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  1. Aah I see ; maybe fashion some foam port bungs for the smaller ones to rolloff quickly or make sure the avr's hpf is set high enough to negate the bass ? As long as your not cheating any atmos/dts-x soundtracks from their bass I guess ..
  2. I would also consider the port situation ; rear firing is not as forgiving as front firing with positioning your L/C/R . Without a certain distance from the rear wall you may get a little bottom heavy bass due to bass corner reinforcement.. Front firing ports give you more leeway for positioning depending on the low freq rolloff and your lp filter setting . Snoopy is at cross purposes with you ; he's describing a standard horizontal cc and your talking a vertical speaker . Its true that horizontal cc aren't as good as vertical speakers due to interactions with off axis directivity so you are lucky you can run 3 identical speakers ; most of us have to compromise due to space [ unless were running a perforated projector screen say like you just mentioned ]
  3. Well ;there you go ; must admit Ime a bit jealous of that usb port ; Ime waiting for my 7000e back after it was bricked with a serial port bt2020 update Slack upgrade eh .
  4. Ime in a quandary Al ; I keep reading for years now that 3d is dead but they keep selling these suspicious looking disc things On topic ; Its a very clever way to make HDR optimisation easier with consistent results ; curious if/when the firmware will be usb supplied for the N series as it mentions the pana getting it with no mention of the jvc -only shipped ? Maybe a ship back to jvc job as its complicated ?
  5. You know what this means don't you ?? ; compulsory upgrading of your display for UHD And buying a few sacd's and dvd-a's Congrats ; pioneer have some nice proprietary engineering and they always avoid oem parts if they can
  6. cwt


    A generalised term unclemack which differentiates from the picture on glass etc models ; still 16:9 ; https://www.lg.com/us/tvs/lg-OLED55C9PUA-oled-4k-tv
  7. cwt

    Benq W2700

    Just curious jmone on the hdmi cables used . The 2700's specs are the latest hdmi iteration so should handle uhd @ 60hz ; their even got the "b" suffix so can handle HLG HDR as well . Just for interest I came across dpl labs certification programme yesterday that has heaps of info on the best true 18gbps cables and the lengths they can pass ; notable how some active cables don't cut it http://www.dpllabs.com/page/dpl-approved-products If you can bring any of these cables that takes an important factor into a/c if your lucky enough to have any of them.. My wireworld chroma 6's like the chroma7s tested have no problem with 30 feet of 60hz uhd so they are accurate ..
  8. cwt

    Recommended upgrade?

    Like Snoopy 1st thought was your rooms frequency response and speaker phase interactions . Possibly consider a dirac standalone minidsp to improve on the audyssey ; https://www.minidsp.com/products/dirac-series/ddrc-88a A 2nd sub can help with smoothing nulls and standing waves if you have a bad room ?. Or get another solution like Anthem with its recently improved ARC or a dirac equipped avr .. If you sell the JVC you may get close to a new N5 to bitmap properly for your ub400 or just upgrade to a newer pana and let it bitmap as said. Or kill 2 birds with a pana ubd825 or the next model down [ you don't have any dolby vision displays so you don't need a dv capable player ] and a better cc
  9. cwt

    UFO Drama Series Project Blue Book

    See what you mean. To clarify I was referring to the next few episodes as you mentioned persevering Don't expect x files[ standalone episode] calibre as you say .. Maybe it was just an extra that happened to come with a package of other doco's . Notice SBS are running Hunting Hitler at the moment ; now that is a fascinating series using ex CIA sources and armed services personnel ; with Gerrard Williams[ journalist] . A working knowledge of Berlin 1945 just heightens appreciation Like Ancient Aliens is documentary style How about thought provoking lol
  10. cwt

    UFO Drama Series Project Blue Book

    Almost like a documentary feel to it with identifiable figures of the time turning up [ without explicit spoilers] Robert Zemeckis does a hatchet job on the US airforce ; a nice theme Has x-file overtones ..
  11. cwt

    4K TV for movies only

    Back the front . The FZ950 can handle HDR10+ and the Sony handles Dolby vision . Its a bit wonky that pana uhd players handle both formats but not the displays.. The pana gz2000 oled is the latest from this years January CES ; it will take some months to come . It is to be hoped that more discs like Robin Hood turn up to negate this proprietary impasse https://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1547624270
  12. cwt

    4K TV for movies only

    I should add the comments made were for the very best HDR that can be sent ; hdr10+ and dolby vision are both scene by scene or frame by frame applied . All discs have basic HDR10 which isn't scene by scene but 1 grade based on the whole movie [ so not as good as the 2 rival variable hdr formats..] This expands the tv options but loses out in quality.. Yes the bluray player is incidental ; there are a number of uhd bluray models that can send both variable metadata formats [the good stuff] from Panasonic [the 825 or 9000 ] or pioneer A big consideration is what discs in what format will be released ; hdr10+ is royalty free unlike dolby vision so with warner bros backing it with others like amazon streaming its not to be ignored imho. So yes the tv has to read the precise metadata or it may drop back to the hdr10 standard ; dolby vision has a better bit depth so is slightly superior to hdr10+ but the variable metadata is the most important. The oppo203/5 has ceased production and a 2nd hand one is inflated in price due to supply demand . The Panasonics have better player based bit mapping from all accounts anyway
  13. cwt

    4K TV for movies only

    Another consideration depending on what brand or model of uhd bluray player you buy Colin is the HDR version your tv can accept . If you buy a Samsung for example a dolby vision disc wont be compatible but a HDR10+ will . The sony A9F does have DV capability as do LG's . Heres a list of DV discs from the US ; https://forum.blu-ray.com/showthread.php?t=276448 As for displays that have both hdr metadata frame by frame methods [to cover whatever discs may be released] there is afaik one announced as coming and its an oled https://newatlas.com/panasonic-gz2000-oled-tv/57953/
  14. cwt

    MadVR Envy

    Yes Al ; I would lean to between the projector and pre pro if only to apply the processing/ scaling to everything you want . Modularity would be nice too . As its added resource and expense to overlay an osd to a 4k signal due to bandwidth issues I can live without it . Maybe take a leaf from the monoprice pre pro book and have a separate hdmi gui overlay on a blank screen controlled by a ipad or android device Sounds like the perfect solution to keep my ubd900/forgo a 825 and not worry about upgrading the 7000e to a N series Oh and make it E-ARC compatible for those who stream atmos/dts-x and put it post the avr/pre pro
  15. 🤐 Doh ;face slap ; optical fibre fits as well . My oxygen free brain at work Some light reading on hdmi 2.1 Ruth for some context ; 8k sources are of no consequence yet and some 2.1 features are backward compatible with hdmi 2.0a like E-ARC depending on your current equipment Other features may appeal to p.c. users . https://newatlas.com/hdmi-2-1-cable-spec/52393/#p493700