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  1. Well i look at it from the point of view that if its there and we have it then use it if it helps.If its not off any use then fine but for me its use is good in the sense that i am getting something from it. Its also good for me as my seating is around 5m from the center channel speaker and i have 4m of room spare behind me. My room is nearly 9m x 5.5 wide.Bigger the room bigger the soundstage needs to be.Well at least for me.
  2. New XBox one x

    Here are some of the settings.
  3. New XBox one x

    Went into the console to type in a code to redeem some so called free games(be careful of marketing hype) and keyboard never came on the screen.After some googling i found out that you have to turn the console off and unplug the power cable and plug it back in and turn it back on again. I did this and then the keyboard popped up. I then realized that the console must have been going through an update at the time.That's something you don't see every day.I am also finding the menu screen to be very laggy when using the controller.Maybe something to do with the projector. Games are not laggy though only the menu.
  4. New XBox one x

    As far as the bluray player goes compared to the ub900, the Panasonic blows it away. For gaming I get a completely different colour presentation.For gaming on the Xbox the Color looks more vibrant than it does when playing movies.I noticed that the picture when playing 4K content on the Xbox looks washed out compared to the Panasonic dedicated player.Just an observation so far.The audio on the Xbox for gaming and movies though is great from what I have heard so far.I downloaded the Dolby atmos app which is essential otherwise you cannot select Dolby atmos in your audio settings.Will play around with it some more today.
  5. As it is for me,dynamic volume actually helps give me some impact in my movies When set to light on my Marantz 8802. If I turn it off then I can't hear that impact compared to light setting.If I turn it on to medium or high it brings the mpact down even further than on light.On my Denon I only ever used it when my centre channel speaker was a little hard to hear.From my ears the Marantz seems to be working a little different than my older Denon.What confuses me is why am I hearing more impact with it set to light than when it's off.It sounds better to me with it set to light in my dedicated room because it disturbs no one at that volume.I might not be tech savvy but I do know what sounds good.
  6. Yep i paid too much for the spiderman Bluray
  7. New XBox one x

    Yea we might need more than 1tb of hard drive space as the game files are huge.I dug out my $70 officeworks cable at 10m so no need to upgrade HDMI lead.Really happy about that. Thanks again Al for putting me onto that cable, don't know where I would be without your help mate. Going to run it in ceiling tomorrow and finally finalise my Xbox setup with projector. I thought I would of had to go the 275 dollar cable but the officeworks cable pulled through nicely.
  8. New XBox one x

    Well i hooked it up and am impressed with 4k for gaming as i experience no lag at all in gameplay when connected to my projector.The only prob i had was when i first connected it i had a green screen so i switched to edid A on projector and used hdmi input 1 and it fixed the green screen back to normal. One other prob was not being able to save the 4k setting on the xbox 1x as my hdmi lead is too long so i went straight from projector to xbox with a short lead as the signal was weak with my 10m cable. Will be buying a better quality cable through this sight this week.I also had to download the dolby atmos app to get atmos. Here is a screen shot of the game Assassins creed origins title screen just for fun.4k is fantastic and would not go back now.Have not compared anything yet until setup is complete with new cable.
  9. Hi from the Mornington Peninsula

    Welcome mate good to have you here.
  10. I was in at the store and seen them with a sticker on them saying 2 for 40.Sometimes it pays to pick up from store rather than ordering online .I never order online from sanity as there is a store in my area. JB is different for me as the nearest store is 150km away in Rockhampton or Bundaberg. Sometimes Big W has some movies cheaper than Sanity and then I will go there.For me in my area it's between Sanity and big W. I usually play the two.
  11. New XBox one x

    I have tomorrow off work so. Will play around in my settings after the update.I will also be interested to see how it goes playing concert dvd's.
  12. https://www.google.com.au/search?q=sanity+2+for+%2440+4K&rlz=1C1ASUC_enAU562&oq=sanity+2+for+%2440+4K&aqs=chrome..69i57.22685j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  13. They have all the Harry potter ones also 2 for 40 in Gladstone Sanity
  14. Def sanity mate as there is no JB in Gladstone.I went into sanity and picked them up.
  15. 2 for $40 at sanity on 4k was the best i could find.The latest spiderman was up around the $36 mark.