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  1. Leon Berger.... Living in a mirror Album...Can still buy but hard to find.
  2. I also thought the same.When my speaker cable arrives I will hook up and test the differences.
  3. Excellent work mate. What a great deal.Pays to be handy with electronics which is something i wish i could do.Enjoy.
  4. No problem at all mate. Your concern is appreciated. It all helps.Cheers and thankyou.
  5. I have speaker cable run through my walls to wall plates behind my amp, so I am making up some speaker cable to go from amp to wall plates.Cheers
  6. Now that i have gone from rca to xlr and changed speaker wire from amp to wall,do i need to rerun calibration.
  7. The move I made from the Yamaha projector that I had for all those years to the JVC was massive for me. What I am seeing now is fantastic out of the JVC.In fact if I did upgrade my projector I think I would go JVC again. Well so far anyway.
  8. Do you prefer the 2 channel side of things or home theatre?
  9. Thanks for the info Al.Thats great news and will test on the weekend.I do have an AMC 2 Channel amp to take my rear atmos Celing speakers which are an RCA connection only. I have to say for the price these AMC amps are very very good.Not in the Poaa1hd class of course but perfect for rear celing speakers of same quality.They have some weight to them too.
  10. I was looking at cable management today before my cables turned up and am still seeing the same old stuff I had seen in previous months and even years. Also, I was looking at cables that cost 57k and just shook my head in disbelief and that’s 57k for just 8ft of cable. It does make me think how a company would charge a price like that, but yet again I don’t know much about quality cables. I just judge on price if truth be told.
  11. Here's a great upgrade(without being guided into it by sales) which i did today going from RCA to XLR. Now if anyone out there that has more experience than myself with cables(which i think there is) let me know what you guys think. This is my first time using XLR cables in home theatre as i have always used RCA. Another 8 should arrive tomorrow. Good move or not? I still have the upgrade bug, so i guess there is no cure. Maybe if i quit work and stop earning coin the upgrade bug will go away. Unlike video, is there going to be a big difference in my audio without opening a can of worms of course.
  12. Agree, that's the point of this thread. 8k will at some stage become the standard probably like 4k is getting to now weather we want 4k or not,they are being made and sold which ain't a bad thing but we are getting to the stage in video that i am beginning to question is there a big enough difference in quality in terms of the way our eyes perceive an image at a safe viewing distance . I can understand oled vs qled to a degree but 4k vs 8k i am not so sure about. At the end of the day i am not really sure what to think because things are moving so fast at a high standard. When a projector is properly calibrated, we are already right up there at the best possible image with 4k or maybe even standard bluray. I have seen some standard calibrated bluray images that rival 4k. It makes me wonder what exactly are we going to see that will be different besides specs ,or are we going the 8k because we can.
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