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  1. Yes a good perspective to take ; while not exactly equating with Felix concerns I bought a pana uhd player from Clef hifi about 3 months ago ;and it was only delivered a week or so ago ;Aus post delivery times have exacerbated problems with state lockdowns etc I hope Felix gets his amp in a reasonable time frame
  2. To be fair it is also a problem for Yamaha . Just a firmware patch hopefully[ yamaha can lean on the chipset providers too reprogram the chipset ?] ; not too long either or this could be another onkyo hdmi fiasco... https://www.audioholics.com/news/bug-in-hdmi-2.1-chipsets Official Yamaha Response Regarding the HDMI 2.1 Chipset Bug As we test and explore new gaming system capabilities and the latest HDMI specifications, we will provide guidance on our website to help new and future customers with the compatibility of our latest AV receivers. We will certainly p
  3. would do better with its replacement ?? https://www.sony.com.au/electronics/support/home-video-blu-ray-disc-players-recorders/bdp-s590/specifications
  4. Not just 11ch lone but the gen 3's have multi configurable slots to get exactly what you want ; unique at the price point; this is perfect for all the 7.1.4 atmos soundtracks out there ; it has 3 double blades for LCR and 4 singles glwts
  5. I would agree its an edid issue . Looking at your component edid dates it is obvious some are hdcp 1.4 compliant and your 4k sources are hdcp2.2 [ as they should be] Ide try your dealer to see if he has a [cheaper than a vertex] integral to try so everything gets the anti piracy they need ; https://www.hdfury.eu/shop/hdfuryintegral/ While chasing one up ide feed the sony directly with your 18gbps cable [if feasible] to rule out the brand new hdmi2.1 marantz with its single 2.1 port .good luck
  6. Just as a general rule the S8 are edge lit with dimming zones where the Q8s are fald sets with more precise dimming zones [and more of them ive read ] .This helps with colour uniformity due to brightness across the screen and contrast as the pixels are sharply defined from one another so light bleed is helped . Not to say the cheaper tech is bad just that the extra panel weight helps or they would just make edge lits Coming from a pana 780 edge lit the q series has great contrast and colours that pop due to the nano dots enhancing rec709/2020 when fed a uhd or hidef signal ;wort
  7. Well ; that would depend on your definition of true 4k . If you agree with optoma and the ISF the texas instrument dlp chipset is indeed true 4k . The alternative view is because the 1080p micromirrors have to switch positions [very quickly] its a form of e-shift.. Your choice . A lot of 4k discs are 2k dci upscaled .. Of course these prices does not give you the contrast on/off of a JVC or Sony 4k [ which is around the 20k mark for the new replacement for the 760es model]. The optoma UHZ65 is about 1/2 the price of a sony but is a good example of why you shouldnt just go with labels
  8. Dual red and blue lasers from the avforum link sounds like one of the supposed patents ; 95% of sd 2020 is phenomenal even compared to a led or oled [ if that is possible or the avforum comentator mispoke] ; dlp as said is the contrast - Glad i got a qled instead
  9. This looked relevant to the length question Marc ; not so much the audio delay/skipping.. https://hdtelevizija.com/en/2016/03/13/does-hdmi-cable-length-affect-input-lag/ If youve initiated passthrough in your Lumagen maybe switch off things like frame insertion and processing in your displays and see if things get worse as the video pases quicker
  10. Thats what I believe ; though it also depends on the codec used . Auro3d can use 4 mid tier wall speakers and a voice of god too [ they prefer a shell of sound] . So its a compromise compared to a trinnov or a new 16ch pre pro etc . An AURO setttup for a 7706 ; The important thing is many studios like Disney and Marvell have gimped there soundtracks to 7.1.4 only ; to make it easy to fit them into streaming services for bandwidth purposes . Early object mixes dont tend to have these limitations and its good for compatibility Auro3d discrete isnt popular though the dsp mixer
  11. Can only speculate its to do with bitstream being needed for atmos playback and the pcm output not completely compatible with the atmos stream [which MUST be piggybacked by the truehd bitstream] Hopefully the decoding to pcm will get a firmware tweak ; ive not had audio glitches with my H264 files with dts-x or truehd ; will try a few 2k bd's with atmos when I get a chance with my zapp duo [ conversion is slow with my laptop ]
  12. I noticed in the real time gif Marc it read dolby atmos in after initially showing pcm ; does it glitch with other audio codecs? like aac or flac ? thinking it maybe atmos piggybacking [guessing]
  13. Its a matter of the top tier [due to cost] getting more dsp power and newer chips muri ; so falcon chips are used instead of newer analog devices chipsets. An 8805 gets extra heights . Helps also with finding enough room for the plethora of inputs/outputs . Some brands do things like losing the unbalanced outs to simplify circuitry too
  14. Ive got chroma 7 and it has little problem with hi framerate 4k/60 uhd so try it out before buying[ its about 30ft] 😊. It would be prudent otherwise to get cabling that is 48gbps compatible for hdmi 2.1 and features it contains like ruipro 8k fibre ; xPLAYRZx it will take awhile before games come out that take advantage of 120fs and 8k frame rates so future proofing is a good move
  15. This may be a dolby switching glitch or a limitation of the yam's gui . The apple tv4k uses dolby MAT [over lpcm] for its atmos ; not piggybacked atmos bitstream metadata like a uhd disc uses . this helps with bandwidth . or it may be a limitation of the yams led readout ; its not an oled screen like some newer avr's pre pro's ..
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