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  1. Cheers for that. I wouldn't think it's the installers fault anyway, more the Foxtel reps that are a little unreliable...
  2. Hi, Just been getting the runaround from Foxtel for a new install and wondered if anyone here can validate their excuses. We've had an install booked for over a month and the installer was due to turn up today. Heard nothing from him by midday so I called the Foxtel people... then the games begin. Firstly they claimed someone had contacted us to tell us it was delayed (but wouldn't say when), all our phone numbers were correct, none of my family had heard anything. No messages on voicemail or answering machine. Then they tell us that they are out of IQ boxes and the next available install will be around the 27th of October! Of course I'm disappointed in this, IF it's true that they are waiting on stock, I can cop it. However I'm all too aware of the games that go on between installers and Foxtel so I guess I'm keen to hear if anyone else has heard of this, or is it just a load of b.s. Many thanks. M.
  3. I had a similar problem (coloured ghosting lines, particularly with cyan) with a UEC box and fixed it by switching from component to s-video cables (still way better then composite). Seems to be a problem with some UEC units and component out. I'd say there is a fair chance it won't be the case with the IQ.
  4. Same here, looked OK to me when I had a look at about 8pm last night.
  5. Hi, I'm getting a juddering image on "7 HD" with my DigitalView DVH505 STB, Hitachi HD Plasma throught DVI. Been like this for couple of days. All other channels 7 or otherwise are fine. Been like this for a few days.
  6. I was pleased to see there are a number of screensaver options in the interactive setup. A couple are fairly unobtrusive also... more aimed at the plasma users I guess... Better than nothing though!
  7. You'll have to pardon my ignorance, but is this new firmware supposed to be fixing anything in particular?
  8. Is that right? I thought the Hitachi's HD panels used 12-bit (4096 gradations) to achieve their claimed 68 billion colours (except for grey scale which is 10-bit 1024 for some reason)?
  9. So what you are saying is that CRT rules in every way, except for the ways it doesnt? Oooh cutting.... I still laugh at how the CRT fanbois trumpet SED as something thats sure gonna teach us LCD/PDP users a lesson for our impatient desire for a larger display. It's like there must be some special list or something that means the CRT True Believers will get exclusive use of SED devices for the first 50 years or so. Oh if I could have only waited...
  10. I was about to say the same thing. Sadly transparent is the best you could hope to get out of them I think.
  11. That's not necessarily a good thing or a mark of quality in any way. Sounds like you need to readjust your displays colour settings for the new box...
  12. You'll get a black and white image if the Foxtel STB is set to PAL. There is an S-Video option as well. I'd definitely recommend the Jaycar SCART to Component (WQ7255) or Scart to S-Video (WQ7247) leads. Depending on what inputs you have available. Note: If you STB looks like this > http://www.uec.co.za/products/DSD1000.htm you may have problems with component. I've since found out on another forum that S-Video can be a better option with this model as opposed to the Pace made STB's. M.
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