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  1. Is the phone # 1300 711 627 (as per warranty card) or 1800 673 771 on united electrical ? On hold with both of them but seems to be two different places.
  2. Thanks mate. Are you or someone else able to scan the warrnty card etc, just so i can printout a copy and have handy?
  3. I too have very similar issues. Was gunna chuck it in the bin, until i read up and had a 3 year warranty!! Nearly bought a 3D BD player today!! I cannot find my manula or warrnty card. Can som eone please scan the warranty card for me and the phone # to call pls??
  4. Since I will have to do without the HNP at present, how often do they have sales on the product, ie reduced price. Have read somewhere they have been known to sell them for a buck every blue moon.
  5. Thanks guys. Yes I have an Apple Mac, macbook to be more clear, sorry I classed it as MAC above. Ans understand you need the MAK (key) to open up coms btwn Mac and Tivo (just like Tivo and PC). Wether I can lash out on $99 at present I aint sure, may have to research Tivo Plus and make my mind up. Cheers
  6. So Im backed up in a corner again? Even if u use the MAC apps, u still need the MAK, so nothing is free then?
  7. Cool, was gunna buy the HNP one day, not now! Have a MAC, so this may be the way to go.
  8. If I couldnt find an expander drive for "nix", exactly the option I was going to take. Assume it voids the warranty though? Able to put the old drive back in and they would be none the wiser?
  9. OK. I bought the Tivo the other day, for $400, good buy, thansk for everyones help. If I could only find an expander drive for $79.00, $140 I dont have at present....... Cheers
  10. What is the HDXL, just a larger HDD model?
  11. Hmmm, wonder if that is just an instore or oz wide deal? Not that I want to, but may have to check out HN in the next day or two....
  12. Think Myer is currently 15% off. Their price is lower than others if I remember rightly (others $499, Myer $476??). Probably at that price, they will not allow haggling, or can anyone prove me wrong?
  13. OK. So in the past have you been able to get a fair bit off the RRP, or just now it is a bit hard?
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