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  1. It's probably not an accurate 75db and way higher. If it was too loud to listen to then it was over 75db then yes this is correct you shouldn't go that high as it causes damage to the headphones.
  2. Well my order got cancelled today, they did not have stock of the HD800s. I think they may have figured out it was only demo stock left and not new stock or too many people jumped on the price but you don't know. My mates set of HD820 got shipped last week so they had would have had stock last week. Will just have to live with my set of HD820 for now, probably a good thing as don't have to buy another amp and dac haha.
  3. They probably didnt have many to start and you may have been sniped by some people seeing this thread. Its amazing, the night of mentioning it here they were bought out haha.
  4. By the sound profile you will probably like the HD820 better but you may change you preference if you give the HD800s time. Based on the headphones, I would recommend you check out the Sony MDR Z1Rs for closed back though, wait for a sale though they have increased in price lately. I have the IEM versions and they are amazing (a little different though). I had the Focal Elear and didn't particularly like them, they weren't bad but compared to the Sennheiser's they were lacking for me in all aspects fit, sound and build quality.
  5. Have the HD820 (they are amazing) and have ordered the HD800s but have listened to them a bit previously. The HD820 are nice but need time to "burn in", they take longer to start to sound normal, the tolerance on the speaker is pretty high and takes time to loosen up. The HD800s is less finicky to sound nice for placement as the HD820 needs a decent seal which can be hard at times to get especially with my head, this then goes as an advantage to a a open back headphone. They do sound similar but not the same, the HD820 has the advantage of being closed back. Listening to them previously on a Sennheiser amp I easily preferred the HD800s but the HD820 were clearly pretty new and hadnt loosened up causing them to be pretty lacklustre in bass (or clearly a setup issue). Having owned the HD820 and getting them to sound good for me now they are amazing, will be interesting when I have both soon to see if my preference has changed but I may still prefer the HD800s. Do TLDR: unless you need closed back or like the look of the HD820 (which they look amazing) I would normally recommend the HD800s although a little less bass overall. But that would be at the normal difference of $700 but at only $300 difference both are amazing headphones and at that difference it doesn't matter which you choose. As resale value goes to the HD820 and would outweigh and technical advantage of the HD800s being open back. I do have something to add though, Sennheiser open back have always been amazing though, whatever you call them end game, reference or pinnacle. They were one of the first audio items I used that I went damn im missing something in life (this was hd700's before I bought some AKG712 pros many moons ago). Now to pick a amp and DAC to match the HD800s to......hmmmmm.
  6. I doubt they would be floor stock, Brisbane has floor stock but it's not on their website for sale online. They wouldn't sell floor stock as new. Easy return of they tried.
  7. https://www.davidjones.com/Product/21446070/HD-800S-Audiophile-Headphones--Black Bought mine today, also the hd820 is around $1800.
  8. That's it's normal RRP am amazed a2a kept it at their price for so long. I don't think so this time, looking at it I would say most items will go back to their RRP now. Even the Sony MDR z1r is back at RRP at $2300 at most retailers not only at a2a. The only reason things were cheap in Australia was a2a started a price war, ATM I think they due to the current situation Australia will loss the price advantage we had for many years which is pretty sad for us customers.
  9. Upgraded to Sony IER Z1R cable for a bit and tips as had a pair of IER Z1R laying around. The tips not much of a difference but they don't release as easily from my ear but still not perfect, the cable on the other hand made a huge different. Got a spare cable from the official supplier and was only $120 and was about 4 time thicker and improves the quality no end. With the M7 they have now gone back to their RRP price of about $900 so it would be a worthwhile upgrade. Looks like A2A have raised most of their prices back to RRP on a lot of stuff. Also bought the Sony IER M9 and am now using that cable from them on the M7 and it works quite well and using the Z1R cable on the M9. In terms of the foam tips, they don't work for me because of my ears canal for some reason this is why im thinking custom tips like from Noise guard down south which can encompass most of the IEM so basically a CIEM result. They are more expensive and BaySide Audio (i think thats what they called) can do some for $180 just for the tip I think so was wondering if worthwhile.
  10. Sorry but I am not sure what you mean by this comment. I though DAC was all about the measurements. It is a digital to audio converter so ones that come as close to the original would be the better ones which would be about the measurements. So not sure what you mean by music DACs. What typically is the music section from what I believe you mean is the amp and headphones which can colour the music. If by your comment you could just eq it for a musical feel but it doesn't work like that as you need a good base and this is where measurements matter.
  11. As I state to others here I recommend the smsl sp200 amp, DAC wise as long as it's decent like the topping d50s or smsl su8. Had the elear they are interesting headphones, decent at their current price. Most say they have like a house signature. I would recommend a neutral amp like the smsl or any THX amp. I would probably keep the smsl m8 as it will work will probably and get the smsl sp200 amp (they around $400). Buy one quality item then splitting your money and getting two average items.
  12. They all seem decent just choose your poison really. Questyle have a good reputation and heard good things about the Burson. The two I would throw in is the ifi ican or the rme ADI 2 DAC which is a great DAC with decent amp. It just depends what you want and your specific needs. Is it's a pure amp you could go with either of the monoprice, drop or smsl THX amp and also improve your DAC which would be my recommendation for less then your noted amps.
  13. I got the Sony 507 now, had the m11 and sold it. There wasn't much in it overall but the 507 handles some music better for my taste. The M11 was lacking in a few departments. Also native play store, smaller and better button layout on the Sony. Negatives are battery and a little initial lag when looking at sd card.
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