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  1. Hi guys, a mate has just bought a Samsung 75" RU7100 and asked me to set it up for him. I haven't had a samsung for years so thought I'd ask you fine people for some info. I got great info here when setting up my Panasonic a couple of years ago! TIA
  2. Great choice, I'm sure you'll be happy with your purchase! I would have gone OLED too, but I opted for the bigger size instead. How much was the TV BTW?
  3. Well, let's hope so.....(holding of breath!!!!)
  4. Good to know! Anyone heard of a time frame for the update?
  5. Wow! Good to know Tweaky, I think I'll search for the HCFR and have a go! Can't hurt, right?!
  6. Here's a couple of shots just from my OPPO R9s plus. 1st shot is of UHD 4K with NO setting adjustments. The default if you like, everything at zero apart from the backlight and contrast at 100% on warm2 colour temp. 2nd is of HD Blu-ray on Tweakys settings.
  7. So these new settings are optimum for 1080 and 4K Tweaky? The pix I put up were of a 1080 BD. Are your pix of 4K?
  8. Here's a couple of photos for comparison. The first 2 are Tweakys old settings and the second two are the new settings. As Tweaky said, to me there is more "pop" to the colours and more saturation also. Pix were just taken on my phone in a dark room.
  9. I've had a look at this while playing around with some settings. I notice it with "intelligent frame creation" and "clear motion" on. If I turn them BOTH off, I don't see it. Have you tried that, BrentH?
  10. Yes, you were right, I hadn't copied the settings to HDMI 4 as I wasn't using it! Done it now 👌 Cheers! I'm now going to put in all the new settings into HDMI 1.
  11. Tweaky, I've plugged the BD player into HDMI 4 but the advanced settings and restore default settings are greyed out?
  12. That is an amazing effort Tweaky, I/we thank you for your time and for posting the results here. [emoji120][emoji120][emoji120][emoji120]
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