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  1. For those without UGFL or 40% cards Emo has announced a 15% off trade in for the XMC2 or the RMC1 https://emotiva.com/products/av-receiver-or-av-pre-pro-trade-in
  2. Hi Matt ; piqued my interest and along the same lines ; do you know of any Benq laser models coming out ? I ask as this new JVC LX-NZ3 seems to have striking similarities with the 5700 . And Kraine would likely have inside knowledge https://www.avsforum.com/forum/24-digital-hi-end-projectors-3-000-usd-msrp/3088006-will-new-jvc-lx-nz3-native-4k-2.html#post58525478 Anything with 80% or more dci-p3 colour gamut and hi lumens for hdr would be sweet for a non batcave
  3. Rich is having a promotion for a spare ; its not that dire and good value on the replacement price . Just the sort of thing that brings a laser model into focus though ..
  4. I think its included depending on the calibre of equipment Grant ; the update for Storm Audio [who participated in the beta phase with NAD and others ] said this - This update – designated as 3.4r2 – brings full Dirac Live 2.0 (DLCT 2.0) and its improved functionality to the table. Lower brands you may have to pay for full ;flac works for Dirac https://www.avnirvana.com/threads/dirac-live®-2-0-for-nad-and-arcam-is-here-and-a-black-friday-deal-as-well.3711/post-29722 Theres also the Arcam/JBL company link and Dirac has said recently that versions going forward will be homogenous as different proprietary versions takes too much time to code[ for a small company ] Which explains the delay for Emo -as they have said ..
  5. Hello Grant ; upper echelon products like the JBL will have upgradeable hdmi modules ; I would keep a close eye on this thread @ avs for specs on these 16 ch models;' https://www.avsforum.com/forum/90-receivers-amps-processors/3090874-16-channel-prepros-5000-less.html Most of these new pre pros have the new upgraded dirac 2.0 ; Emo is yet to incorporate theirs . The Emo RMC1 will be running their Dirac at 96hz as well as the XMC2 ; early estimates were 192hz but revised. The HTP1 will be 48hz as will others but considering most blurays are 24/48 or 16/48 this shouldn't matter . The features to keep an eye on [if you have 2 or more subs or want wides ] are channel assignability and Diracs new 2 tier bass management system so subs are combined well. You will see certain features that overlap for channel assignment flexibility ie Arcam has 4 assignable channels on the back panel below and the JBL 55 has similarly- Similar to a certain JBL oem part .. This is because they are all part of the 1 conglomerate ; but there are still unique differences though.. All models are tied to their processing chips to an extent ;whether TI Momentum series or ADI Thankfully Neilsy has confirmed where the HTP1 lacks some configurability
  6. Thanks mate ; there was an intriguing reference to a new JVC bluescent [laser] DLP to be released November ; the LX-NZ3 was mentioned around the 6 minute mark .. Will be fascinating to see its on/off contrast needless to say
  7. The HTP1 will need to come in well under the price of the 55 to be competitive ; the 55 has the top tier of dirac lives new bass management system for multiple subs and the ability to run cat5 to a dante equipped power amp so sending the dacs further away from the pre amp level signals The top notch Logic dsp has been improved for 16 channels too .. It is interesting the ATP16 is still in development who are also making the HTP-1 for Monoprice ; Its higher cost says heaps about the circuitry comparison.. and explains the HTP-1s lack of an analogue passthrough [if necessary that is] The fascia of the 55 certainly will look the part - The half-inch thick anodized aluminum fascia with bead blasted accents and solid glass display makes a distinguished statement.
  8. The only hint is the US price ; anywhere around 10k will be a bargain to some brands There is also a new Arcam AV40 from the same conglomerate that is cut down feature wise but cheaper again .. https://www.whathifi.com/news/arcam-reveals-complete-new-av-receiver-range-at-cedia-expo
  9. JBL Synthesis [ Harmon Kardon owned ] are introducing a feature packed pre pro with the latest dirac 2.0 bass management as well as a reasonable price AVR both with digital cat5 etc output to class G power amps As well as traditional balanced/unbalanced analogue outs .. Both should be a more reasonable alternative to the SDP75 collaboration with Trinnov https://www.jblsynthesis.com/products/electronics/surround-processor-preamplifiers/SDP-55-.html?cgid=surround-processor-preamplifiers&dwvar_SDP-55-_color=Black-US-Current https://www.jblsynthesis.com/products/electronics/surround-processor-preamplifiers/SDR-35-.html?cgid=surround-processor-preamplifiers&dwvar_SDR-35-_color=Black-US-Current some price comparisons including the 2 dante power amps ; https://www.soundandvision.com/content/jbl-synthesis-introduces-two-new-immersive-controllers
  10. Just as a general overview Justin any of the power amp options would be an improvement depending on how hard your speakers are to drive [ the avr's use class d as well as a/b to help the smaller power supply] You will more likely get ' all channels driven' specs with a power amp ; and more headroom for transients . Also generally the Elektra has the advantage for atmos etc of being 7ch rather than 5 and good value looking at the MCA 525 ; https://sydneyhifimonavale.com.au/products/anthem-mca-525-power-amplifier . potentially one less chassis for 7.1.4 too The Emo XPA mk3s are configurable if 1 box is best and are class H so very efficient compared to class a/b
  11. If I hazarded a guess Rich [ considering the focus only comments] ; convergence adjustment comes to mind . Havent seen any reviews that say anything but sharp ; this paraphrase from the stereonet one -
  12. That would certainly make me give up my ubd 900 Frank
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