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  1. Perils of focusing too much on gear

    Interesting perspective MLXXX and it made me recall the very early days of the cd player when a very expensive laser turntable 1st appeared . I see the logic behind it hasn't ebbed as they are still available albeit still exxy ; around 20k if music not equipment is the aim here [to paraphrase] ; not mutually exclusive to an extent as who here would not be intrigued to hear a laser tt ;even at these rarefied prices The laser picks up all of the audio signals in the groove, lower signal through higher as it is. This results in laser sound quality that is quite similar to the original sound in the recording's master tape. Most of people never get to hear the master tapes, but with the Laser Turntable, you get comparable quality, as acknowledged by Professional Sound Recording Engineers in Japan. http://elpj.com/ltfeaturesandspecs/
  2. Finally JVB have released a 203 version of the 93 mod I posted . Is it compatible with the single channel devialet as mentioned before though ? I thought so when you said to Satanica but not certain ; Wouldn't worry about the warranty if its just a ribbon cable and screw job to replace ; but ring as the US is quite lenient in this regard as J said.. ..
  3. An interesting read from Flax[ works for Dirac] on how Unison is unlike other room eqs with its active absorption ; and how enough mips is never enough in an avr or pre pro http://diracdocs.com/Dirac Room Correction (AES Sweden lecture).pdf Notice how the more speakers you have the better the time domain waterfall graphs are The following gives a sense of where they are atm https://www.dirac.com/dirac-blog/story-dirac-filterlab
  4. Yes comes in handy ; good to see UHD bd is region free. The alternative is converting them all to mpeg2 files and letting the 205 handle them over your network or usb. Ime sure the 203/5 does a good job with this with its abt ? processing and its a lot easier than finding/loading one at a time Interesting ; thinking this equates with all the firmware upgrade attention the 203 is getting compared to older players
  5. I get the impression its a lot more stable now with the plethora of firmware updates its had . Oppo has always had better customer update support than many others . The darbee uhd version[at least a stand alone version] has been mooted for ages now ; it seems its a lot more complicated to get an algorithm to improve on 4k 10 bit WCG . It was mentioned a few CES;s ago and still isn't here https://www.soundandvision.com/content/darbeevision-enhances-4k-video The sdr version wouldn't be compatible as its only 8 bit compatible for a start . btw I sold my 103d as the darbee didn't do that much for me ; as others have also said ; besides its poor file codec playback As some wise members would say; with better grammar natch - you can wait for the next big thing or be enjoying whats available in the present
  6. If your tv has hdmi 2.0 with hdcp 2.2 you are ok for UHD from a player ; if its hdmi2.0a your good for HDR as well . If its hdmi 1.4 a sd player is compatible though there is the option of buying something like a hd fury linker to bring compatibility https://www.hdfury.com/product/linker-4k60-444-600mhz-scaler/ Yes ' bring back component and rgb h/v - much simpler
  7. If video is No1 and you have no DSD plans ; another vote for the pana ubd900 ;its got a high precision chroma processor and direct chroma upscaling to 4k/60 depending on your display [ or if you plan to get a UHD display ?] And it is THX certified so it passes a heap of tests that point to reliability If happy with sd video though Homer makes a good point
  8. I envy your room and can see the logic of a clean signal [ at least above the sub frequencies where the peaks and nulls tend to be ]
  9. With auto eq I hope ? Or do you have a mini dsp unit or similar sub eq box to sum them together ok ? The accu-eq is a good reason to invest in one Ignore this if its sorted...
  10. Oh the board issue ; found it fascinating seeing all the complaints at avs forum about it before onkyo finally fessed up to the situation Did them no good for the bottom line $ Yeah good for you ; just add a sub with a good auto eq and its a bargain ; all too rare in this hobby
  11. Having owned a dtr 10.5 and looking at the equivalent onkyo I wont touch that with a broom mate This could happen ; https://forums.audioholics.com/forums/threads/integra-vs-onkyo-whats-the-difference.50510/ Yes there are a lot of components that take " pure dsd'' [good marketing imho ] was more trying to show how it all goes through the same circuitry and that means pcm conversion as that is required for any bass management ; room eq ;dsp applied etc .. A true dsd decoder is very complicated and not cheap as it has to decimate the 1 bit signal to a different multibit format; something like a sony 5400es . Interesting how you will find it as theoretically it should have less jitter than pcm as its compressed into packets to send
  12. This . I see you've jumped back to onkyo from Anthem powerav ; just mention that it depends on your dac if you will be able to send a dsd bitstream from your player and not hear white noise . Heres a couple of TI Burr brown dacs that are identical but one can take a pure bitstream the other cant without this .. http://www.ti.com/product/dsd1796?keyMatch=dsd1796&tisearch=Search-EN-Everything http://www.ti.com/product/PCM1796
  13. Trigg from DTV

    Good to see you here Trigg Glad the bug seems to be trapped again
  14. Good memory and spot on ; its important to separate the current qled which are transmissive like led and the emissive ones [like oled] that are still coming.. https://www.cnet.com/news/qled-vs-oled-samsungs-tv-tech-and-lgs-tv-tech-are-not-the-same/
  15. HDMI 2.1 for X BOX ONE X

    Yes Al - this is a quote from 2MUCHHT who is allied to the smpte standard business ; Ime more interested in what he said here than hdmi2.1 ; Theres a few pluses for gaming but it remains to be seen which features x box uses eg