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  1. Here is some pics of the steel door frame that i covered.
  2. Hey sufioz, what this acoustic pinboard has done for me, is it stopped my inner hardwood/solid door from vibrating as my sub goes down ridiculously low and used to vibrate the door when watching movies. This pinboard has totally solved that issue and made the door look smart too. I even stuck some around my frame. I used Martini Absorb for my main panels which are 100mm thick,but you don't NEED them 100mm thick. What you need to take notice off is the NRC rating on absorption and how much absorption they actually absorb.There was no way that i could fit the 100mm thick panel onto the door and then expect to close the door. That was never going to happen,but the pinboard is ideal for my needs.
  3. Nice work Tubularbells. I think this stuff would stick well on the ceiling too.I have the Martini Absorb on my walls cut up into panels although I think this stuff would go well on the ceiling. It seems to be lighter and would probably use Velcro on ceiling.
  4. Yep correct, i cut the pinboard. I used the the machined edge to the handle side of the door and just cut the rest to match the frames with a stanley knife and a straight edge.It cuts fine and straight providing you cut it with new blades. A little interference is ok, like a couple of mil to keep it nice and tight. As far as the 30 mm handle side face goes it was a tight fit so no need to stick pinboard to it. It looks spot on and straight.
  5. Picked up some acoustic pinboard and stuck it on both sides of my inner door for some sound absorption and i think it looks great and certainly helps with containing the sound inside. Cant believe how nice and tidy this stuff looks. Picked it up from bunnings for 70 bucks a sheet 2.4x1.2. Cut with a stanley knife.
  6. Will do mate. With BT 2020 i notice the faces of the actors in the movie, "The Great Wall" a touch redder than with the colour profile on standard especially when the actors were near a fire as the reflection from the fire was more intense and redder on their faces. The problem here though is my limited knowledge and that i did not know which one was closest to being "right". That's the trouble when you don't know what is right, you can end up chasing your tail and making things worse.
  7. I have been into the JVC menu and set the colour profile from BT.2020 to standard and found that in darker scenes it was slightly clearer with less grain, if any, but the colour dropped significantly. But it could be something i am not used to as my settings have probably been bad for so long i would not know what is good to begin with. I have Mark Techer coming up to calibrate so i will likely learn what is a mature picture whilst he is here. But yea, i can see where you are coming from and why you suggested to try . It did make a difference but me not knowing where to take it from there is another issue. I do have my colour management set to on but i think i will leave that to Mark when he arrives as i would most likely make it worse. At least i will learn an understanding of what all these setting do and how they interact with one another when Mark gets here. I switched it back to BT 2020 as the colours were to good to ignore.Well at least for now.🙂
  8. Great help here everyone and a credit to you all. Thankyou
  9. Point taken, thanks for the input Rec.709
  10. I have spoken to Mark Techer and he will be in my area soon enough and he will do the calibration for me as his price was outstanding and found him very helpful on the phone. So once a reference is sorted then i will take it from there.Great help here from all, its a credit to this site and the people on it.
  11. Thanks mate, its good to see you are really happy. If everyone here is happy then i know i will be as, we all are after that same type of quality in the end. Your point has been taken in mate.
  12. Your probably correct on that Al and your point has been taken mate. Maybe its not light that i need. I do notice that a lot of scenes that are shot outside have enough light weather it be HDR or Standard Bluray. Its just them scenes inside but i do want to solve the 16x9 issue on a scope screen without masking.
  13. I was told that an anamorphic lens would give me more light on my screen but after reading some comments,my projector probably has enough light output already built in. I could be wrong though as i am not sure on this, Also some movies change aspect ratio while watching. I want to be able to solve this issue if its possible. So far i am not to concerned which route i go but my knowledge is virtually nil on both ways.
  14. I was going through the menu the other day and was going to do that but changed my mind while browsing. Will do so today Tasso.
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