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  1. Most here tend to favour projectors with good black levels Mullins ; hence JVC;s and even Epsons at a lower price have much to recommend[ including lumens for better hdr] ; dlp like viewsonic have good features but lack good contrast and expanded colour gamut [rec709 only] so cant quite take advantage of btr2020 dci p3 like others can .. As always different features may appeal though . HDMI 2.1 will be awhile away ; it hasnt turned up yet in avr;s and big ce;s get the lions share of chipsets at 1st There is a pent up demand for lower priced 4k laser projectors as they have certain advantages over globe ones And a JVC globe price is just one .. The short throw laser projector is a niche that has legs though as evidenced by LG's large screen tv replacement HU70 as you said = a likely 8k model when Texas instruments get around to it like samsung has already - just the thing for 100" +
  2. Yeah Bob Carver was famous for his current driven amp technology ; so any sunfire power amps you may find are quite efficient for class a/b . A clever designer that wanted to emulate " tube sound" without the harmonic distortion through clever impedance matching Had some clever dsp modes as well in the upper market stuff with his decorellation circuitry He also was involved with Phase Linear ; heavy duty stuff
  3. Afraid so Jerry ; if you listen to blurays and other hi rez sources like sacd ; dvd a and maybe hi rez downloads you need things like lossless decoding and dacs that wont downrez to 24/96 . Many newer avr's have higher rez dacs like 24/192 or higher end analogue stages that do them justice Have a look around the classifieds here ; many bargains like this Marantz if on a budget ?
  4. The Arcam AV40 has things a bit back to front with the giant lcd readout on the fascia and a 2 line only osd Al ; if this was reversed I wouldnt be scratching my head You said it ; too much of this beta testing going on with these new models ; you would hope a grounded stable firmware at some of these prices .. Its a bit embarassing to see the likes of JBL Synthesis struggle with a foreign firmware [everythings oem for many these days ] while a newcomer like Monoprice shows how it should be done with close consultation with their base [ reminds me of oppo ] and a big company resource like ATI behind them .. Its quite strange to see so many famous brands all owned by Samsung ; Lyngdorf at least are still independent 😏 Not hard to put a parallel hdmi out in ; its only a passthrough
  5. Maybe the HDR10+ upgrade is not such a loss going forward with recent industry moves https://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1587366105 Will be interesting to watch if Samsung buckles for dolby vision 😉
  6. Probably dont know it also has the Silicon optics HQV Reon upscaling chipset for the best dvd playback as well Comes in handy for those dvd's that will never get a bluray release . GLWTS
  7. And only 1 hdmi out Al ; ide ditch the aes or some sp/difs No connection with the Arcam JBL's ; these are strictly in house designed and manufactured by SL audio Denmark . Which is potentially good considering the frustrations at avs forum with the JBL's and their Arcam firmware Reading your review its probably got assignable sub outs for a larger room . Relatively good value compared to a steinway P200 [ who needs a dci movie streamer ? ]
  8. A new lower spec 12 channel decoding ' 16ch output entry level pre pro with all the important stuff like room perfect and hdmi 2.0 . Price is $9499us so cheaper than the new MP60 but with a newer hdmi board than the MP50 [ though only 3 inputs ] At a guess considering the 7.1.4 decoding ; the extra ancillary channels may be for extra non discrete wides like the MP50 has .. Assignable sub outputs would be preferable of course at this level . https://lyngdorf.com/lyngdorf-mp-40/?fbclid=IwAR288WHFCkt9x-aOaGOScUdvbneR_MH4UnsOvjfcLMwVxRzniQbHysR5PX0
  9. Never tried it thirddrawerdown with a 95 I had but extremely doubtful . The oppos have so many different disc types that are readable and oppo has always concentrated on features that a concensus have wanted [ they were initiators of listening to their beta testers to gauge what to include ] . It follows if you do it for cd's what about sacd's ;dvd a's etc some would ask ; that would require a lot more dsp processing due to different track depths for a start .. The last time I made note of a track programming player like you describe is for something like a cd carousel player [sony]where it would have an augmented usefulness Its worth noting that the oppo universals originally came from primarily a number of dvd players with exceptional de interlacer/scalers that slowly morphed into hi rez primarily players so they never had a cd centric viewpoint [ when the uhd 203 was released some noticed cd playback wasnt ok] . Like audiofeline I just used a converter [dbpoweramp] to make flacs for my network but that doesnt cover all eventualities sorry
  10. Little chance of anyone using a pro logic receiver these days Jerry ; lossy decoding has been supplanted by lossless and object decoding . If 2ch stereo is important options with h/t bypass are used by some ; otherwise the emi/rf in an enclosed space like an avr with many other functions requires good isolation ;shielding and an apropro power supply.. . Thats why a separate box with ht bypass can be much more efficacious as it does 1 thing well rather than multiple things at once There are better avr's out there though that have above average 2ch though ; number of channels and room size would help suggestions ..
