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  1. Question 1: I expect the the New USB portable non-powered drives are formatted NTFS. Will the Beyonwiz files move to that environment.

    No the Wiz only writes to FAT32. It can read from NTFS though. If you want to write to NTFS directly you can go via a networked PC or NAS. If your disk comes as NTFS the Wiz can format it as FAT32.

    Question 2: is .wiz the only file format I can export in?

    If you use the Wiz GUI to write to a directly connect USB drive then it only writes in tvwiz format (a folder with lots of 32MB files).

    You can convert this to more manageable .ts format using a PC and programs like WizFX.

    Question 3: Are HD movies going to play back easily from the Ext USB drive and in the same quality as recorded?

    Yes including any bookmarks and edits (like ad removal) you had before transfer.

    Question 4: USB 2.0 or 3.0?

    USB 2.0 is sufficient. Note that the Wiz transfers are VERY slow, around 3MB/s if it's not doing anything else (just leave it in the file player menu). If your DP-Lite is nearly full it's going to be a day or two to transfer everything.

    Check out the Beyonwiz Forum for more info.

    btw Here at the DTV forum, PVRs are discussed in a different forum

    PVRs, DVRs, HDD & DVD Recorders

  2. Where exactly on their webpage did you see it for those prices? All I can find is $449 and $549.

    Also, I'm probably going to check one of these out at Sciteq Wangara tomorrow. Apparently they have a demo unit on display.

    If anyone has any questions about it let me know and I'll see if I can get an answer.

    Well indeed the prices have changed. I guess you could ask them how come the price jumped overnight.

    Maybe they still have the old price on the boxes?

  3. The Doctor has been summoned...


    Posted on July 7th, 2011

    Beyonwiz Forum Will Return Soon!

    Dear Forum Users! Unfortunately due some recent maintenance there has been a minor break in the forum function. As many of you would know the forum is an extremely important part of the Beyonwiz community and as such it will be temporarily unavailable to prevent further breaks while we work on the problem... more..

    Posted on July 5th, 2011

    WizTV Website Available

    To all Beyonwiz Customers On behalf of the Beyonwiz Australia team we regret to inform you that due to ongoing technical issues the WizTV service is still currently down and therefore unavailable. The WizTV website has resumed normal operation however the WizTV Service and User Registrations will be unavailable until further notice more..

  4. As for the "reposting", it was made to a different and irrelevant thread and by a different subscriber (in Finland, no less) without giving credit to the original poster who contributed the post several days ago, before the BW site went down.

    I think you are reading too much into this. It's apparent that when the forum came back up many posts got lost or placed in the wrong thread or were attributed to the wrong member. In particular those in the beyonwiz bargain thread (like the one I posted with the ASIC reference) accidentally ended up in the WizOTT thread and were all attributed to the same member.

    I'm guessing it's just a coincidence that not long after I made the ASIC reference the forum went off line (though over the weekend the thought did cross my mind that there was a causal link).

    May not have helped that some of us were posting in the paigecomm parallel universe during the outage.

  5. But when I tried to log in to the www.paigecomm.com.au URL, it redirected to www.beyonwiz.com.au and failed :(

    Well there are few regulars who managed to post some test messages

    Gully just posted

    I have been told that the current problems are due to the database rollover to the new server, and they expect it to be rectified within around 48 hours.
  6. Bump... Appears the Beyonwiz forum is down... I registered yesterday though my account hadn't been activated yet. Hope I didn't break anything :) Just bought a DP-P2 which seems great so far apart from a few small niggles.

    So looks like they managed to get http://www.wiztv.com.au up and running again but now the forum has gone down. Just a few minutes ago there was a news item on http://www.paigecomm.com.au/ just called July 1st, 2011: Testing.

    This alternate link seems to work at the moment http://www.paigecomm.com.au/phpbb2/index.php

  7. Hi Guys,

    I am looking at the DP P2 2TB or DP Lite 500Gig.

    For me the decision is around the Media Player Functionality of the DP P2.

