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  1. performance wise, they are all probably similar. id go for the brand of the router.
  2. i'm sure you'll be okay! everything falls into their respective slots these days. just remember to plug the power before you turn it on :P. if you do have room in your budget, aftermarket coolers like noctuas are a no brainer. temps aren't too important if you're not overclocking. but they really do make a difference in system noise.
  3. looking good luc! i wouldn't be able to wait at this point hehe. putting it together is the best part, even though it's pretty fool proof these days.
  4. if you can squeeze your wallet a little more, there's the muzishare x3t. it's a handsome amp. uses decent parts. good selection of tubes. it's a known budget brand in chi-fi. can probably sell it without much loss if you don't like it.
  5. theres also staticice.com.au search engine if you dont know of it yet luc. ebay has good deals from time to time as well. especially when there's those discount codes\periods.
  6. ah ok. sounds like they are onto it. if all else fails, there are some capable minds here as well :).
  7. ahh i see. its the name of a keyfinder. im not sure if that would work on windows 10 though. iirc, the product keys are locked onto the mobo's id ie a registered key only works on 1 machine. there are of course ways around it. but i dont think im allowed to post about it publicly :P.
  8. curious to know what jelly beaning is. googled but couldnt find anything.
  9. i imagine there's not that many here in aus. rrp is eye watering lol. ive actually been contemplating in getting into vinyl. ive held off those great rega deals for the past year. i think i can hold out for longer :P. but thanks for letting me know. ill keep your offer in mind!
  10. Item: Leben cs600x or cs600 Price Range: $3000? Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Testing my luck. Probably won't score a 600x since they are still quite new? Would be happy with a 600 also. Anyone want to offload their prized possession? Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  11. you might even be able to find it in the logitech remote database. i was surprised to see the remote for my preamp (not a well known brand) in there.
  12. ah thought so. doh. was hoping id be able to dip my toes in gold for what seems like a st vinnies price :P. then again if that was the case, this probably would have been snatched instantly.
  13. im guessing theres a caveat to this with the price being so low? can this be used like a traditional 2ch preamp?
  14. mopidy has a youtube extension. but i'm not sure if it streams via youtube music as well.
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