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  1. Yes I wouldn't write NAD off as the new generation is about to land [at least in the US ] . All channels driven spec is linked to the high efficiency of its class d power .. And could have DV passthrough like most do these days https://nadelectronics.com/nad-previews-t-778-reference-avr/
  2. The nice thing about a lot of 3d movies are your more likely to get an atmos or dts-x track than a standard bd Watched Suicide squad recently ; nice atmos but a rare 3d where the transfer wasn't the best being quite dark. Hit JB for another 4 yesterday anyway . As long as projectors maintain their 3d [ 3d plays better on the larger screen and some ce's understand this including some laser projectors good for 30000 hrs] Ime not worried about source playback as 3d can be converted into side by side format files and any bd player can handle this
  3. With a thread this long its almost unavoidable ; a great song in any case Heres a home grown obscurity ;
  4. As mentioned dsj needed dolby vision , I too am happy with my 900 ; DV is not needed for projectors or ones with variable HDR metadata computing like JVC's latest GLWTS
  5. Another smooth ballad with an augmented horn section
  6. Gary gives his considered opinion on cocaine # 41 sec in
  7. Looks like something doesn't like passing 18gbps signals 4K Signal Format Set the format of the 4K signal played back by this unit. Stan­dard (De­fault): Se­lect if your TV and play­back de­vices sup­port stan­dard 4K 60p 4:2:0 8 bit video sig­nals. En­hanced: Se­lect if your TV, play­back de­vices, and ca­bles sup­port high qual­ity 4K 60p 4:4:4, 4:2:2 or 4K 60p 4:2:0 10 bit video sig­nals.
  8. Just sent it again ; is your inbox full or restricted at all ?
  9. Love to see a 9ch driven figure ; but they would probably give it a 6 or 4ohm load to bump the figure and hang the high THD figure Marketing would be apoplectic anyway 🤢
  10. The industry has plans for E-ARC Jerome . There are advantages for avr;s and pre pro's if you take the a/v switching away from them and place it in the TV ; directionality being just one On screen displays in the latest 16ch pres are already being dropped for tablet etc gui's due to hdmi bandwidth increasing.. How this app integration effects projectors we'll see..
  11. Had similar to the 83 Al “VRS by Anchor Bay,” “DCDi by Faroudja,” and “Mediatek System-on-Chip" . The Tosh XE1 had the sadly gone Silicon optic HQV Reon . Like Nevyn Ive got an XE1 as well as a E1 , If you hadn't repurchased titles I would sell you the XE1 in a flash Converted all my titles to H264 with Makemkv when people started mentioning disc rot 🤯
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