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  1. Well got to give Foxtel credit. Over the last few weeks I have watched episodes of Beverly Hillibillies and other black and white shows that I have never seen or saw them 30 years ago. They seem to have bought more of the old series than replaying the same few series year after year. Plus Battlestar Galactica at 9:10pm on a Sat night is great ! at least we will see the series week after week instead of the here there everywhere that Ch 10 did to the series.
  2. and this but unsure how reliable the site is http://www.sportbusiness.com/news/166948/t...ort-says-survey quoted in June 2008 Tennis is Australia’s most popular sport says survey For the first time in 17 years, tennis was the top-ranked sport in terms of the percentage of Australians who had either attended an event, watched the sport on television or read about it in a newspaper in the last year. Tennis got a 57-per-cent rating, swimming was in second place with 55 per cent, while cricket languished in third, after losing six percentage points in the last year. The survey suggested that interest in cricket has dipped since Australia’s loss to England in the Ashes tour in 2005. Sweeney Sports general manager Todd Deacon attributed the surge in the popularity of tennis to Tennis Australia’s marketing efforts: “People are more actively involved in following the sport and I think part of that has been not just the Australian Open but they are getting big names to the lead-up tournaments. “You get big names and you will get big crowds, and there will be greater interest.” Golf is another struggling sport according to the survey, with just 23 per cent of Australians having attended an event or followed it on television or in the newspapers – an 8-per-cent drop. This placed it behind fishing, basketball, netball, hiking and gym workouts. but does not mention footy etc ?
  3. from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2005 - 2006 MAIN SPORTS AND PHYSICAL RECREATION ACTIVITIES Among Australians aged 15 years and over, walking was the most commonly reported physical recreation activity, with over 4.0 million people participating in the 12-month period prior to interview. The overall participation rate for walking was 25%. The next most popular activities were aerobics/fitness (2.0 million participants and a participation rate of 13%), swimming (1.4 million or 9%) then cycling (1.0 million or 6%). Participation in golf attracted 6% of the population aged 15 years and over (875,500) during the 12-month period, followed by both tennis (768,900 or 5%) and running (681,300 or 4%). Participation in outdoor soccer (419,600 or 3%) was higher than Australian Rules football (268,700 or 2%). Twice as many females as males (2.7 million and 1.3 million respectively) walked for exercise in the 12-month period. More males participated in Australian Rules football (240,800) than females (27,900) and males also dominated in soccer (indoor and outdoor) (459,600 compared to 155,600 females), cricket (indoor and outdoor) (424,700 compared to 30,800 females) and fishing (220,100 compared to 30,800 females). By comparison, female participation in netball (387,500), yoga (248,700) and dancing (177,300) was higher than that of males (43,400, 24,800 and 47,700 respectively). Of all the sports and physical recreation undertaken in an organised capacity, the activity most commonly participated in by Australians 15 years and over, was aerobics/fitness (570,000). Netball (333,800) was the next most popular organised sport followed by tennis (250,400) and soccer (outdoor) (248,500). Activities that were commonly undertaken only in a non-organised capacity were walking for exercise (3.9 million), aerobics/fitness and swimming (both 1.3 million) and cycling (913,100). Activities that were commonly undertaken both in an organised and a non-organised capacity included golf (175,000), aerobics/fitness (160,600) and swimming (99,300). PARTICIPANTS, By top ten sports and physical recreation activities and sex I couldnt get the graph to copy over but here is the link http://www.abs.gov.au/AUSSTATS/abs@.nsf/La...;num=&view=
  4. Over and well and truly out. You're a joke. I have my phone/foxtel bundled. No paper bill. No mag. Already fill up on Tuesdays. No worries about upsizing as I dont buy any fast food. Glad you can afford McDonalds. Use ATM twice per month ie each pay day so no charging for them. If you were truly a student then you would never have taken the piss out of me. So take your advice on how to zero out the moulah and shove it where the sun dont shine. I have 30 more years on you on how to budget. But thanks to the other posters and even the moderator weighing in on it, I know who is wrong.
  5. Western fan as well Laurie ! and you are so right. Fox Classics has gotten good mileage out of the few westerns they have repeated to death not to mention James Bond ! When you're onto a good thing, repeat it 100 times is Foxtel's motto. How many times have we seen that Clint Eastwood movie that was on last night ?
  6. Hey thanks guys ! dont know why I bothered replying. Probably is a teenager at home with everything paid for him/her. As you say Palmag it all adds up. If/When we get our incentives/commission back things may change till then tight purse strings. And yep IQ does not overcome the repeats. Its not like they have shows on at say 2am I can record that are not shown any other time ! Puh-lease its Foxtel. Maybe its too simple a solution but if they just added more shows then they dont have to repeat so often.
