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  1. Thank you Irek. We had fun installing it. Great thing about this product is it’s non itchy being a polyester fibre. We are rapt with the results mate.
  2. Thanks mate. The difference in sound is night and day. The missus is happy too, early xmas present.😊 We fired up San Andreas and the martini absorb made me appreciate atmos a little more. Basically the Martini absorb was the missing link in my home theatre room.
  3. Hi Steffen,My plan is to do the whole room so 1 or two sheets were never an issue for me to begin with. It was better for me to buy 2 packs. I priced Auralex product and what they were offering was no where near the amount of absorption as the Martini and would of paid double the price of the Martini. I have an account with csr and got 2 packs for a total of 6 sheets for less than $630.00. The minimum order was never an issue unless I was to only need the amount you specified so there was nothing to get round for me. I was told they need to make the sheets as you order so the only way to get round that is if they change the system and stock them in places like Bunnings. The good news is, that it could be a possibility in the future. Maybe it’s not called for that much in the residential market compared to the industrial market where big orders are needed anyway. If the pros in the music industry get involved then things could change but they rely on other brands because it’s been handed down in their industry for many years thinking its the best or what they must buy.Martini Absorb is a brilliant product for the money and I would not go any other route at least for now. Cheers mate
  4. Picked up some Martini Absorb and got to work on my walls in my dedicated theatre room. Huge difference in sound compared to untreated. This stuff is great in price. It came in sheets of 2.4x1.2 so i cut them up into 1.2 x .600 panels and it did the trick. Have the option of framing them down the track but it looks good as is. The NRC rating on these panels are 1.00 which is great for me as my room is already lined with 2 layers of Boral 13mm sound stop on walls and ceilings.Will get some 50mm Martini next year and do the ceiling. Night and day difference. Purchased this through CSR direct.
  5. Had this little baby for around 4 months now to take my 2 rear ceiling speakers for Atmos duties and it ain't disappointed me. Totally reliable and not an ounce of trouble. Works great.The build quality is a little tinny but it don't cost an arm and a leg either.It has a bit of weight to it also which i find comforting for some reason. Recommended for anyone who wants something good without becoming a charity organisation. Great buy.
  6. I will most likely pick one up for my extra 2 in ceiling speakers for atmos only Al.Just got of the phone to a tech at CHT and have been told that they are reliable. Manufactured in china and come with a 3 year warranty.
  7. Picking it up off my brother in law as its just on 12 months old for a reduced price. Got a good deal. I have already listened to it and for build quality and sound, its very very good. Love the sound of it as its a little robust compared to the 8802(which i never really took to)but that's the way i like it for Home Theater.Really happy mateAll i can say is that its very spacial but will know more in a couple of weeks when i get it home.I demoed it in his theater room but will imagine it being a little different in mine.
  8. Just sold my Marantz 8802 pre/pro and will be picking up an MX160 in a couple of weeks. Never really took to it but looking forward to a new sound altogether.
  9. I got a quote for and american made machine and it costs $975.00 plus GST and delivery compared to this one. Was just wondering if anyone had one of the cheaper ones(like in the link) as there is a huge saving if they work properly.
  10. That's ok snoop i can always open the door mate to let the smell out as its a separate building to the house mate. The smell is the least of my worries.Forever is a long time.
  11. Has anyone got one of these machines for popping corn and can comment on how reliable they are as we are thinking on getting one for our Home theater room.This one in particular is made in china compared to some others made in the USA which are very pricey.https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1370W-Commercial-Stainless-Steel-8oz-Popcorn-Machine-Cooker-Tempered-Glass-XT/352297846946?_trkparms=aid%3D777001%26algo%3DDISCO.FEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D50432%26meid%3Db8acf91f6a54481eba462d42744b846f%26pid%3D100651%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26%26itm%3D352297846946&_trksid=p2481888.c100651.m4497
  12. Got my first Ruipro 10m cable today from Keith and gotta say that the service was great as he wasted no time in sending it to me via express post free of charge.Over 10m from my x5500 projector to my marantz 8802 the result was vibrant and clear. Will be sticking to these cable's for a long while. I did notice that the amount of time to bring up the Marantz menu was a lot quicker than the previous cable at 10m that i used.No lag at all so far.Love it.
  13. Just did my 20 min update for dolby vision and all went well
  14. I originally had a problem that when i turned on my system the Marantz logo from my 8802a would not show up on my projector screen(main screen) via my bluray source.I noticed that on all my other sources like cab/sat , DVD,etc i would get this marantz logo on my screen when i booted up the machine even when there was nothing plugged in to the source. I then turned to the source that was plugged in to my Bluray source channel on the 8802 which was the UB900 and immediately thought it could be the HDMI lead. The reason i thought it might be the HDMI lead is because there have been a lot of talk lately about cables not being strong enough to support a 4k signal then i thought, well why am i getting a marantz logo signal on all my other sources with nothing plugged into them so on with the HDMI cable test thinking this has to be the problem or that being the bluray source on the Marantz unit and low and behold it made no difference at all.Still no marantz logo on my bluray source.I then unplugged the ub900 and as soon as i did that the logo came up so i plugged in the HDMI cable to the bluray source and still had the logo and plugged the power cable in LAST and the logo went out, The problem was the power cable that came with the UB900. Every time i plugged it in the logo would go away so i changed the power cable and now have the marantz display logo on my screen the way its supposed to look. Would have never off guessed it would be the power cable unless i used the process of elimination.
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