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  1. block sound from HT

    Acoustic foam won't do anything to stop sound from getting through that wall to bedroom 2. Not even 1db reduction. The only thing stopping the sound from crossing that boundary is mass, and isolation. Change the framed wall to solid clay brick (not fast-wall brick which has mostly air and very little clay in it). Then attach firechek plasterboard to the brick using resilient mounts. You also need to do something with the ceiling as the sound is going to leak across the boundary via the ceiling. That means, 2 layers of soundchek or firecheck plasterboard instead of regular 10mm ceiling plasterboard.
  2. Help me setup a theatre room

    Yep. Get rid of them. Focus your attention on getting the stereo right. Good PCM stereo is heaps better than mediocre surround.
  3. Help me setup a theatre room

    You need to work within the limitations of the room. The rear couch is too close to the rear wall, there is nothing you can do about that due to the depth of the room. So those rear surrounds, even downward firing ones, don't make a lot of sense. The sound that should be coming from behind you will be coming from directly on top of you. What I'd suggest is forget about 5.1/7.1 for now. Direct your efforts to getting stereo sound from your 2 front speakers as good as you can. The sound from movies in PCM stereo is far better when running on some higher quality gear than multi-surround in lesser gear that are limited by the constraints of the room. And finally, many of the questions you're asking are addressed in the owners manual. Suggest you download it, read it, and anything you don't understand refer back to the forum. You need to devote some effort in helping yourself first (by reading the manual) before asking others to devote their effort in answering questions that are covered in the manual.
  4. Dropped over from Stereonet

    Wrong. I just agreed with something said by somebody else here. Are you going to ban all those SNA members who liked the post I got banned for? I guess not. It's your train set, no issue from me in doing with it what you will. However if any of those SNA mods drift over to any of the AV forums I moderate I will reciprocate in kind.
  5. Dropped over from Stereonet

    You got that right. Some pretty thin skinned individuals over there. Which is why I have nothing further to contribute on SNA.
  6. Help me setup a theatre room

    The best mode to listen to theatre and music is the mode that sounds best to you.
  7. Help me setup a theatre room

    Once the audio system levels are calibrated, the surrounds are only as loud as they're supposed to be for a given volume setting.
  8. Control 4

    No. Installing a system that requires a chargeable service call to make an owner requested change to the configuration.
  9. Control 4

    And the Marantz remote can't do what you want to do?
  10. Control 4

    In two words. Service calls.
  11. Help me setup a theatre room

    If you read the whole thread you'll see where I plucked $300 from.
  12. Control 4

    A set and forget type system for doing what? We have no idea what you're trying to achieve.
  13. Help me setup a theatre room

    ...you can buy special paint for a DIY painted wall projection screen. Like I said, you get what you pay for. A $300 screen you don't get much.
  14. Control 4

    End users are not Control 4 customers, Control 4 dealers are their customers.
  15. Help me setup a theatre room

    Like anything, you get what you pay for.