  7. and you must be a total loser with some money. Since when does IQ stop repeats ? you record a show you watch it. I watch a show and I have seen it. Both of us get to see the show. The rest of the week is then filled with the same show repeated half a dozen times. Whats on at night is on during the day so not like I am missing anything your IQ can record. as I mentioned $10 is $10 bucks. Work pays for the Internet as I do work from home for them. With the current crisis we had our Incentive/Commissions stopped and thats a minimum $5000 to $7000 for me. So anything else you want me to explain ? Shall I go through my shopping list for you ? Sausages/Mince/Chicken. Bought a pair of shorts and shirt yesterday from Target. So I cut back on these as well to give me extra savings. Lets just hope your circumstances dont change one day and you find yourself in my position. Hope you do live in Melbourne as would hate to work or have a cold not understanding friend like you.
  8. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss hardly ever watch any soap shows and this was the first one I started to watch and missed the beginning. Always got a laugh out of Bea and Doreen and Vinegar Tits and The Freak and dumb old Alice. Liked the tall skinny bikie when she roughed em up. And the way they used a welder to mark the girls for dobbing. May not be enough for its own channel otherwise we would see repeats on high rotation. Agree re Graham Kennedy............ classic.
  9. Cheers mate. You're right re value for money. I used to have Platinum for years and cut out movies as only watched 2 or 3 per month so cheaper to rent DVD's . Then company was taken over and left and new job does not pay as good so had to cut back to basic etc. $10 per month is a saving for a lot of people not to mention the saving of having basic package etc but to have someone say they will toss you their change ??????????????????? unbelievable. Currently on forced leave so just hanging around the place and now you really notice the number of repeats.
  10. You truly are an arrogant pig. How dare you say you will throw me your change. I cant believe there are still arrogant %#%$%@% like you. YES $10 a month is a saving for me. So glad you are rich and can spend what you want. Shove your change where the sun dont shine.
  11. Take a hike. a) cannot afford IQ cannot afford to have all the packages c) because only have Basic plus Sci Fi does it mean have to lay back and take it ? Glad you are so rich. I'm not and obviously others as well. And if you really took notice, the level of repeats are disgustingly high. Not a moron and realise they have to have repeats but Foxtel take repeats to a whole new level. So yeah, you are missing something.
  12. I just swapped a whole load of DVD's with a friend last night so have something to watch over the break. I'm gonna keep track of whats on all the extra channels the FTA's will have in 2009. Even if they are repeats , at least can record them and save when cancel Foxtel. Just cannot afford to add any extra packages and next year not looking the best. Already had our Incentive canned for 6 months so this household on a tight budget for awhile.
  13. And get ready for TV1 on 01 Jan showing you the first episode of a lot of shows. Yaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh NOT. Would be fine if you only saw the first episode every 12 months but with the level of repeats you get to see that first episode a number of times during the year. Everybody Loves Raymond ( I dont ) but wasnt it on Fox Classics ? now advertising it for TV1 ( but I may be wrong there ). Anyway local DVD store as some cheap specials going so look like will be hiring. I'd love to see new old shows - 3 Stooges F Troop Voyage to Bottom of the Sea Superman Jet Jackson Abbott and Costello Carol Burnett Show Invaders just to name a few. Would help pad out TV1/Fox Classics and surely cannot cost very much they are so old.
  14. Nothing wrong with watching "live". When I first got Foxtel it was great to look forward to certain nights of the week especially Sunday night for Star Trek/s on TV1. Now they are on every day and with different series on you get confused. Someone is dead , next day they are not. I still enjoy looking forward to a particular night on the FTA's for certain shows. I dont want to watch a whole series in a few weeks. Fine with me to see 1 show per week for months. I think thats Foxtel's idea, bore the sh*t out of you with the basic so you do upgrade. But each to his own viewing way eh
  15. Thanks for all the replies and great advice guys. I will wait till after Christmas ( just about to go on holidays ) but looks like TIVO for me. We copped pay cut to save mates jobs etc so am looking at cutting costs on everything and seeing as I have had Foxtel virtually since day 1 the few new shows I get just not worth the price anymore. I've been watching the FTA's guide over last few months and get a lot of things on them that appear on Foxtel . Most of anything thats a Foxtel exclusive am not interested in and not into sports that much. Happy with the sport I get from FTA's anyway. Thanks again ! Merry Christmas and a great New Year.
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