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  1. When they released the 3020 I thought " new acoustic dimension'' was a Chinese conglomerate .. The class d amps efficiency should help the db's though I also hope the touch screen lcd panel lasts well . Yep theres a few more you tube introductions as well
  2. Heres a translated French " review" of the new replacement for the 777 with class D power Wouldn't direct link use paste &go https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=fr&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fblog.son-video.com%2F2020%2F02%2Ftest-nad-t778%2F
  3. Easily be so mjledme ; maybe something to do with the simplified circuitry with the rearranged sabre dacs . Or the volume control being duplicated within the stacked dacs ? It was one of the things planned for the 83 etc [basic file playback] but oppo had to rush the 93/95 to market for its 3d capability iirc
  4. Once owned a 95 mjledme and it wasn't that comprehensive with codec playback as was the 103/5 . Heres the 93/95 faq from an oppo beta tester B Mclain ; DSD is disc only unless converted to flac pretty sure .. http://wiki.oppodigital.com/index.php?title=BDP-93_Media_Files_FAQ
  5. That's the wrinkle HS as to picture quality ; Blybo and I have the 900 which doesn't do dolby vision so its- at the best -judging the whole disc metadata max cll max fall with HDR10 rather than the scene by scene possible with dolby vision . Or indeed Al is watching with the similar DTM in his JVC N7
  6. Mine was a complete fried main pcb board due to a botched software upgrade and they didn't have one in parts inventory so it wasn't cheap . That's not to say your problem may not be totally different- as the circumstances seem totally different . They have to have spares for a certain legislated time I believe so let them make a quote before deciding . Good luck ; if you go with my mob quiz them about return delivery beforehand ; they much prefer pickup at the depot rather than risking damage on the return[ which I had to arrange ]
  7. Just read it continuously ignoring the ''quote" bit ; which I should have used instead for readability . Meaning it drives 105w into 2channels which would be decimated driving 5 instead . Even if you had just 2 l/r preouts driving a 2ch power amp this would take a strain of the avr's power supply driving the cc and surrounds Remember with this theres a lot of redundant things like analogue video circuitry various streaming services ;dolby atmos and the like but if it must be local theres also a cheaper basx mc700 that matches your preferences pretty well [and its on special atm] . And you can get a proper power amp like a rotel etc as mentioned..
  8. The X3500 does which doesn't look good at all for 5ch driven . If you want close to reference levels its a good workaround to choose high sensitivity speakers [over 92db say] like Klipsch ' btw good idea to check your 5.1 speakers sensitivity.. you dont run Klipsch do you ? https://www.klipsch.com.au/education/speaker-sensitivity As an aside ; the only specs to trust with some avr's are on the end of an oscilloscope or hooked up to a spectrum analyser like Mark Alexander recently did to the detriment of a Trinnov altitude 16s thd+noise specs as the volume rose.. https://www.avsforum.com/forum/90-receivers-amps-processors/3112176-official-monoprice-monolith-htp-1-owners-thread-57.html#post59256678 You will find a full audioholics analysis for an XMC1 but that wont ever happen for a Marantz etc . All ce's should publish full AP spreadsheets . Whatever you get make sure its got full pre outs like Snoopy said in case you have to drive a low efficiency speaker set 1 day
  9. Had a similar conversation on a groupbuy with Rich frozenkuku and there is only a couple on the eastern seaboard . I sent my 7000e to JVP service at Marrickville Sydney ; needed a new pcb board from Japan ; hope yours is an easy fix .
  10. Well ; that just sent the price above 2k which happens to open up better separates [and an A500 natch] if you want everything on your list and prepared to risk warranty returns to the states ? You have to be quick for each lot as they come though.. https://emotiva.com/collections/processors/products/xmc-1
  11. +1 Kdjjdk ; are you referring to the latest 4k dlp chipset developed by TI ? that's what Benq uses ; TI has not developed any newer 4k chipsets yet apart from these https://hdguru.com/new-ti-dlp-chipsets-to-bring-wider-range-of-4k-projectors/ afaik unless you know something ? The thing with developing smaller chips is that the micro mirrors cant be physically shrunk enough to give the required 3840x 2160 so rather than pixel shift it doubles the speed of the incredibly fast micro mirrors so fast the human eye cant perceive it . In other words these chips don't need upscaling from 1080p like other brands that pixel shift . Ile let you decide if that's true 4k ; theres enough other differences between dlp; lcos and lcd to determine what to buy imho .. https://www.trustedreviews.com/reviews/texas-instruments-4k-dlp-projection-for-the-home
  12. Smaller concerns haven't got the resources to program code with banks of engineers Bunno . As you can see with the really long gestation of better more stable code that you would be familiar with concerning Emotiva say. They had an arrangement with TI chipsets [MDA] with the XMC1 but switched to Analogue Design so they are now playing catch up having to program themselves the api from dirac they received later than the deal stipulated ie monoprice and arcam have dirac up and running already as their common MDA architecture benefits them . Its the old saying possibly ; overflow the tub and all boats rise ; or words to that effect No clue as to the cost of licensing but its worth noticing the company registries as to who owns what in the consolidation of small into large ;Samsung owns the lot of the new 16ch pre pro's
  13. Exactly the problem ; it takes a lot of know how integrating hdmi now and will only get worse with hdmi 2.1. Small companies struggle with getting all the interpretations of hdmi "standards" that each ce individually have . So you see small players like monoprice getting their outsourced code from an oem source [MDS] that is shared with others like Arcam; audio control; jbl synthesis .. And getting it built by ATI .. The big boys like Denon/Marantz/Yamaha have plenty of software engineers so you see close to foolproof compatibility [ and they have long experience with audyssey so comparatively nothing to tweak; why switch to dirac -its more complicated ? ] Cambridge audio always preferred to engineer components in house and that's hard these days ; very sad
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