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  1. i think the pandem kit would look better with a different paint/wheel scheme. personally though, i dont think the yaris needs a bodykit. it already comes with one in the sense that its a custom wider design of the normal yaris. with stock aero parts, it already looks ace. the only issue i have with the overall design is the height. having seen them in the wild, they look kinda tall. think how you squeeze a loaf of bread inwards a little. lowering them will still have that tall silhouette.
  2. do car ads even work anymore? the last memorable car ad for me was the golf one where a kid is dressed in a transformer suit and the dad is showing off the auto parallel parking mode. im not a fan of golfs but that ad has forever cemented my hate for them lol. the only car ad that has ever gotten me interested in a car was the accord euro ad where they did the dominoes with the car parts. that ad didnt even have any driving in it.
  3. supposedly they are capable of high 4s/low 5s if you launch them hard. probably not a good idea to buy them second hand lol.
  4. yep. 4gig ram as well. i run mopidy via raspbian though. so that might contribute to the lower temps. but ive loaded volumio and the case didnt feel much hotter when playing music.
  5. mine stays at around the 36-38c mark when streaming music. i have it connected via ethernet.
  6. i saw one in the wild last week. almost snapped my neck doing the head turn lol.
  7. ^thankyou. just the sorta info i was after! looks like it will be better for me to find a speaker expert in syd and have them bring them back to spec.
  8. i think i'll have to upgrade the crossovers regardless if i want to bypass the treble controls. i did message the ebay uk guy a while back, but i didn't get much of a detailed response except that i should just upgrade to his crossovers. but it's good to hear some positive feedback about them! not sure about them being wima caps. they look and feel a lil cheap hehe. if they were upgraded, it would have been done in the late 80s i think. these speakers have been with the family before i was born and have never been serviced i believe. still interested to hear some background info in r
  9. i wouldn't worry too much about the order of the components you upgrade. i'd just purchase whatever that pops up in the second hand market that i'd want first. just some food for thought. there was a point where i was running speakers with a ht receiver. i went from that to a pretty substantial upgrade to pre/power separates. whilst there was some improvement in refinement, the overall sound signature of the speakers remained the same. having liked the dynaudio's you heard, speakers would be the first thing i'd focus on if you were to prioritise the components in your upgrade path.
  10. i've got a pair of old srm12b and thinking of giving them a new life. i figured the crossovers would be in pretty bad shape by now so i opened them up to have a look inside. but it looks like they are still pretty new and a little more modern than i thought? certainly different to what i'm seeing via google. the components behind the treble plate seem to look more to that period. but i think it would be best to by pass them, so in that case i should be looking for new crossovers? it will most likely be those ones from ebay uk if i was to go this course. mine also only has 2 binding posts as op
  11. really cool. i kept my last smoked american spirits box for nostalgia. still remember it cost me 40 bucks to buy (which was a lot back in the day) cause it was a grey import lol.
  12. aside from the good price, im amazed how many ppl are able to muster up 10k like its nothing :O. damn!
  13. ^bummer. there's got to be a nsw version of you around! but thanks for your kind words :).
  14. Condition: 5/10. Need some TLC. These had suffered the infamous sweating mid range driver syndrome which i've since replaced. The tweeters are ok. The bass drivers i assume are also ok. I can't remove the grill so can't check unfortunately. The sweaty drivers had corroded one of the spades at the end of the internal wiring for the one of the towers. I didn't bother cleaning the corrosion properly back then and unfortunately it has corroded the replacement driver's t-pin for the spade to connect to. The other driver is fine corrosion wise. However both speakers need new internal wiring as
  15. ^damn. very nice! your m9 is just as special imo. i rarely see them beaten up like that.
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