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  1. AVHUB review of the Lite
    As for still images, the photo display on the Beyonwiz was of high quality and the slideshow facility quite flexible.

    Huh? Must be the only person ever impressed with the Wiz's photo handling. Does the DP-Lite do a better job than earlier Wizzes or did AVHub have access to a beta version of firmware that does a better job with photos?

    But there is a problem that means we still can’t fully recommend it to readers of this magazine. While it produces excellent picture quality with HD stations (both 720p and 1080i), it does a poor job with SDTV stations. And the fact is, a great deal of what most people watch on digital TV is still on SDTV, not HDTV.

    It does a poor job because it does not deinterlace well.

    Well I have a DP-P1 and DP-S1 not a DP-Lite but I can't imagine that SDTV performance is any different, i.e. looks fine to me and I'd recommend it.

  2. The Samsung 3D TVs have a feature called "Extended PVR" where you can attach a USB hard drive and record TV to it and use it as a time shift buffer.

    If you press record you can record immediately up to 6 hours.

    You can set timer recordings but only via the EPG i.e. no manual timer setting and there is no padding nor manual extension of recording time.

    The most annoying thing is that you can't set a timer for the 3D Trial broadcasts because the 3D Trial channel doesn't have an EPG.

    So given that the recent World Cup games have been on at 4am it's a real pain.

    I wrote to Samsung Customer Care asking that they consider adding a manual timer to allow for padding and channels without an EPG.

    Their rather lame response was

    Unfortunately, we do noth ave control over the EPG as it is data transmitted from the stations themselves. If they do not send out the relevant data then the TV will not process it and hence you will no be able to record.. .

    I'm now calling this feature "Reduced PVR".

  3. The latest Samsung 3D LED TVs have a USB port to connect a HDD for extended PVR and ConnectShare Movie. Can the same HDD be used for both purposes? What format should the HDD be? I want to be able to copy movies to the HDD from the PC and playback on the TV. I also want to use the same USB HDD to record TV using the extended PVR feature.

    I suspect that the extended PVR function doesn't use a standard PC format like FAT32 or NTFS.

    If there is format conflict, could I partition the same HDD and have one partition for extended PVR, another for ConnectShare.

  4. What sort of time-line was it from purchase to receiving the bonus?

    Purchased 21 May in time for SOO1.

    Snail-mailed paperwork 24 May plus scanned copy via email.

    Received bonus June 25 in time for SOO3 and business end of World Cup.

    Better than expected given Samsung had set the expectation of 10+ weeks and our previous redemption of a Samsung monitor took 3 months.

    The rechargeable glasses look different - touch of red with all round frame and both come with a USB cable to charge via PC, bluray player or TV.

    Even worked straight out of the box without charging. Silly amount of packaging around the glasses.

  5. Got the glasses and Bluray player yesterday.

    Can't believe it only comes with a composite AV cable!

    According to the manual you need an HDMI cable to watch 3D.

    So have to go out and get an HDMI cable.

    I was impressed that the player comes with Wi-fi built-in.

    The Internet TV is quite interesting. It has a few applications which you can download to the player.

    The you tube viewer was impressive. The picture quality was surprisingly good even with the composite cable.

  6. Not sure if its been noted before, but it appears the Telstra box will be Freeview badged (and I believe use the new Freeview EPG when its available). It does have x60 FF though but Freeview have exempted it from its x30 restriction because it apparently complies with the "spirit" of the Freeview requirements.

    Are you sure about that Peter? The T-box allows one to copy recordings off to a USB drive and I don't see a Freeview badge or reference on the T-Box website

  7. User guide is available via the support page


    Seems very clear that although it has two tuners it can't record two programs at once, only record one and watch another.

    page 23

    If you try to record two free-to-air programs at the same time, you’ll be presented

    with a conflict screen that highlights the problem and asks you to:

    a. Ignore the conflict (apply default rules)

    Your T-Box will automatically decide which program gets recorded. This will mean

    one or more programs will not be recorded in full.

    b. Modify program A

    Resolve the conflict by changing the record start and/or end time for this program,

    or deleting the recording instruction entirely.

    c. Modify program B

    Resolve the conflict by changing the record start and/or end time for this program,

    or deleting the recording instruction entirely.

    You can see and resolve any current recording conflicts in the My Recordings section.


    Your T-Box has two tuners so that you can watch one channel while you record another.

    Only free-to-air programs can be recorded.

  8. So the World Cup is 2 days away and still SBS haven't announced which games will be telecast on 3D (and on which channel).

