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  1. No problem Ralfi you can do ceiling speakers or dolby enabled speakers . That said you will get better atmos with ceiling speakers as the alternative doesn't precisely steer the object audio but reflects it.. Its not like the old channel based sound ; any speakers may receive effects based on where the metadata steers it If you want a 7.1.4 setup you will need a 2nd power amp - depending on how big the room is ..Best post this query in the av section of the forum as its o/t here
  2. Yes ; hopefully they will cave Maybe its because LG and Samsung are both South Korean rivals they take this stance but Samsung don't like paying dolby licensing fees
  3. Vincent is making the distinction between HDR10 and 10+ Al ; he is correct ; the lgs handle the fixed metadata version but not the 10+ variable metadata type . They prefer their own proprietary dsp to emulate hdr10+ … Theres an obvious reason for this sadly as HDR10+ is the brainchild of the enemy - Samsung and it wouldn't be a good look needless to say That's why Panasonics move is to be applauded as it puts pressure on the one eyed ime right opposition
  4. Yes snoopy ; picked up on this ; Implying the ub9000's dacs are not as good . Bit strange considering the ub9000 uses the latest 32-bit AK4493 dac chipset and also has common mode noise rejection through its balanced xlr;s
  5. Bravia sync is the Sony proprietary name for the ARC protocol sliksilvia . Switch it on and see if its compatible. Other brands use different proprietary names and methods like anynet and simplink so it isn't that reliable . Generally speaking hi speed with ethernet cables are the best for reliable ARC as the cec edid commands are separate from the other tmds video/audio traces ; see how you go .. Things should be more reliable too when E-ARC takes over with hdmi 2.1
  6. Set of 7.1 pre outs up the top near the fan edit ;too slow
  7. cwt

    2019 projector releases ?

    Certainly is ; if you read the fine print and buy the entry level 270 you get the 43" tv and headphones and if you get the 570 you only get the 43'' tv Something tells me its the other way around... That would tick more than a few off if they noticed this in hindsight so if your considering it ; check 😉
  8. Its an online business [ saving money without bricks and mortar stores probably ] https://monopricesupport.kayako.com/article/27-what-countries-does-monoprice-currently-ship-to From what I read they have things like 20% off Black Friday sales but that may be US only ..
  9. Possibility this is a rethought version of the ATP 16 which has gone missing since being announced early 2018 .. Considering that ATI owns datasat and makes the matching power amps for monoprice. Nope ; scratch that thought ; a reply from ATI on the considerably more expensive ATP from Sanjay Durani who is a regular AVS forum poster as well https://www.avsforum.com/forum/90-receivers-amps-processors/2948888-ati-atp16-16-channels-preamp-processor.html#post57393506 Its good to see the monoprice has discarded many superfluous analogue inputs and to par back a lot of the bells /whistles for whats important like multiple lfe outputs and configurability
  10. Anything with CGI lends itself to 3d on my 7000e but did enjoy the early Ghost Rider 2 with Nick Cage the other day [don't judge ] The 3d reproduction of water is very difficult with refraction and the like so am eager to see what Cameron does when Avatar2 releases in 2020 .The JVC doesn't have the smoothness of my previous Epson tw3000 due to its faster glasses refresh rate but it makes up for this with its higher calibrated brightness in 3d mode [ the Epson had plenty of lumens but not when you calibrated the picture with a decent colour preset ]
  11. From Indie audio labs a U.S. company comes another lower cost option based on the exxy ACT4 platform for those happy with 12 channel processing Also includes the unique auto PEQ room eq for those content with IIR filters only.. nice 2u rack size and a matching 8ch class d power amp it has the impressive front panel coloured gui of the dearer model.
  12. cwt

    Disabling dolby 5.1 to stereo only

    Substitute hd pvr for tv and fixed ; good stuff Your tv like most has a dolby digital decoder and ''auto'' means any dolby bitstream is fed through as is and the lpcm setting means its decoded so everything leaves as lpcm . When you get a center channel and surrounds you can switch back to auto and decode the dd bitstream there for discrete surround ..
  13. A new value option for 9.1.6 chipset pre pro's as CES is gazumped https://www.avnirvana.com/threads/ces-2019-monoprice-unveils-its-htp-1-16-channel-processor-with-dirac-and-new-sealed-subs.3881/ https://www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=109&cp_id=10919&cs_id=1091901&p_id=37887&seq=1&format=2
  14. cwt

    New uses for Oppo players?

    Yes theres at least one alternative method out there if you have an old ps3 with an old firmware ; https://www.instructables.com/id/Introduction-54/ Handy options for Panasonic uhd players too with dsd file playback
  15. cwt

    NAD D3020 vs AV Receiver

    Theres an option to try out dirac live for free if you have a pc/laptop and a good calibrated mike like a umik ; oh and also a good mike stand redline Kal Rubinson who writes for Stereophile [music in the round] is enthusiastic https://www.dirac.com/new-gallery/egewk6s7gva2wzb4jo6wthbea1put1