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  1. Hi, i have the A5175, have had it for a little over 12 months now very pleased with it. Run subsonic xm1 and xc1 with it, xm1s bi amped. The A5175 has far bigger heat sinks than the A500, so no cooling fans in the A5175, the A500 has 2. So one small advantage for the larger unit.
  2. The 1 power supply can do the lot. If you google it you should see how to set it up. I just used single colour leds with a dimmer hooked into 4 channel repeater, 1 channel for each strip. You could do seperate strips each with its own power supply and controller if its easier for you i guess. You can also link multiple repeaters from the one power supply as long as its large enough to supply the wattage required. Once i set my dimmer i haven't changed a thing for the 5 years they have been up there. Just have a light switch at the entry that turns the leds on and off via a socket. If in doubt best to hire a sparky.
  3. Hi, use a repeater from the power supply to run each strip. The controller than controls the repeater. I have 4 X 6m strips. Make sure you use good quality power supply and repeater that meet Aust standards, otherwise if it burns the house down insurance may not cover.
  4. Make sure viera link is turned off, had similar issues with ub900, turned that off thanks to some help from forum members and no issues since.
  5. Space Saturn series, very good for the price, I replaced some jaycar ones I was using while waiting for these to come in the mail. Noticeable improvement. Needed some extras to go with wireworld lunar 7 I was already using so thought I would give them a try. In my opinion at least as good as the lunar 7 at 1/2 the price. https://www.spacehifi.com.au/cables-and-connectors/stereo-cables/stereo-rca-cable-space-saturn-series
  6. I had exactly the same problem when I replaced my Yamaha 2071 receiver with Yamaha 3085. Have a JVC x7000 and Panasonic ub900, STB worked fine with the 2071 but no sound with the 3085, tried all sorts of things and couldn’t get it to work with hdmi. Ended up using digital coaxial output from the STB to the 3085 for the sound and the hdmi for picture. The coaxial cable is fine for Dolby Digital the STB puts out.
  7. Hi, I have a Yamaha Rxv3085 running 7.1.2 subsonic speakers with front and centre powered by Emotiva A5175, fronts biwired using 4 of the power amps channels from the front channel preouts of the 3085. I originally had Emotiva A300 , but had some trouble with a faulty transistor so swapped it for the A5175. There was an improvement in sound with the addition of the A300 and a further improvement with the upgrade to the A5175, even the Mrs was impressed.😀
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