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  1. Tweaky ; its a region B UK bluray so same as our Aus blurays
  2. Is there a cassette tape resurgence?

    Oh god that did it; remember that Kraco with what looked like an am/fm radio slot in and wondered at the time how it would work An 8 track you say ; I was truly out of the loop and need to auto reverse - ugh that was terrible
  3. Considering led or oled atm Al and leaning to the 780a as its about 1.2k less than a $4k LG 65" OLED for the same size at bing lee etc and I don't have a batcave . Am curious to see active 3d on a UHD screen too ; earlier UHD models used passive 3d.. In any case 3d is a unique selling point compared to all the others with regard to resale.. Happy with my jvc7000 for 3d but a smaller panel with a retractable screen appeals to me as well like your setup . Don't want too big a screen but do want to experience a 4k hdr video game or 2 . btw Lionsgate missed a sale here with the UHD but no 3d version of Bessons Valerian ; not to worry I tracked it down https://www.zavvi.com/blu-ray/valerian-and-the-city-of-a-thousand-planets-3d-includes-2d-version/11525075.html AS for HDR I am not encouraged at the lack of DV players on the market apart from oppo ;but license costs and chipset incorporation isn't cheap ' HDR plus is license free and the 780 will get the firmware soon afaik .. Yes Tweaky any cal and grey scale approximations will be welcome whether rec709 or bt2020
  4. Is there a cassette tape resurgence?

    How could you forget the elcaset j Double tape width and double tape speed ; the path is clear for a takeover with no pesky slow speed standard cassettes or indeed 1/2 speed Nakamichis [ yes one did exist with auto azimuth for the hi frequency rolloff ]
  5. Considered a pre pro at all Yamapro ? Hard to conceive of one at this price point but this one below is the replacement for the umc200 I keep as a spare . Theres a good fit for your criteria in the emo mc700 for 7.2 ; no superfluous atmos.dts x and twin lfe outs for your subs .. Doubtful too if an avr has a balanced lfe out at this price point Quite rare 12/24 db xover filter slopes for bass management too. http://www.eastwoodhifi.com.au/emotiva mc-700 processor.htm Have noticed them in a few places but Eastwood seems very reasonable..
  6. You can choose ; an ISO is everything that's on the disc including menus and all subtitles . A mkv can be trimmed of subtitles and secondary audio files ie dolby digital when a dd truehd track exists . I don't use plex or another server on a pc but a separate media player that covers a plethora of different file types from the old avi ;mpeg to bd type h264 ;mp4 and mkv downloads ; everything but the latest h265 UHD files ; a new box is around the corner ;zappiti can put a media player in every room but its not cheap This enables me to run the system without having the pc on but of course plex is free and its not hard to setup your pc to share the files ..
  7. That's another good option Itsmoi ; upgrade just the hdmi card itself and sell the XMC1 ; very few 7.2 pre pros with the latest hdmi2.0b ports out there . Last mention was pre pro's were still on the buy from the US is fine list due to the UGFL and people with 40% off cards on file with them I imagine ; this was confirmed by brabs at the time . This was recently added to in april by Cathy Yes ; timing is everything with the exchange rate .
  8. That does depend on the format whether you don't compress and what method you use Aze , if you want no loss you can store as an ISO or as a mkv which is popular . I use dvdfab to compress bd;s strip out subtitles and do the main movie only . I also compress movies to save space depending on the title ; some of my m2ts bds are 26gb uncompressed; lesser titles are 1/2 that but still retain a lossless soundtrack . A dvd can be 6 or 7 gb but use an efficient codec like mp4 and maybe 2 or 3gb is easily gettable .Laserdisc isn't high resolution either and a lot are only 2ch bitstream so even less should be fine I have an enterprise NAS I was lucky to get but another to check out as well as Synology is Qnap which has been around awhile https://www.qnap.com/en-au/
  9. I guess you have at the least upgrade for life Itsmoi ? If you want the atmos dtsx upgrade as well as the hdmi 2.0b board Ide sell the XMC1 and get your 25% off the RMC1from the US and wait till next year, makes it much more reasonable When the atmos and hdmi 2.0b boards turn up the RMC1 will be getting those boards as well.. As digitalhome said a receiver is a backwards step. Some boards are easy to replace like hdmi ; others like atmos decoders etc are on the main pcb which is a separate issue as its something where warranty issues and returns can arise ; its not easy to get too for a start.. They like to check the diagnostics to be sure ..
  10. Oled

    Always better to go with a component avr like the onkyo rather than a compromise sound bar which has to align drivers in a set fashion With an avr you can buy speakers from a ce that specializes and doesn't do everything fairly well rather than 1 thing better .. ceiling speakers are a plus over reflecting ones from the front of the room too.. You just need some passive speakers [ do you have any small 2 ways ? ] and it will drive a speaker system with more watts/ch than most sound bars Not to mention switching your UHD sources with its hdmi 2.0a inputs
  11. That is a welcome current trend that can leverage innovation within the industry ; similar to the Marantz/ Denon setup to share technology and value add . Am certainly considering a T758V3 as an interim hdmi solution depending on its hdmi reliability ; NAD were never like a lot of ce's in that they did do original R&D like EARs and kept the superfluous lo fi add ons to the minimum [ and actually specified all channels driven watts/ch - what a concept ] . And they now have Dirac at a great price .. hard to believe it once cost 20k in a datasat rs20i
  12. ATMOS support

    Ide think you would need to stream 4k to receive any dd plus with atmos metadata zmacka at the moment ; apart from having a fast enough network for it ; its just the way its marketed. That said its no bandwidth penalty to send the metadata with lossy dd.. not a lot of atmos systems out there so less incentive for them to supply it I suspect. https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2017/07/netflix-now-supports-dolby-atmos/
  13. Anthem 310 AVR search

    yes ; read the same and wouldn't worry about any great difference in quality ; if the 310;510 etc have 2 dsp chipsets like dearer avr /pre pro models they would be able to generate the same filter coefficients and do the same job . If the 310 only has 1 chipset as does happen [ denon's and others hdmi protocols awhile back a prime example] because of cost there would be a difference ; but I don't know the answer so go with what Snoopy says The advantage of an active speaker is the power amp and driver/cone are closely matched rather than the designer not having that possibility with separate power amps . Just mention the airmotives have both balanced xlr and unbalanced rca inputs so none of the d/a a/d conversions that exist with the KEF's . Ile stop plugging them now as its rather hard to audition them
  14. Anthem 310 AVR search

    If you consider the KEF's a bit dear ; though they are quite reasonable for their point source driver and power amp [ if you really want the extra functions as well ] another option is some emotiva actives https://emotiva.com/product/airmotiv-6s/ Remember too for the future the anthem 310 only has 5.1 pre outs ; not 7.1 like the 510etc . The ARC on the 510 btw has better filtering than the 310 due to its greater processing mips Ime pretty sure ,
  15. Oled

    The sound bar would need a dolby atmos decoder Mike and multiple speakers to do the object audio steering decently so unfortunately they don't come that cheap considering the bass management needed as well . I would go for a ce that has years of experience in this dsp field like Yamaha but the ysp-5600 is too dear . If you don't have some spare ac sockets for wireless surrounds you may try the entry level Samsung depending on price but the surrounds are something to get imho Does it go in a cabinet when you say tight space ? that would rule out the reflecting drivers.. http://www.samsung.com/au/audio-video/soundbar-k850/HW-K850XY/