefully sound ok. Has anybody tried the Mod4's? Also I'd be looking at teaming them up with a 3rd party sub, any recommendations of a good sub that will handle the extra duties?
  8. No it means the bluray is not in HD which has nothing to do with how the game was shot only distributed. Here is a link to Gearhouse's site in regards to their OB equipment. http://www.gearhousebroadcast.com/australasia/content/outside-broadcast/ Have a look at their equipment. Now do you think you would do the largest sporting event in a truck that can control 16 cameras and 5 replays servers (SD1) or in a truck that can do 20 cameras + 4 super slow mo cameras + 4 RF cameras and 8 replay servers and seat 11 people in the production area (HD2) or in one that can only seat 6? I'm thinking you would pay for a larger truck, the same one that does all their big games.
  9. And so is the AFL on seven, they just don't give it to anybody else.
  10. They said there would be 21 channels not everyone would have access to all 21 channels. If you don't pay for sports I'm guessing you won't get access to any of the sports channels. Like you needed to sports tier for the olympics app.
  11. That's fine except we can't pay a premium to watch it Live in HD because those muppets win't give it to Fox Sports in HD
  12. According the Free TV code of practice they only have to respond to complaints by mail.
  13. Not really their music hasn't had DRM on it for ages. Even if they closed you'd still have a copy of everything on your computer.
  14. 7 have the 2 best games each week, Friday and Saturday night. Saturday arvo and Sunday aren't games 3 and 4.
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