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  1. surprisingly i see a lot of older folks driving rice rockets these days. these type of cars were popular in the late 80s and 90s afterall. and many are now in the position to be able to burn money on toys like these.
  2. Might see current ones in the second hand market for a small discount as i imagine there will be some owners with upgradeitis.
  3. if i didnt have a fear of been crushed to death in my sleep, i would probably sleep with my accuphase amp.
  4. just bought a sony a8h. it was between this or the x95h (oled vs led). i had choice paralysis between the 2 for a couple of months. the thing that tipped me over to the a8h was the out of the box performance. with the x95h, i would have to calibrate the screen to bring it to it's full potential.
  5. i think its never a bad thing if you like the look of it. i feel that it's part of the overall experience when listening to music, and might dare say affects how much we enjoy the music.
  6. personally id file that mcintosh integrated in the ugly bin hehe.
  7. i think it may be possibly too late for spotify to convert me back to lossless. i have learned to live with their highest quality stream. and honestly, i can't really hear the difference. i still have my flac files, but these days it's pretty much 99% listening on spotify. i'll only consider if it isn't too much extra.
  8. anyone running something similar? need some guidance here. tv will be playing the tracks. looking to purchase a wireless mic mixer/receiver and have it connect to a sound bar. but i'm not sure if the output of these mixers are mic or line level. also many people who run these setups seem to connect them to their tv as well. i'm not sure if it's because of sync issues or these mixers need to have a device connected to the input and output for them to work. i'm thinking of this https://www.amazon.com.au/Bluetooth-Wireless-Microphone-Professional-Handheld/dp/B07YZ6RKZH/ref=asc_df_B07YZ6RKZ
  9. i think the pandem kit would look better with a different paint/wheel scheme. personally though, i dont think the yaris needs a bodykit. it already comes with one in the sense that its a custom wider design of the normal yaris. with stock aero parts, it already looks ace. the only issue i have with the overall design is the height. having seen them in the wild, they look kinda tall. think how you squeeze a loaf of bread inwards a little. lowering them will still have that tall silhouette.
  10. do car ads even work anymore? the last memorable car ad for me was the golf one where a kid is dressed in a transformer suit and the dad is showing off the auto parallel parking mode. im not a fan of golfs but that ad has forever cemented my hate for them lol. the only car ad that has ever gotten me interested in a car was the accord euro ad where they did the dominoes with the car parts. that ad didnt even have any driving in it.
  11. supposedly they are capable of high 4s/low 5s if you launch them hard. probably not a good idea to buy them second hand lol.
  12. yep. 4gig ram as well. i run mopidy via raspbian though. so that might contribute to the lower temps. but ive loaded volumio and the case didnt feel much hotter when playing music.
  13. mine stays at around the 36-38c mark when streaming music. i have it connected via ethernet.
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