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  1. Further information: Great headphone in immaculate condition, just not needed as moved my gaming setup so two headphones not needed. Amazing sounding and looking headphone. Included, the original cables. 6.3 and XLR cable but Forza cable works upgraded cable, XLR cable with 6.3mm adaptor. Amazing looking copper cable. Covers with case and extra pads. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoe
  2. Further information: Topping E30 dac, great little DAC but not using it ATM. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  3. Mine is on wheels so I roll it in and out of the spare room atm.
  4. The ps5 was bleh till I connected this
  5. I would probably upgrade you amp first, everything else is decent enough. You could even go a amp/dac combo, Something like a Questyle Twelve maybe for about 2g. At that price range you have a few option, even Violectric V281 or a tube amp might be a decent idea like Woo Audio or Feliks. For classical a sabre chip might be a better option for DAC but your dac isn't old or bad and could be a straight swap if you found someone to swap with.
  6. I found it to be blah when comparing it to my small su8. It's ok but the detail is lacklustre. My recommendation is the smsl su8 V2, both RCA and XLR out. It's also only about $400. It is a sabre chip so as in any DAC it depends on your system. Heard Clay's new DAC, it's very nice but outside your budget.
  7. Nice, I absolutely love mine now, took ages to get them to really sing with my setup. The ZMF Aoelus is like the big brother to the HD6xx and was my preferred headphone over the HD800s but not now. Just as mentioned before it may take a while to get the gear to make them really enjoyable. Still looking for upgrades but will see whats next. With regard to second hand HD800s's always be cautious. They extremely popular but have been around for almost 5 years now. People still ask top dollar for the first series but when you have a month old headphone versus a 5 year old one ther
  8. Ben was commenting on all black coloured gear. It is a journey , next thing you may want to look at is a streamer haha
  9. Depending on what volume you listen to music, the HD800s leak so much sound so might want to consider that. Violectric make a great solid state amp which can come with a DAC, extreme power with a bit of warmth. People love the Taurius, even the Questyle maybe, there is always the IFI or even try a SPL. There are opinion, maybe walk into A2A and try some combos out they should have some HD800s to test there as well I would assume. If you went the other way, could get a R2R DAC which should be a warm DAC and add a cheap clinical amp like a Drop or SMSL SP200.
  10. Not in a A/B comparison with similar gear. I listened to some nice DIY tube amps and some Woo Audio ones at the last Brisbane meet but its hard when you they not only run different gear but also different tubes. I know the crack is meant to be nice but it also needs some upgraded tubes to get it's full potential out as with most tube amps. What I can say, the standard tubes on the Echo are decent and didn't have a problem with them but the upgraded tubes opened the amp up so much in terms of quality and sound. I would say the HD800s are some of the most
  11. I have the Feliks Audio Echo with upgraded tubes, picture in my avatar. Benjet has heard it and I personally find it a really enjoyable amp. Matches both the ZMF and Sennheiser, although I find myself gravitating to the ZMF sometimes but the HD800s is comfort king. I still need to upgrade my DAC though. Could have been the tubes or the headphones may have not matched it. My Feliks has zero background noise, absolutely zero hum but I do run 300ohm headphones. I am planning to get one of the higher level Feliks Audio amps at some point. In terms of
  12. It probably wont sound nice with the HD800s, the sound will probably be too thin. The HD6xx is probably covering up a lot of your setup short comings. I think the ZMF is a all rounder and you can improve the rest of the system around it, you cant do that with the HD800s, they are very picky on systems...trust me I found out the hard way. You can EQ them but that can take a lot of effort. Not sure about the rest of the headphones apart from the Clear which also can be picky and has a low impedance of 55 ohm so you have to be careful with tube options. Not end game but would
  13. Have the HD800s and great headphones, if you have the HD6xx might not be your sound though. Hated the Focal fit, clears were ok for sound quality. What about ZMF either the Aoelus or Auteur, ZMF are amazing. Audio Tech meant to be good, Arya good except the QC is bad for the price, Bererdynamics have a decent following. You may want to add you system setup as headphones will depend on this as well.
  14. Amazing IEM except the fit and can be fatiguing. Also price is up there. I would go with the Sony IER M7 best bang for buck IEM there is.
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