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  1. ah well, for most of us on the English package, the fat lady had already sung. But alas, Select is now truly dead.
  2. Well, it's an interesting addition. I can see it working with the weatherchannle on foxstar because of the interactive features, but not sure it'd be useful without that. Actually regardless the net is always on, and faster. I would have preferred another 2 bit sports channel, or something like Russia Today. Speaking of news, Sky news would be good.
  3. so would they do this price for someone lumbered with a UEC I wonder? Or would we have to cancel and then rejoin Nothing wrong with the UEC really except for no 7 day EPG, and I could do with another STB to pickup newsradio.
  4. Selectv doesn't seem to post here anymore. There's this where he stated Al J and Disney http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php?s=&...st&p=584925 , but seems to have fallen through.
  5. Punch in 12726 H 28066 3/4 (or scan in), and you also get DW-TV for free
  6. yes, hope the fact that there was no reference to music doesn't meant they won't add another music channel. Now that DW TV is free on another transponder, I pretty much have everything I want . TMF or something like V2 would be good, though the chances of V2 are zip given it's ownership.
  7. I'd say JJJ sounds better than wave which sounds a little better than Power, and both Power and Wave sound a lot better than i98 or 94.1. Wave's audio is very similar to WS or Mix, wheras i98 is like 2SER.
  8. Thanks for the info, that's an excellent reply
  9. looks crap in SD... but it's hardly going to make me rush out and buy a new HD set... like Rainbow said, the colour bars were more entertaining
  10. Power's reception in Wollongong booms in. About same strenght as 94.1 which is the wollongong christian station so I can't understand why they rate so low. I think the problem with Power is that they're too regional (mostly nowra focused) and aim for the kiddies. Many times on the morning program in particular they sound like they're broadcasting to the play-school crowd. I mean.. come on Power! I suspect that when the owners of Wave bought Power, they didnt want it competing against Wave in the same market and changed its focus. Anyone know when Power was taken over?
  11. thanks. With a bit of luck might be able to get the Sydney stations down southern wollongong way perhaps. Just about 100km from Lane Cove as the crow flies. Pitty the previous owner pulled down the old Sydney TV arial
  12. The value you get out of a Pay TV provider depends on what you like to watch. If I was to change back to Austar I'd have to go on a $60 package to get the same 'must have' channels. Even more with Foxtel. Since I'd also want Boomerang and Sci-fi, it would increase to $65. Then I'd be stuck with the provider STB, which always tempted me to go on higher packages as I couldn't delete the channels I wasn't subscribed to. At least with Select, there is no temptation, and the channel lineup for only $36 is quite good for my tastes in TV. As for interactivity.. you only get that on Cable. Satellite TV is only a one way feed so there's no real interactivity. What we see on Satellite as 'interactive' is really just datacasting and it's painfully slow compared to the net. I suppose it saves a walk to the PC, but I never found it to be a 'must have' feature. If you're into NRL and AFL, you really have no choice. It's Foxtel or Austar I'm afraid.
  13. It will be a good step up from FM for stations like ABC Classics or 2MBS, but most other stations will process their sound to the point where I doubt the difference will be all that great. AM stations will of course benefit mostly. So, reading this, I understand these stations will broadcast on VHF? When digital radio was first being mentioned, I remember reading something about range being quite large, yet now I'm hearing range is in the vicinity of 20km or so?
  14. Add the History channel to those, and that would complete my list of wanted channels Though Sci-Fi would be good too...
  15. Also R949 (Country music - looks like it's a feed of kix fm) on the radio section.
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