    I have been told that you can copy files to it and use it as a media player of sorts. How bad is it really for that.

    With my WDTV I have movies in a directory structure on a network drive (only three levels deep) to sort between movies and tv shows for adultys and kids. Is this functionality available in the P2?



    The Media Player functionality is almost the same for the DP-P2 and DP-Lite except

    - DVD ISO/folders (not on Lite nor later P2s)

    - playback of 3D h.264 Trial broadcasts (not on 01.05.xx firmware on earlier P2)

    - DP-Lite doesn't have memory card slots so you couldn't directly play something from a memory card (but then large photos from recent digital cameras don't display well with Wizzes anyway)

    If you already have movies on a network drive both the P2 and Lite can stream them from there so you don't really need to copy them across.

    Comparison of the models at


  8. Fair enough Peter - I stand corrected.

    Personally I find it more useful to have the extra storage external to the Wiz.

    I've got 1.5TB USB drives connected to both my Wizzes.

    I use them for my home movies, edited and re-encoded Wiz recordings and backups of PC content.

  9. JB Hifi at Carindale (QLD) have the 500gb P2 at $500

    Can these take a 2Tb drive upgrade later if I'm running out of space?

    If you are running out of space because your Wiz is full of recordings you would be better off moving the keepers to a USB HDD or NAS or PC.

    If you replace it with a a 2TB drive then you won't be able to view those 500GB of recordings.

  10. Back on Catch Of the Day DP-P2 500Gb Factory Refurb $299.00 12month COTD warranty

    Bought one for my dad last week at COTD - seems a great deal.

    Very quick delivery - 2 days.

    Definitely DP-P2 500GB

    Had an earlier serial number so could run the 01.05.xxx firmware which supports DVD folders (might just have been lucky)

    Came with 01.05.350 firmware

    Came with IceTV trial.

    Came with composite and component cables but not HDMI so remember to buy one.

    Remote didn't come with batteries so be prepared to get a couple of AAAs.

  11. The Samsung TVs "Extended PVR" feature is actually a "reduced PVR" feature. It can only set timer recordings from the EPG and you can't modify the settings manually afterwards e.g. to change the duration to add padding. Immediate recordings are possible if you just press record while watching something and then set the duration. It also has a timeslip buffer (but you can't save it). It sounds ridiculous that there is no manual timer for such an expensive piece of equipment. You'd think it would be really simple to implement.

    Samsung eventually wrote back (after all the 3D trial broadcasts were over) and explained that manual timers are indeed possible.

    It's buried in the menu system and not obvious from the manual.

    Press Menu

    Scroll to Channel

    Select Channel Manager

    Highlight the channel to record

    Press Tools > Timer Recording

  12. About 2 years ago, Beyonwiz ran a user competition where owners were asked to enter videos showing how easy the Beyonwiz was to use. The fourteen videos judged best are on the WizTV home page. There have been a number of improvements in Beyonwiz functionality over those two years, but the videos should still give you a reasonable idea of what people think is good about using a Beyonwiz

    Ah, that WizTV competition brings back memories. I submitted 4 or 5 videos and 3 ended up getting selected. Silly me I entered them all in the same name and only got 1 prize so they extended the competition to give away the remaining PVRs. The CRT TV in my videos has since died but the Wiz is still going strong.

    A pity there isn't a counter on the videos, would be interesting to see how often they've been viewed.

    I wonder if Beyonwiz got their money's worth and how many people were influenced by the videos to buy a Wiz.

    Zaph you may be a test case.

  13. I use ProjectX and Avidemux, both free programs.

    ProjectX fixes up transmission errors and demuxes into separate audio, video and subtitle files.

    Despite the name, avidemux can actually multiplex the audio and video files into a single one and re-encode if you want to make the file smaller.

    I've found that if I don't use ProjectX first, then avidemux will have audio sync problems.

    ProjectX has a horrible interface but once you set it up and get used to it, it doesn't take long to edit out the ads.

