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  1. good for all us jdm fanboys as well. jdm classics are starting to become unattainable. we now have the opportunity to buy a new "sports" car from the land of the rising sun for a reasonable price. can't get any better than that.
  2. damn. looks like its going to be tough getting hands on the limited run with the lsd.
  3. interesting thing is that it would probably be the older folks who will most likely buy this in japan.
  4. theres also the drivetrain for that added weight. i think they did pretty good weight wise. the fwd version is around 1100kg iirc. but that comes with a na 1.5 3 banger and cvt.
  5. im in the camp that its a good thing even if its slowly dying out. people who prefer auto clutches have too many options :P.
  6. strange logic lol. so *insert any sports model of a model line up* its still the base model? 40k is mighty tempting even without lsd. surely it would cost a fraction of 10k plus for an aftermarket one if they do become available.
  7. damn. that is aggressive pricing. i honestly was expecting at least 50k on the generous side. edit: ah wait. it is 50k. fell for that 49500 trap. oops lol.
  8. when there was a pair of cremonas without stands that was on sale here a few weeks ago, i asked about elegant stands that would match the speakers. i was thinking about the stand 20s at that time but couldn't find any photos with the cremonas. now that i've seen it, they look really good together! sorry, it's off topic but just wanted to say thanks for the photos :).
  9. ^still a good song though. thanks!
  10. all good peeps. i finally found it. it was thirsty merc - wasting time.
  11. ^lol. i will never forget that song since it was thrown at me many times during that period. the song im thinking of is from a band. it sounds like something what eskimo joe would write hence why i thought it was a song from them (and still could be).
  12. ^thanks for the suggestion, but nope. good song though! the one i'm thinking of is not as cool lol. it was much more mainstream if that means anything.
  13. i vaguely remember it being an eskimo joe song, but i can't seem to find it. only clue i can give you is these lyrics...i know your name and i got your number. it's probably not to the t, but it's something like that hehe. it was played a lot in mainstream radio. probably around the same time as when from the sea was playing in the charts.
  14. are there any currently available stands that would match these and are as elegant as the original? it's the only thing stopping me from copping. can pm me to avoid clogging up the thread.
  15. i've never used a streamer, but i think they're preferred because they're easy to use and setup. i'm guessing 90% ready to use straight out of the box, with minor tinkering to be 100% ready. if you're computer savvy though, i'd suggest a fanless pc over a laptop.
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