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  1. If your feeding the dac digitally after you convert the dsd to lpcm in the player ;it depends on the player . Oppos when decoding put out 24/88.2 pcm [ they did tests and preferred this] but sonys [or some of them ]upsample dsd to 24/176 If your sacd is multichannel and you dont want to downmix it to 2ch you need a sacd decoder like in an avr [ a dac that accepts straight dsd or accepts and then converts it to lpcm ] ;otherwise the dac is 2ch only .. Heres an example of the latest AKM dac that can accept a straight dsd feed ; multiple 2ch dacs can handle multichannel signals
  2. Thanks for that ; there is so much integration between ce's these days its hard to keep track . Too much like Marantz for me ;though its fair they do do more than that lexicon branded oppo player that was exposed by audioholics Dilatante had more on the similarities ; if it wasnt based on the marantz design maybe they could lose those useless analogue video inputs but on the other hand costs must be kept down somehow so understandable . And you wouldnt have a mcintosh pre pro for around 10k no doubt ..
  3. Yes the Aries is only a network streamer ; if you want to include it with a bd player there is one player I can think of offhand thats compatible and thats the oppo bdp105 or d[darbee] model . Its got a sp dif rca input for the aries I would assume though it can only handle 2ch files from the aries via this not any multichannel flac unfortunately... Just convert these and plug a hdd into the oppo 😉 You havent heard anything until you listen to Elvis belting out a multichannel 24/96 dvd-a of suspicious minds Yes unlike many other brands the oppo's all have source direct so you play
  4. Its very important to Mcintosh to preserve that iconic look with glass panels and traditional pots on each end [and that ostentatious green logo] . And also to cover a whole system for matching componentry ; unfortunately this is difficult for a smaller ce so for a lot of its oem work apart from 2ch presumably? - like multichannel pre pros etc - it leans on outsourcing from its parent company D&M Holdings .. So its pre pros are based on Marantz and it licenses Lyngdorf's room perfect for its dearer models . Maybe its better to separate the wings of the company ; I wouldnt consider a M
  5. Would be worth the wait if a few more firmwares are coming to fix ARC etc 😉
  6. This looks good for future development considering the FPGA architecture as used by Lumagen ; as well as maybe a cheaper dynamic HDR solution in the future as they mention nits Its been long promised -a 4k version.. will the lumagens with darbee get a new firmware if compatible?
  7. I think the putative price of the top of line Elite puts a lot into perspective ; including the lumagens to an extent Marc Not to mention the low jitter value adding of the 5348 .. I wonder which ce's have any plans to upgrade to hdmi 2.1 ports ; they could shave some of the $ of some models by ditching the 1.4 ports and having less 48gbps ones as well ..
  8. Which brings us to the oppo transport which being modular just has simple dacs for 2ch before modification so strictly has non transport capabilities very rare .. Oppo BDT 101CI - new player from the Blu-ray experts (audiophile.no)
  9. That is a good price ; the dealer is a lot better than the factory .. I once had a cary 11a hdmi 1.3 upgrade board that cost $500 with a trip to/from the distributor
  10. Thats more information on the 2.1 board than we had till now Lee ;thanks . It makes sense as a lot will be be happy enough with the hdmi 2.0 board and there would be 2 separate lines going forward otherwise [which would be no good for stocking and ordering for anthem] You never know ; they may swap to a different chip if the panasonic? one isnt fixed soon . The extra delay on the AVM90 shows this board will be on an "Emotiva" like time line maybe 😉 The upgrade will likely be a dealer installed option as I cant see them letting the end user slotting in the new pcb for wa
  11. Good choice as the 1140 has leeway for more channels in the future if wanted - being a 16ch model compared to the others . The best thing is it has the best amp reassignment of all of them eg you can add a 5ch power amp for the bed channels and reassign its class a/bs and d's to say back surrounds and 6 ceilings or even front wides If constrained by your room and speakers though the mrx740 matches the other 7.1.4 layouts and it still has the amp reassign ..
