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  1. Just bought the 75in X9500G for $3430. Happy with that. hopefully take delivery day. thanks for everyone’s help with this.
  2. Gave it another try, this time on a PC and it worked. Still got the following message but didnt seem to matter. You have pasted content with formatting. Remove formatting
  3. Yes, says something about you are inserting an image with formatting. and doesn't show the image
  4. Thank you your majesty. im assuming that's what we call you now ? or is it Almighty Overlord
  5. Ive spent considerable time lately listening to this album. Don't judge an album by its cover. Lol Chris Wilson - Spiderman Youtube sample
  6. Hey Scorchie it appears you've unlocked the birthday thread. i can't find where to delete the new one I made, so can you do that please. no point having two of them. cheers
  7. Good to hear. Must have been bought by a very discerning buyer. They didnt bloody drop it getting it to the car did they....
  8. A funny read here. https://web.archive.org/web/20050722050709/http://www.dba.org.au/forums/topic.asp?whichpage=1&ARCHIVEVIEW=&TOPIC_ID=1003 Who said you can't have good natured banter on a forum. Congrats AV mod, Caniffe and others.
  9. Differing opinions are fine. It's when it includes a personal attack that the issue arises. Anyway I think it's pretty obvious to all, so that's all I have to say on this matter.
  10. Hmmm interesting post. If +1 = disagree with the previous post and you're saying it's difficult to express context in print! I'd suggest you maybe look at how you express yourself. +1 on this forum has always meant you agree with the post. As a "forumite" wouldn't you find a post like yours misleading, if it meant you really disagreed? Yes I would agree, Mintys 2c was a conflicting opinion. Bizarre? well you can call it what you like.
  11. What gives me the impression? Maybe because the first 3 posts were +1's And no, Minty told him to go to Facebook and leave this site for the grown ups. Which is why the Mod suspended him. So you +1 but didn't agree?
  12. Maybe you should reread the thread, because the rest of us know where it went off track. After 3 positive response, you told him to leave the site. And maybe read the Mods comments too.
  13. Well, on youtube instruction videos, I like to see the proportion of likes to dislikes. Some of them are just plain dangerous.
  14. Are you sure that "legally" you need to use only double insulated cables for speaker wires? I think its more about the separation from LV cables. Not sure you need to be an electrician either.
  15. Sometimes lol If in doubt, install some conduit too, it'll make rerunning all the more easier later if needed.
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