    I'm hoping it's the entire 25 games that Sony are shooting in 3D.

    I emailed SBS this morning and hopefully they get back to me.


    links to the schedule


    I count 15 games marked as 3D so far.

  9. No real problem here - copy the programme from the internal HDD to the external HDD - the file is still in a series of small files all pulled together by a .TS header file. Plug this into a PC and use Wizfx to copy those files to your PC's NTFS drive - no problem. You can do it direct from the PC but if you want to transfer several files at a time the external drive route is probably easier.

    Actually WizFX won't copy from a FAT32 drive to an NTFS drive directly. It always converts from tvwiz format to TS format in the same directory.

    This is a problem if the TS file is too big for FAT32. You could copy the tvwiz folder from your FAT32 disk to NTFS first then run WizFX.

    Or you could use the command line utility getwizpnp which lets you set the output path for the TS file which can be different from the input path of the tvwiz files.

    I started off using an external HDD for transfers to PC but in the end found it more convenient to transfer via the network using WizFX from the PC since the copy and the conversion to TS can occur in one step.

  10. I personally can't see why somebody records a program transfers to a PC and then edits to remove commercials and watch the thing over and over again... get a life springs to mind :lol:

    I guess you don't have young kids ^_^

    Wizzes make great babysitters. Toddlers love the repetition.

    I also transfer recordings off my Wiz to watch on the train.

  11. Hi,

    I was going to get a Beyonwiz DPP2 but, I read that the picture quality was not very good. I also want to transfer recordings to an external HDD by USB and read that the maximum file size was 4GB. Can anyone confirm.

    Now I am thinking about getting LG MS409D and wanted to know if picture quality was good and if file tranfers to external HDD are limited to 4GB. I won't be transferring to PC, only USB HDD.

    I currently use a PS3 to watch divx, wmv, avchd, mts and jpegs and the picture is excellent. Is the MS409D going to be as good as the PS3 for these file types.

    I would really appreciate any advice.


    1. As has been stated, the Wiz picture quality is fine.

    2. There is a file size limit when copying from a Wiz to a USB HDD because the USB HDD has to be FAT32 formatted. However for the native Wiz recordings, this limit is not such a problem since they are broken up into 32Mb files.

    3. Wiz file transfers are relatively slow - you just get used to doing something else (like watching TV or sleeping) instead of waiting for them. If you initiate the transfer from the Wiz you can get it to power off after it has finished.

    4. A Wiz is good for many video formats but poor for jpegs. Don't know about the LG MS409D but if you had a Wiz, you'd keep the PS3 for photos.

  12. Can you edit the files on a Wiz DP-P2 (320GB) to remove the ads on playback? And if so, does it make the file smaller?

    Yes and Yes.

    I edit Wiz recordings every day.

    1. Navigate to the start of where you want to cut and press the yellow "A-B" button

    2. Navigate to the end of the cut and press the PopUp button and select "Delete A-B"

    Similarly you can top and tail by selecting the part you want to keep and select "Keep A-B"

    Ok, it's not frame accurate but I find it good enough especially for kids programs where I don't want my 2 year old trying to skip ads with the remote.

    It certainly reduces the file size which frees up space and reduces transfer time to a PC.

    More details at http://www.wiztv.com.au > Support > How do I edit a file

    You can actually skip the yellow button press in step 6.

    The screen shots are from an earlier firmware release.

  13. All,

    I currently record FTA programs using WebScheduler which generates a TS file. I use CommandQueue and ProjectX to extract the subtitles and generate a MPG file from the recorded TS file. Can someone tell me what I need to do in order to remove the ads from the TS (or MPG) file without affecting the subtitles within it? Can this be done automatically via the commandqueue scripts or do I have to do it manually? Thanks in advance.


    ProjectX does keep the subtitles in sync when you cut out ads.

    To navigate and edit out ads in ProjectX I find it easier to use the keyboard rather than the buttons.

    Left and right arrow keys combined with shift/ctrl/alt for different sized jumps then a to add a cut point - for more info see


  14. I'm not convinced. I reckon what they are saying is that there is a 250GB model and a 500GB model and the HDD can be easily upgraded to 1TB.

    I saw the expansion bay on a display model at Bing Lee Rhodes and it was actually empty (just like the picture in the cnet article). The PVRs come in 250GB and 500GB and you can add an extra drive up to 1TB yourself so your PVR can end up having two HDDs inside. Someone who has actually bought one can easily confirm.

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