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  1. Just plugged my new 65"780a into my pt7030 howze and my local NBN HD channel is sending a 5.1 lossy bitstream over ARC Also tried Ash vs Evil dead with a 5.1 e-ac3 dd5.1+ bitstream and that was downmixed to 5.1 lossy . Cant have everything
  2. cwt

    Sony AVR demoted

    It would bother me too ;especially relying on ARC which is thankfully getting the boot for the more reliable E-ARC soon enough 🙋‍♂️ Ide certainly consider an AVRKey if its just the one 4k source https://www.ezyhd.com.au/shop/hdfure-avrkey/ Or for a couple ;get a vertex
  3. cwt

    Anthem AV Owners Thread

    Don't have a submersive Simon but it could be a crossover issue in the anthems bass management if the hi pass filter has created a low freq suck out with the subs low pass filter ?
  4. cwt


    Wonders do happen as a Republican donor gets a dose of reality
  5. Yes hdmi2.0 vs hdmi2.0a for HDR on the anthem and ARC . Other apples and oranges is the substantial all channels driven output of the CXR200 Al posted while I type Not to mention the 520 is a 5.1 avr and the 200 is 7.1 ; a lot of 7.1 bd;s out there.. Always the option of a sub with built in auto eq too.
  6. cwt

    Convert 5.1 etc to 4.0

    I can see your point Dave ; I just took it another way as explained under his heading ; Under that heading he goes on to describe the failings of the quadrophonic system [ or systems ] at the time ; Ive always followed that dictum ;right or wrong ; the center channel is there for panning and anchoring dialogue ; a sweet spot is fine for 2ch music I should admit ; Ime glad we have left this channel based system and are starting to embrace object audio as it is a more precise way of steering sound elements more precisely rather than via a channel , If your room can accommodate it of course
  7. cwt

    Convert 5.1 etc to 4.0

    Dr S.K ; I would urge you to read this pdf treatise on multichannel sound by the Acoustical Engineering icon ; Floyd .E Toole '; although dated the principals he lays out still hold . We had 4ch reproduction eons ago with quadraphonics which was later emulated with dsp modes which even now cant emulate the true discrete we have now.. http://www.mariobon.com/Articoli_storici_AES/Toole/Libro_bianco_Toole_123.pdf Easy to see why a Harman system is not so cheap
  8. Or a white knight sees how popular they are and buys the intellectual property How many takeovers have we had lately ? I wonder how Cambridge Audio view all this as they have a player to support .. Only thinking about this ; no clue what may or may not happen
  9. cwt

    75" Recommendations

    Apart from the better backlighting zone technology being used brad ; the 9400 using the better xtreme pro chipset has just received the dolby vision upgrade ; something the 8500 will never get as its processor isn't up to it... Good read here on o/s versions https://www.itwire.com/reviews/entertainmnent/78561-sony-packs-dolby-vision-into-new-x93-94e,-4k,-2017-lcd-tvs-first-look.html
  10. cwt

    4K Quality Questions.

    If your ATV is capable of dolby vision it should handle HDR10 - dv metadata is derived from the HDR10 standard. To check this out read this ; https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208074 Auto or similar should read the hisenses edid and send what it requires ie hdr10 . Dolby vision is superior to HDR10 as it adjusts frame by frame dynamically and has a higher bitrate but it may be hard to pick depending on authoring of the source . Your 75n7 though has hdr+ which is also frame by frame so is ready for any hdr10+ streamed from amazon etc To confirm your avr is passing through uhd properly ; bypass it and plug directly into the hisense and compare the two
  11. Good news ; I would have been swapping cables too ; certainly saves a factory reset and all that subsequent re programming
  12. cwt


    Place your bets on the mid terms as the educated old [relatively to his constituent lower intelligent base] College Republican demographic start to wake up to universal health care . Great to see Paul Ryan [house speaker] join his motley crew of quiters and leave too..
  13. Just mention this is a pre processor ; not an av receiver ; power amps are needed . This is the rare bird that is upgradeable unlike a lot of others btw GLWTS
  14. cwt


    Its a shame Drump doesn't listen or understand Walmart ;Bestbuy etc as well who import so much low price stuff from China and who oppose tariffs too . https://www.businessoffashion.com/articles/news-analysis/us-retailers-urge-trump-against-china-tariffs