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  1. Perfect excuse to get the LX500 universal and put the $$ saved towards a new avr 😉 Doesnt need to be the absolute latest either with the 500's dual hdmi out .. Its very good to lose some of your cable rats nest
  2. I was worried but yes they've included the anti vibration paint Nice way of putting it . Seriously you can see where the money goes . Will be curious how the individual sdr/hdr parameter presets handle differing authoring
  3. cwt


    Hmm; a good chance those modules are the vm300 etc that they mention for the US ? The audyssey is getting the boot The Marantz/denons hdmi 2.1 upgrade is a year or more away I think . Would be nice of them to keep prospective buyers in the loop for what are not cheap pieces
  4. cwt


    Just to add Frank; I look to the problems Emo are having getting their hdmi 2.0b card to interface with the XMC1 . Its mostly fine now but the brand new Panasonic chipset in the board isn't liking the older generation Texas Instrument dsp's and adsp switching SOC in the main board .. The hdmi board was and is designed for the next gen pre pro's as they have different cutting edge analog devices sharc processors to interact with That said we wont need 2.1 HDMI's 8k throughput for ages and NAD has very good 2ch analog stages ; nice too if they lost the old composite/component analog inputs etc they might fit a few full size xlr's in rather than the small mini jobs
  5. What brand is the pvr ? If it hasn't got source direct like Al said it will be doing any de-interlacing ; scaling to what the panels edid says it wants . . If you watch hd channels more than sd the scaling from 1080i > 2160p will produce a better picture than 576i >2160p ; the algorithm works harder for the artefacts and compression used
  6. cwt


    The RMC1 is 1st of the rack ' 11th November this year ; but this is Emo so give a little leeway
  7. cwt


    In that case you get to use its bi-amp tri-amp crossover options to use those 16 channels overkill This XMC2 is the 1's replacement [7.2.4] that is dual differential input to output for the LCR and balanced xlr out only [ no unbalanced crap to fit in the chasis]
  8. cwt


    Yes mate ; been burnt by a Integra dtc 10.5 myself so very wary That said I am more confident with Emo's hdmi 2.1 upgrade path as the NAD M17 has an older architecture/chassis and the 2.1 involves a lot more than just a new pcb board . Emo has a history now of hdmi upgrades from hdmi 1.4 to 2.0 now 2.0b and its new designs will integrate 2.1 as promised by the CE . Just have to wait as with all things Emo .. The RMC1 is sooo close not to mention the RMC2 .. Ile restrain the comments about dual differential circuitry It really comes down to how many channels you need ; inputs etc as Snoopy said ; the 758 is the cheapest dirac option and if you need more hdmi ports theres switchers and splitters available.
  9. cwt


    Just reread what I posted and should have said after ; not before ;sorry . The bloke that picked up on Arcams practice @ avs [markus767] currently recommends the NAD 758V3 as it too has the dirac filters in the correct post BM position The good thing about the NAD was it was fixed a lot quicker than Arcam after they became aware of it https://www.avsforum.com/forum/90-receivers-amps-processors/2895049-nad-758-v3-2.html#post55028350
  10. cwt


    Bet on it Frank https://www.avsforum.com/forum/90-receivers-amps-processors/2989980-arcam-beta-testing-dirac-livea-2-0-a.html#post56484542 Arcam don't change models like the Japanese do ; its a British thing
  11. cwt


    Mate ;on the bass management issue after much speculation they have decided that dirac live filters are best inserted into the signal path before bass management occurs [like for example datasat and emotiva do] When you think about the consequences for re routed bass from speakers its now logical.. Dirac is unique in that it uses a combination of FIR and IIR filters in a very clever algorithm and can also use impulse response to help your speakers https://www.dirac.com/live-home-professional-audio-info Should mention they are working on a new beta test dirac 2.0 version presently that is even better[it combines pairs of speakers rather than individual ones in its calculations ] and is more intuitive for the user
  12. cwt


    https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/world/cbp-report-border-wall-breached-13-times-in-tests/ar-BBNA4FG?ocid=spartanntp The boss says this will stop the hordes boys lets sugar coat it a bit and whatever you do don't tell anyone a decoy blast will make our troopers go to it
  13. cwt

    4K HDR AppleTV

    Don't have a ATV4K kc but does it have an option to output bitstream rather than decoding it to multi pcm ? Until your 720 reads dolby truehd; dd plus [ the 2 codecs that can have atmos] on its gui it wont decode the atmos metadata sent with the bitstream I imagine your hdmi cables are 18gbps capable . HDMI "standards" are quite flexible and up for interpretation as to how different ce's interact together . Apple have a large r&d staff on interoperability I read and attend this as needed https://www.etsi.org/about/what-we-do/plugtests/calendar-of-events/hdmi-plugfest-event
  14. cwt

    The iPhone Xs and Xr release

    This pricing makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about my cheapo Motorola G play And its hundreds of mp4's mean not caring about download limits ; Ime cheap ..
  15. Hi muri ; if the tag is an absolute must another cheap option is futureshop UK ; well known to avforum iirc https://www.futureshop.co.uk/cyp-hdmp-premium-certified-hdmi-cable