  11. Since speaker/sub integration is important [ and if your comfortable with the next tier up] it may pay to look at the bottom of the new HDA line from Arcam Darren -around 4.5k. The new AVR10 is more likely to get Dirac bass control than the NAD 778 [ based on the extra subscription to pay for it compared to other brands ] https://www.stereo.net.au/news/dirac-live-launches-bass-control-module Being Arcam it will have the identical pre amp section as the dearer models ; just a/b amps rather than the fancier class G and fewer channels . Best to keep an eye on avs forum as to firmware upgrades to achieve stability ; its close .. Worth noting Arcam are doing the firmware for the JBL Synthesis SP55 as well
  12. If you want the very latest NAD Darren and dont mind paying a bit less than a masters series and getting an avr [ utilising its pre outs for your elektra] ; the new T778/789 is just around the corner .. It has 9 class d amps that are derived from NADs 2ch designs iirc . It has garnered good thoughts from avforums in the UK . And being modular it may one day get a hdmi 2.1 board upgrade so a bit cheaper than the marantz 8805 which is slated for the same. With Dirac2.0 it may well get a bass control tier or better , something to check to rationalise your speakers crossovers with your sub/s https://www.avforums.com/threads/news-nad-now-shipping-t-778-flagship-avr.2274098/post-27985585 If its not a HD one unbalanced rcas will be fine and you can experience proper 7.1.4 with a few ceiling speakers .. and/or some extra zones
  13. I see you have a JVC 9000 projector ; this has 2 hdmi2.0a hdcp2.2 inputs and will accept WDR and HDR colour gamuts ; so no need for any hd fury vertex/linker etc to strip the HDR metadata . Its definitely worth going from rec709 to dci p3 colour with hdr highlights . Due to the high bandwidth of these signals a direct line from the source can be an advantage as hdmi can crash at longer lengths ; and why certified cables are recommended or ones tested for bandwidth[ hdmi 2.1 48gbps cables are starting to appear as well] . You want a pre pro with hdmi2.0a if your not using the jvc's 2nd input ; hdmi 2.0 will not allow the hdr metadata through as you say. I personally dont like pre pro's with analog transcoding capabilities in their hdmi passthrough ; better a straight throughput if thats of concern .. If the atmos/dts-x 7704 is intriguing have a look at models with dirac or ARC[ genesis] as has been mentioned . Dirac is found on upmarket brands like Storm audio ; datasat; Theta etc and a lot of the new hdmi 2.0a pre pro's will be getting the highly touted new bass management module as has the storm audio mk1 pre pro already Good hunting
  14. Just to mention Darren 3. would be a xmc1 with the upgraded hdmi 2.0b card ; these come up now and then direct from Emotiva Tennessee from people trading them in on the new RMC XMC2 series ; you have to be quick Like Al said I wouldnt touch a umc1 ; too flaky I ran a Sherbourne PT7030 for many happy years with my Elektra HD7 ; its hdmi 1.4 so can handle 4k but not HDR [ i keep it as a spare as I got it for a song as Emotiva shut up Sherbourne completely ] The solution for UHD bluray would be a hd fury device like a vertex to strip HDR or just run the audio from a dual hdmi player to the 7030 .If you cant find a marantz I would let mine go for not a lot [ as I also have a spare umc200 that has emo q ] https://www.soundandvision.com/content/sherbourn-pt-7030-surround-processor-pa-7-350-amplifier
  15. HLG is for when Aus tv one day decides to send hdr with its mpeg4 signals Hansel . So unless you have access to a NHK signal from Japan with a wideband satellite receiver in the backyard [no ] forget about it .. Its amazing how much equipment is ready for HLG in this country ; even projectors its very frustrating
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