  12. It got all too confusing to work out when you have class a/b for some and class d for others 😉 Probably said who will hook up all 16 channels lol 😅 Then realised "wait someone may start reassigning channels with the amp matrixing feature " -just too many combinations for our poor proofreader to handle - amp weights are already a problem...
  13. A lot of the oppo's can decode HDCD to lpcm but aside from this; if you can source a dac to use with the digital sp/dif outs you wont have to worry about older oppo's that are worn out as said in this case get the 103 as this has the most codecs covered for play from a hdd or network This digital route will also enable you to upgrade your old sony avr which needless to say will help with any multichannel tracks as I mentioned . When your dealing with analogue or a digital bitstream I like to leave the signal as digital for as long as possible - this avoids things like adc > d
  14. That was my 1st thought with multiple pcb's needing cooling Marc . These pcb traces are going to be carrying very high bandwidths when the 48gbps hdmi 2.1 upgrade happens . I dont think its a coincidence that the storm audio pre pro also has a fan to cool its dsp's when it gets hdmi 2.1 Its only fair to cut Anthem some slack eg there was that AKM fire that may have some impact - on just the Dacs alone .. Compound this logistically with the difference between a multichannel pre pro and say a 2ch device
  15. Yes ; going up in size gives you the option with the hisense of getting a calibration [ what I did too with my q8] if you cant track down a late model sony And a .5k cal is peanuts when you get a 85" compared to others that size
  16. You mention E-ARC as necessary ; some tvs can stream dd+ over ordinary ARC [ lossless audio chews up too much bandwidth to be streamed by current apps -so we get lossy dd+] .If you are streaming a lot of 4k the sony algorithms are top notch [and its upscaling 2k to 4k material is also enhanced ] and it has calman pro caibration technology 👌 Oh; and its a FALD 👌 . Ime a bit biased against Samsung though ; they should consider their market and license dolby vision ; its not going anywhere after there somewhat proprietary hdr10+ format hasnt taken over
  17. Indeed ; use as an excuse to mention another favourite
  18. Umik are bringing out a few new tools Grant ; the umik 2 has a better near field capture than the 1 [ the more precise the better with mikes when your dealing with complicated algorithms like these] but until we know more about the new calibrated mike for anthem try to look at the new 2 as a way to confirm with REW what the anthems mike has flattened for your frequency response nulls and peaks . The fact that the new anthem mike is said to be an improvement is reason to try it .. [ARC uses a guestimate for your final output - REW can show what your frequency response truly is but its a st
  19. Maybe they took one look at JBL ;Arcam etc which all beta tested without auto room eq and marketing said 7.1.4 doesnt cut it - release Or their OEM software programmers have been hampered by covid somehow ; I can see for instance the new calibrated mikes being in short supply as UMIK switches over to the new improved UMIK 2 that everyone would prefer miniDSP UMIK-2 - USB Reference Measurement Microphone Raises the question though ; which variant does the Anthem's get ? They should have waited till everything was settled .. Nice to know at avs ; We
  20. Heres an interesting review video from the founder of Rogue audio
  21. Yes ; I was shocked when I saw the mp40 at 18k and the mcintosh mx100 at 8k less . The mx100 even has an extra [4x1] hdmi input .. And if audyssey doesnt suit a minidsp with dirac is an option .. If you want the full 16ch decoding a 2ru form factor and a very nice front screen gui have a look at the acurus muse as well ; ive seen it for 10990 online if you can live without auro3d like the new anthems ? When you see a storm audio mk2 16 ch at 24k and an altitude16 at 25k it gives a bit of perspective - being the bottom of the line
  22. Thats where it gets complicated a bit ; there are a number of ways balanced[xlr outputs] can be derived from single ended circuitry - the cheap way with a couple of ic's or a well designed transformer conversion say] . The avr has the advantage of not having to do this conversion being unbalanced ; so less to do The wise thing to do is wait to see what comes from Amirs confab with Anthem ; just like his talks with Emotiva [history repeating ?? ]
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