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  1. It will be interesting [ based on whats been mentioned so far ] woofer ; how many of these features will be able to run simultaneously ? The pro version envy processing chipset has this extra capability over the standard version iirc The nice thing though is the deinterlacing scaling can be applied to set piece formats like SDR and the DRM to UHD specifically . A nice value when its a 2 or 3 feature all in one box is the way to look at it Its good to see the healthy competition with lumagen ; will be fascinating to see the comments @ avs as things unfold 👌
  2. Its a small world ; I replaced my pana ex780 65" with a Hisense 85Q8 . My projector handles the rec709 and 3d , Ive watched the Hisense gradually increase in price since I bought it ; its gone up to 5k everywhere but where I bought it and videopro .I think they have latched onto its US popularity possibly. . Keep in mind the Hisense S series ; cheaper as its edge lit like the panas but has better NITS for UHD and works well with a electric drop down screen
  3. I would wait to see if the hdmi2.0a ports on all the current projectors out there will get some of the 2.1 features like VRR and QFT 1000 One things for sure eventually 8k games will turn up ;as will 4k @120hz which needs hdmi2.1 . Hopefully more specs will come .. https://www.polygon.com/2020/3/4/21151509/xbox-series-x-ps5-specs-4k-8k-tv-hdmi
  4. That onk will simplify things ; the alternative would have been an external matrix switcher [ but you can get 7.1.4 now with the onkyo 👌 Yes players ; Ime swapping to a current gen dp ub820 for its improved HCX processor and HDR optimiser but also because it has dolby vision and hdr10+ which my new telly can do .. What tv do you have ? The optimiser may help its hdr ; the 420 has the same video processor as the 820 without dolby vision . Takes over the bitmapping with different values for projectors; led tvs;oleds etc.. https://www.panasonic.com/au/consumer/home-entertainment/blu-ray-and-dvd-players/dp-ub420.html
  5. Hmm; some of the latest from denon/marantz have a 3rd hdmi out for a zone 2 ; what you want is what Al and I and most have 2 separate hdmi outs with complete matrix switching ie the lowest common denominator sink wont disadvantage those displays that can take higher bandwidth's [ say a sdr display with a hdr one] The one hdmi for video/audio was for simplifying everything to determine if your cables were capable ; leaving the panas hdmi audio out out of the equation . When you split the 2 with the pana its hard to sync up the head with the lips if theres a problem as a lot of avr's have very limited millisecond lip sync adjustments and video processing can exacerbate the problem .. A lot of this switching is a consequence of trying to cover previous technologies ; eg the pana needs to be backward compatible with earlier displays that dont have the nits or contrast of what we have today -and so its handy to leave any hdr out of the equation and just have a wider sdr colour gamut - you would be surprised how many have deep colour and the like [ now that can finally be used]. I can only hope you are content with hdr10 as the next gen panas have many more options like determining where the display bit mapping is done and whether you want variable scene hdr - yes [ its a tweakers dream 👌 ] just as an adjunct to Al's link here is where our current 18gbps falls down until we get 2.1 ; just keep the frame rate down or the chroma subsampling https://community.cedia.net/blogs/david-meyer/2018/05/16/hdmi-data-rates-for-4k-hdr
  6. Good ; yes that drops the bandwidth so you can get whats on the disc rather than the 12 bit upscaling . "make sure audio output under advanced settings is on ; otherwise no hdmi audio at all.. '' a VERY strange place to put a function that stops hdmi audio ; Imagine thats on too ? As mentioned I would just use the 1 hdmi out with most on auto until its established the cables are ok . ' The start up sequence is important too as each device has to communicate its edid to get what it wants The projector is 1st as it takes a while to boot up anyway ..
  7. I had a look at my 900's settings and there are some traps with using both hdmi outs Ash 1st make sure hdmi audio output mode is set to audio only ; not video + audio[ this can drop everything to 1080p because of hdmi's lowest common denominator interaction with other edids] . Secondly; hdmi [video] output mode is on auto 'not video +audio . 3rdly 24p is on auto and if set like this the 4k50/60 setting is overidden and the 900 will use less bandwidth which may help your cables . If not you know they arent the best and can get the monoprices Did you get the 10/12 bit priority firmware download ok ? It is listed under the advanced hdmi menu .Set it to 12bit priority to prevent colour banding or if the epson doesnt like that 10bit . Oh and you mentioned using optical out ; make sure audio output under advanced settings is on ; otherwise no hdmi audio at all.. You can also auto reformat 5.1 or less to 7.1 in the advanced menu A bit like oppo used to do with pl2 in their early players iirc
  8. Aah the good old days when it was a toss up whether to send component Y pb pr or RGB [cause your projector didnt stipulate what it preferred ] Not to mention threading 5 leads through a wall conduit 👌 Seriously though how much better would we be with display port or similar ; none of this updating to fix "specifications'' that dont work properly like ARC and and its better protocol E-ARC ... Its not as if dolby digital plus with atmos cant allready be sent over ARC thanks to dolby MAT .
  9. Theres also a brand new 550 there https://audioconnection.com.au/collections/floor-stock/products/arcam-fmj-avr550-atmos-receiver-90wpc The pre amp part of this Arcam generation are identical and the class G power amp is still class a/b with switching rail lines for a little more efficiency A separate power amp will help the 90w x7 effort [ the 850 is a negligible 100w x7 in comparison] and is needed for dts-x and dolby atmos [ unless you have one ?]
  10. Just a few thoughts pheggie which may not be relevant to what you want to passthrough . The videowall controller can handle 3d but not 4k60 as its hdmi 1.4 not 2.0 More to the point ' When you say HSBS i take that to be 1/2 sbs which is not as good as the resolution of frame packed 3d you get of a 3d disc . Full SBS is required to match frame packed and that requires buckets more hdd storage ; one reason frame packed is preferred.. http://www.brorsoft.cn/infographics/half-sbs-vs-full-sbs.html its a shame that 4k never got a 3d specification , that apart I never liked sbs 3d because you cant integrate subtitles without mkv verge and the like ; dvdfab is easier
  11. Some good analysis of the US h9g with a Samsung 8k qled
  12. The thing with hdmi 2.1;s E-ARC Tobias is that its supposed to be compatible with the earlier ARC protocol ; apart from the different proprietary types like simplink; bravia link anynet etc But as it is linked to 2.1 it requires the complete ecosystem to communicate with edid;s so it depends on an E-arc input on your avr [ and they are very rare atm with Denon/Marantz among the 1st] Do your hdmi cables also have ethernet built in? Note the different methods ; https://www.flatpanelshd.com/focus.php?subaction=showfull&id=1534479331
  13. I can appreciate that ; why oleds with their detailed black levels are popular compared to leds I look at it like Geoff Morrison does below . Dont know what it will take to get 3d back in tv's ; they should have specified a 4k 3d specification but they didnt 🤔
  14. Yes Al ; indeed it is the whole dci p3 range not just the highlights . it will be ages before we get the sort of nits Geoff Morisson says about the sony pro set he mentioned . No doubt JVC's drm is as good as it gets for projectors [without getting a Lumagen or Madvr] . The trend I see is towards tech that enhances pop such as nano cells/more nits and Geoff Morrison [who has been around for ages - was once the editor in chief for sound and vision mag] ; getting excited I take notice Still have some of the mags hoarded away 😀
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