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  1. If thats the case Mullins ; Ide consider the new Pioneers or even Onkyos' . Apart from the superior dirac live over YPAO or MCACC they will be using a competitor chipset to the panasonic chipset the yammies need to have fixed for 120hz game playback .. Depends on how easy you want setup to be though ; there will be easy and then better with a calibrated mike . Of course things are moving slower now with covid and chipset factory fires like AKM just experienced
  2. All the long life benefits of LED technology and ready for dci-p3 from UHD sources -;an absolute bargain for a custom built runco
  3. Found this; some good perspective on dynamic range 2 way vis a vis 3way from a tech director/engineer at RBH speakers . about 4;25 in .. How come we dont see as many 2 1/2 way crossover speakers anymore ? He makes some good points about cone area ; like many I think the phase advantages of less crossovers in a 2 way dont match when you are playing orchestral so much . And of course theres the quality of the x overs
  4. I wonder how they market that ? ; the bigger screen gets the lesser picture quality 1800 nits wow that would be a new high bar for any HDR playback
  5. Maybe look at it from a maths perspective flamjam . Is the emo an xpa5 or xpr5 ? If the former I would let it drive your ceilings being not as important as your bed speakers - for which an elektra would handle those 7 . Or if you want wides as well a new gen3 xpa9 ? Modular amps come in handy later on . I have a elektra hd and a xpa5 gen3 atm ; you can never have too much current delivery ;even with hi efficiency Klipsch 😇 The good thing about separates is you dont need to throw out an exxy avr one day [ the denon has to go back to the factory for its hdmi2.1 upgrade ] ;
  6. Bit more info on the new Onk and Pio avr's coming with Dirac Dodged a bullet with the hdmi2.1 frame rate issue for those who can wait ? Onkyo and Pioneer's 2021 receivers back in black with 8K video, from $499 - CNET
  7. Apart from the problem of your 18 not having hdmi which is necessary for the new lossless codecs [and everything being compatible - bose marketing at work ] ; Bose want to sell you a complete system like a lifestyle 600 . The alternative is equally exxy ; get a soundbar ;link it to a new sub bass module with all its avr bass management and ditch your old speakers for wireless new ones Bose Bass Module 700 | Bose Ide consider strongly other brands that also do wireless surrounds [ and remember Bose does not do dolby atmos or dts-x if you want to try uhd bluray or strea
  8. This is the problem with proprietary systems like Bose ; they are designed to work together ; hence the sub does the bass management not the avr in all the models Ive ever seen .. You would be much better served with a standard avr with many more input switches and proper auto eq [ Bose doesnt even have that ] I could list reasons why proper purpose designed for hifi speakers are better than "lifestyle" speakers but theres a lot 😏 Have a look in the forum ads if you dont want new at the moment ..
  9. LG display like all oleds ; good stuff they have improved the peak brightness for HDR compared to LED .Cant wait to see how much the 100" one is Next-gen OLED 4K TVs will solve the brightness problem and come in bigger sizes | T3
  10. While I cant say for certain as that is subjective ; anecdotally the ones oppo went to work on have always been preferred for those with separate 2ch . Hence they released the 95 after the 93 ;the 105 after the 103 Oppo BDP-83SE Special Edition Blu-ray Player Page 2 | Sound & Vision (soundandvision.com)
  11. Hi Glen you can rule out the 83 and 83se as they dont handle commercial 3d frame packed [only side by side home cooked 3d]. On the other hand for 2ch purposes its the opposite ; the 83 se has the isolated 2ch outputs you want [ the 93 and 103 only use the 7.1 multichannel outs in a dual purpose role as you said] . It also has the superior sabre ess dacs and analogue stages rather than the ubiquitous cirrus logic dacs the others have .. and an uprated power supply. If you intend to keep your 2ch analogue isolated with that valve amp thats where the 83se comes in . If y
  12. Its for reasons of depreciation of the arcam that I would keep it and lose the hypex replacements Homer . Its got Arcams top of the line class G power which is more efficient than class A/B . Its not well known that the pre pro portion of the Arcam line is identical and your paying for the class A/B or G Just add the reason people go downmarket for av pre/avrs is the constant change of tech ; its eye opening to see the requests for hdmi 2.1 when 2.0a is sufficient for most today . If considering selling the denon you have the option of ARC genesis with Anthem or Dirac [with dirac
  13. So assign input doesnt work ? What about the assign memory ? If thats the case maybe the 2 cd options in the list you posted above equates to 1 being digital and 1 being analogue ; but thats a long shot . Its usually cheaper avr's and pre's that lock an input type to a specific socket ; the Krell is obviously much more assignable letting you do things like watch the tv while listening to the radio for sports say . If no luck I suggest you enquire in the Krell foundation sub forum @ avs forum Krell Foundation Owners Thread | Page 259 | AVS Forum
  14. A feature of the Krell is intelligent hdmi John ; heres a pdf on the setup ; looks intuitive assigning memories to each input -and it auto switches to the right decoder Krell_Foundation_Processor_Owners_Reference.pdf (krellhifi.com) It was a conscience decision from Krell to foregoe a complete osd to get to a lower price point than the 707 etc . They added more osd when they upgraded the hdmi version lateir irc
  15. Was referring to the hdmi cable before the bluestream switcher Tony ; you didnt say what its length or type was so to paraphrase what I wrote if it is a mix of differing types some stabilisation may help ? Anyway good luck sorting it out ; I dont envy your luck; hdmi can have troubles with very short cables too anecdotally [lumagen doesnt like them]
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