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  1. Well said Dave ; as the speakers are much more important to sound quality than the power amp ; I would firm up what calibre of speakers you will want 1st before choosing the power amp . Remember too some people love the sound of a tube amp ; even ones with heaps of 2nd order distortion so specs are best taken as an aspect of good design ; not necessarily sound quality . As said ;don't get caught up in specs . https://toptubeamplifier.com/are-tube-amps-better-the-debate-rages-on/
  2. Easy to see why JVC persisted with e-shift for so long Al ; costs a penny in R&D to recoup for that 4k stamp of approval The number of people saying they prefer true 4k wore them down possibly
  3. Whatever the situation its not good publicity to be embarrassed at a major trade show https://www.zdnet.com/google-amp/article/lg-embarrasses-with-oled-burn-in-at-tradeshow/ I wonder if the LG's image retention algorithms were switched off - would not be the 1st time this sort of chicanery was done to deep six the competition ? Nanosys of course have nano dot tech to sell. Whatever the case Ime glad I saved $'s getting a lcd with good zone backlighting and good calibration ; peace of mind = priceless
  4. Its important to point out why the emo xpa's are cheaper than the Elektra's [ hopefully not too biased as Ime running a Elektra theaterhd and a emo basx a150 atm]. One reason is the Elektra has a bulky toroidal power supply and large filter capacitors which is both heavier than the emo's switch mode psu [so shipping is dearer] The emo has a fully regulated 3kw of power and if you read this; https://emotiva.com/collections/amps/products/xpa-11-gen3 you will see that the emo is modular and can be optioned with double blades and myriad options to suit your system now and in the future .. Also note that both brands are class A/B but the emo is more efficient as its got class H switched rail capability due to the smps .. Similar technology to that used by Arcam in the $$ AV850;s class G Emo's last series 2 xpa amps used traditional toroids but the new series have been just as popular btw the main engineer used to work for Theta so no slouch . Cant go wrong with either after a listen ..
  5. Interesting look at the 8802 vis the 8805 https://topnewreview.com/marantz-av8805-review/
  6. Certainly is ' the nice thing is it has 1 less source of emi/rf in its chassis with its leaving out the multi analog dacs and associated analog stages . Which is something it shares with the new pio bdp lx500 which does the same If you want an alternative the pio universal is very well built and matches aesthetically your pio SC LX73 . It also probably has the proprietary anti jitter pqls for bitstreams from the bdp lx500.. https://www.pioneeraudio.com.au/products/udp-lx500-universal-disc-player If you want to take advantage of dolby atmos dts-x uhd discs though you will need a new avr with hdmi 2.0a hdcp2.2 if you want to pass through any uhd disc sources ; and also decode the object codecs. If you don't want to buy a new panel as well to handle UHD sources too a sd universal player will improve your sacd dvd-a etc ; nice oppo's turn up frequently here ..
  7. cwt

    Dr Who New Series

    Would be better with a few more throw away lines like the drinking with famous identities line recently but the Dr needs a real threat to show a tad more heroism . Seems too much of a group effort so far and the doctor has never had a companion so very senior to him/her -seems out of kilter slightly 🥙 [stuffed flatbread icon] Bring back Davros ; he'll sought things out
  8. Something must give a bit here unfortunately Mark The aventage A780 is pushing the 2k limit alone . As you mentioned a speaker package from a reputable ce that specialises in speakers is the way to go imo . Hopefullguy's suggestion incorporates this well . If nothing comes up or you cant wait Adelaide speakers have discounted packages http://adelaidespeakers.com/home-theatre-speaker-packages.html The sub in the 2k system is transmission line so can go under 25hz ; you say floor standers are best ; what about thin profile wall hanging models like the F602 ? As for your avr have a look at the new denon 1500h which Adelaide speakers can supply ; its priced at $965 elsewhere so may help get an even better bulk deal https://www.au.denon.com/au/product/homecinema/avreceiver/avrx1500h
  9. cwt

    NAD 758v3 or something else?

    Ken ; take it into your NAD dealer and see about replacing its old MDC cards with an AM230 and VM130 [ US monikers] should save a few $.. https://support.nadelectronics.com/hc/en-us/articles/360006178893-Which-MDC-options-are-available-for-my-product- note;
  10. Theres always the RMC2 for those who don't need any expansion ports paul [ if you don't have a 25 or 40% off option] and its around 3.8k usd rather than 5k . Indeed I too wouldn't directly compare the 8505 with the RMC1 as its expansion cards are completely configurable for atmos or electronic xover biamping or subs ' you get the idea ..
  11. The 3d discs are much better value now that 4k is where the trendy mark up goes 2 for $30@ jb is nice.. Maybe a comeback in time with Camerons new film techniques ; https://www.msn.com/en-au/entertainment/movies/titles-revealed-for-all-four-avatar-sequels/ar-BBPfoWW?ocid=spartanntp
  12. Don't worry ; they've re arranged the deck chairs with new channels like 10 peach and 10 boss according to the project..
  13. Good choice ; couldn't help but feel the RMC1 didn't really match your concerns if you don't want 9.1.6 atmos or bi amped speakers with built in electronic crossovers ; not to mention we still don't have the manual If you do want to try room eq theres always a sub with built in auto peq or a mini dsp with dirac
  14. cwt


    Would that include the current fx crop? Yes the current fx series have the same HCX processor as the top of the line pana oleds . Panasonic are happy with hdr10+ though unless DV wins out ; for one they don't pay license fees as its open source not to mention 20 cen fox being joined by Warner bros in support . The current attitude - https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnarcher/2017/09/06/didnt-think-there-was-an-hdr-tv-format-war-there-is-now/#12d84d5b14da
  15. Yes ; its a personal preference and understand the want to keep the signal with fewer conversions as too room eq is conditional on how good your room is and what diffuser/bass traps etc are used . Dirac alters speaker phase as well ; purist anathema to the speaker designer or the secret to success ? theres 2 sides to everything and I can see both ..time to stop rambling lol