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  1. Between the 2 sofas up the back being hidden by the cat 3rd picture down Its clearer 6th down with its lfe cable off to 1 side Clever way to add extra atmos surrounds indeed
  2. Snoop ; Ime reading a clue [ ime easily distracted ] in that you mention sd channel viewing only . Are you by any chance using an sd tuner built in to the pana ? Before you start spending ; try a hd pvr and delete all the heavily compressed sd for the less so hd alternatives . I would never watch Wimbledon on sd ch72 ; its on Primehd up here
  3. That's a good find ; nothing on the pana web site , says a lot about the r&d time that pio went with the earlier 32bit dac Yes a few db of s/n ratio means little compared to the capacitors and ic's later . On a different tack ; must say Its not too flash that the dolby vision versions between different brands are not to the same colour gamut standards ie an oppo and pana comparison Vincent did . dolby needs to do better inspections before giving final licensing to ce;s it seems
  4. Its interesting that pioneer seems laid back ; due no doubt to the AKM 4490 DACs "velvet sound tm" which isn't as "etched" say as some sabre dacs and decent analogue stages . No slouch ; its used in the Emo RMC1 too . The Panasonic typically doesn't specify what dac is used but the isolation and signal path is better than say an oppo 203 as it uses common mode rejection it seems
  5. Some telling comments from Vincent about the SDR conversion capabilities of the 2 machines Interesting that the pioneer gui hasn't improved since my pio 51fd
  6. The current ones that support both [depending on if you need fancy multichannel analogue outputs] are the dp ub820 and the top of the line 9000 . Cheaper one just announced @ the last CES is the 450 but that may not have proper HDR Optimiser like the 820.. Interesting post here considering the tv can do the optimisation [or the player if the tv isn't the latest model] - https://www.avforums.com/threads/panasonic-ub420-or-ub450.2235594/#post-27226101 We don't know if the 820 will get a new 850 replacement yet ?
  7. If wanting a gaming option that plays uhd bd's [the x box1x] that's certainly the ticket Al . Or run the risk with a ps5 ? https://forum.beyond3d.com/threads/community-poll-will-sony-ps5-have-4k-uhd-bluray.61103/page-3 With any game player Ralfi your not going to get the best HDR that's available on discs ;only HDR10 ; no HDR10+ or Dolby vision frame by frame metadata utilised by some Panasonics Good tone mapping matches the differing 1000/4000 nit uhd discs to your specific tele's contrast and brightness levels . If you want a tele that does its best guess at whats on the disc [ without using specific frame metadata] the LG's have a substitute algorithm for proper HDR10+ I believe ; samsungs HDR10+ has no chance of turning up ; you know how they are with the oppositions proprietary methods The new pana oleds all have both DV and HDR10+ to cover everything ..
  8. Good to hear Chamii ; you will have to buy a game with HDR just to compare Is there a menu setting to drop the lag time like a few series ago ? You can also try turning of MPC and clear motion drive if the lag mode doesn't bypass them.
  9. Yes indeed ; forgot even the 800 has dropped them Unlike the pio you can route the 2ch separately with its balanced outputs too [ separate dacs for 2ch and 7.1 and the 2ch has isolated dual 5v power supplies to drop distortion I read ] The sort of thing that helps when integrating a 2ch system ..
  10. Good points Snoop on the well thought out dacs ; analogue stages and isolation of the 9000 when paired with a mid priced avr . For anyone that doesn't need disc playback and is content with 2ch/multichannel dsd and converted flac file playback it means 1 less universal player I liked the logic of Pana from the start with this as multiple disc formats [as oppo does] complicates laser design with differing depths depending on the format being played and too accessibility is much improved with a hdd or similar . When the 1st oppo 203's had problems with the new transport and freezing etc ; I thought coincidentally hmmm A 9000 is more likely to turn up than a pioneer lx500 😉
  11. Not me ; sorely tempted but looking at a future projector that does the tone mapping itself ; and I like THX certification
  12. Not missing anything Dave ;the 420 and 820 both have the HCX v2 processor with tone mapping and 12bit upscaling to match the 7000's 12bit circuitry Al's classified is tempting
  13. He looks to have guaranteed even lower ratings next year by voicing what we all think . Be interesting how next years gold logie speech pans out As usual the sitting ducks like Karl Stephanovic kept the animosity between channels alive ; a bogies tradition If the logies are ever to gain some credibility back they will have to rejig the voting ; from 2016 when there was 2 categories - 1 of them easily manipulated by a clever comedian who needs a dollar After all he's put the boot into a lot of towns around Aus on Pickerings show ; this is a natural extension 🤣
  14. Ide wait for details atm as looking at the aus site the older 420/820 have the top line HCX Processor with its chroma 12 bit processing ; the 150 listed has no mention of this - it may just be a generic mediatek chipset [Panasonic have liked this in the past] . O'seas sites have no mention of the important Optomiser but our 150's has this listed but to what extent does it work ? . A bit sparse in features for the entry level and typically very plasticky Some speculation that an AC brick may be in play elsewhere as well ; no thanks ;https://www.panasonic.com/au/consumer/home-entertainment/blu-ray-and-dvd-players.html As noticed with the dsd specs ;the new machines can also output pure dsd if you have dsd dacs ;rather than convert to lpcm in the player- if this concerns I suppose with both the variable HDR metadata variants the HCX processing for static HDR10 becomes less important with time as more discs with these are released .. which may be why the 450 has turned up/ exists ..?
  15. Recently my NBN FTTC dropped out completely Snoopy and my ISP escalated things and arranged for a NBN tech to check it out . He deduced with his little black box that my ethernet junction box was gone ; replaced it and was gone in a flash -maybe 10 minutes 😥
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