    Just manually navigate to the ad boundaries with the left and right arrow keys (faster with Shift- then Control- and fastest with Alt-) and press A to add a cut point.

    Red areas between cut points are discarded, green areas are kept.

    For instructions on setting up ProjectX to demux a Beyonwiz TS file see http://www.openwiz.org/wiki/ProjectX

    One big advantage of ProjectX is that you can extract the subtitles into an SRT file which can be read by the Wiz and PC players like The KM Player.

    I use ProjectX's post processing feature to automatically call avidemux with my favourite settings to convert to an xvid AVI.

    I also use collections in ProjectX to batch up multiple conversions overnight.

    Alternatively if you are not too fussy about frame accuracy you can also remove the ads directly from the Wiz user interface marking the start with the yellow button then moving to the end and pressing Pop-Up > Delete A-B.

  14. Beyonwiz DP-Lite does have an MPEG-4 decoder because it worked with the 3D Trial broadcasts.

    If you had a 3D TV you would have found it useful to have had a PVR which could record and playback the MPEG-4 transmissions, particularly for those World Cup matches in the wee hours.

    The second trial is about to end and who knows when there will be any more MPEG-4 transmissions.

    All things being equal I think it would be useful to have the MPEG-4 capability.

  15. Does it have manual timer recordings without the need to rely on EPG?

    FYI, I can manually set timer recording on any PVR or on any recorder without a problem. The brands are Topfield, Panasonic and Sony.

    The Samsung TVs "Extended PVR" feature is actually a "reduced PVR" feature. It can only set timer recordings from the EPG and you can't modify the settings manually afterwards e.g. to change the duration to add padding. Immediate recordings are possible if you just press record while watching something and then set the duration. It also has a timeslip buffer (but you can't save it). It sounds ridiculous that there is no manual timer for such an expensive piece of equipment. You'd think it would be really simple to implement.

    My beyonwiz DP-P1 and DP-S1 PVRs can record the 3D broadcast but can't play it back smoothly. The Samsung TV can play back the Wiz 3D recordings but I have to transfer them to an external HDD which is very slow.

  16. I just rang the 3D TV hotline 1300 487 855 and they confirmed that again Channel Nine will not be broadcasting an EPG with the 2nd 3D trial (NRL and AFL Grand Finals).

    So again the Samsung Extended PVR feature cannot be used to record the 3D broadcast with a timer since timer recordings can only be done from the EPG.

    At least this time you don't have to be up at 4am to press manually press record.

  17. I am a projectX man as I like to maintain subtitles in whatever I make usually. So projectX will maintain subtitle synch even after trimming, something that no other package (that are regularly discussed) will do. The UI is terrible, but once you get used to clicking the "+" button in one of the views to create keep and discard sections, it is very quick to achieve.


    I'm with Tony. I use ProjectX because it's free, corrects errors and extracts synchronised subtitles. In addition I also use the ProjectX post processing feature to run avidemux on the demuxed files to convert to xvid AVI.

    Although the ProjectX interface looks daunting, once you get used to it it's fairly simple. Just move to the required spot using combinations of left and right arrow keys (jump further with Shift, Control, Alt), press "a" to add a cut point. Green parts are kept, red parts are removed.

  18. Windows Movie Maker is pretty hopeless IMO

    Beg to differ. I've made hundreds of home movies over 6 years with Windows Movie Maker 2.x (including my http://www.wiztv.com.au entries).

    Pros: Easy to use, free and widely used. Good support at http://www.windowsmoviemakers.net/Forums/ including hundreds of user contributed effects, transitions and titles.

    Cons: Can hang or crash so you have to save frequently. Early versions don't handle some camera formats directly so files need conversion. Latest Windows Movie Maker Live supports more formats but has been crippled with no timeline. Fortunately you can run WMM 2.x on Windows 7.

    I agree that it's much better to have home movies on a HDD for a media player rather than DVDs. As others get media players it's easier to share a file than burn a DVD. When we had home movies on DVD, we'd watch them once a year. On a HDD connected to the Wiz, it's every week.

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