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  1. bugster70

    Unlocking Panasonic DMR-UBT1

    Thanks Spearmint, that's really disappointing to hear. I tried an online search before calling Panasonic and can find codes for just about every Panasonic Blu-Ray player under the sun except mine! I've also seen those remotes on eBay but won't need one for the DVD unlock - Panasonic said they'd do this for me free of charge if I produced a receipt for my unit and it was still within warranty, both of which apply in my case. I'd be more than happy to pay for unlocking the Blu-Ray function but it sounds like this can't be done. Didn't know about hardware upgrades though, so will look into that more. But it's sounding like I'll have to dig out my crappy cheap player to play my overseas Blu-Ray discs...
  2. Hi guys, I bought myself a Panasonic DMR-UBT1 Blu-Ray player/recorder earlier this year as part of a new HT system. I've lived overseas for a while so brought back a bunch of DVDs and Blu-Rays with me. My new player is locked to Region 4 and won't play any of these discs (while the cheap 'n' nasty Samsung Blu-Ray player I bought while overseas as a temporary solution plays anything!). I've called Panasonic Australia and they've said I can take my player (with proof of purchase) to my local agent and they will unlock it for me. But the catch is that they can only unlock it for DVDs, not Blu-Ray. Apologies if this has been discussed a million times before (I did try doing a search for this topic), but is there any way I can unlock this player for Blu-Rays as well? Seems silly that a cheap unit will play anything I throw at it and yet a top-of-the-line Panasonic unit won't. Thanks in advance for any help/advice.
  3. bugster70

    Seeking home theatre speaker/sub advice

    Personally, I'm really glad I went with the in-walls. Wasn't at all convinced at first but apparently they've come a long way. I did, however, buy some Dynamat En-wall enclosures for them, which weren't cheap. But the guys at Eastwood Hifi reckon they make a massive difference to the sound, and that they'd actually prefer the Paradigm Pro series speakers with En-Wall enclosures to the Elite Series without. I'm no audiophile but have had reasonably decent speakers over the years, and to my ear these sound great. I also went with the 8" versions rather than the 6.5" and, with the SB16 Ultra sub doing bass duty, I think the combo sounds fantastic. All this stuff was professionally installed, not by me. Yes, went for the usual front LCR, rear surrounds and front and back 'presence' speakers in the ceiling. Had a bit of a battle with SWMBO re the positioning of the sofa (she wanted it hard up against the back wall!) but managed to persuade her to have it nearer to 2/3 of the way back so that it now sits between the front and rear ceiling speakers. I think this actually not only looks better but is obviously a way better outcome for surround sound too.
  4. bugster70

    Seeking home theatre speaker/sub advice

    Lol, I'm hopeless at doing this stuff! Whilst the a/v side of things is all set up, the living room part isn't quite there yet, still waiting on a new lounge suite - currently just has an old leather sofa in there that is actually part of another set that will go somewhere else, but a new fabric modular unit is on order for this room. But will try to take some pics to post up shortly...
  5. bugster70

    Seeking home theatre speaker/sub advice

    @WatchDoc Sorry for the delayed response! Yep, house built and theatre/living room is all set up. Went with a Dolby Atmos 5.1.4 system. Decided on a Yamaha RX-V3060 receiver, Paradigm Pro series in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, SVS SB16 Ultra sub, Epson TW9300 PJ (housed in custom bulkhead at back of room) and Viewmaster Pro 120" motorised screen (recessed in ceiling). I was a little worried at first about cramming so many speakers into a room that size but it actually sounds fantastic. Playing the Dolby Atmos test disc literally brought on goosebumps! Very happy with the overall result, especially given the compromise that it had to look like a living room first and foremost (so walls are light coloured and ceiling is white). Probably wouldn't satisfy true audio/videophiles but more than good enough for me!
  6. Cannot believe this hasn't sold. I spent forever looking for one of these but the ones that came up all sold almost as soon as they were listed. Ended up getting a SB16 Ultra instead but would have definitely got this if it had shown up at the right time. Great price, GLWS
  7. I have a mate in Brisvegas who may be interested, just emailed him about this (he's not a SNA member). Looks like a fabulous unit, GLWS.
  8. Bummer, I only recently bought a new one of these for $4,100. Would have gladly bought this and saved myself $800 if the timing had been right. Great price, GLWS.
  9. bugster70

    TW9300 vs X5900

    Just to throw another contender into the mix (and with apologies for taking the thread slightly off topic), is the general consensus that the JVC X5900 is a superior PJ to Optoma's UHD65???
  10. bugster70

    TW9300 vs X5900

    Might sound like I'm throwing money away, but my wife agreed to a max spend of $4K and that's what I intend to do (I figure $4.1K is close enough!) - and try to get the best PJ I can for that money. We hardly ever upgrade so if I go for a lesser PJ to save money now I'll probably end up regretting it. Just waiting on confirmation on pricing of the X5900 but intend to pull the trigger if/when that comes in...
  11. bugster70

    TW9300 vs X5900

    @:) al, you're always so quick to reply with very helpful advice, thank you! Hmm, I had read about using the need to use Epson's lower settings for better picture quality on the forum before but had forgotten about this. Makes a bit of a mockery of the high lumens rating if you never use that setting I guess! Ok, I'm really glad I read this thread now because, as I said, I was literally about the go ahead with the TW9300 (was probably going to confirm the order/pay a deposit today!). Whew, thank goodness for this forum...
  12. bugster70

    TW9300 vs X5900

    Hi guys, just read this thread - the title grabbed my attention 'cos I was just about to pull the trigger on a TW9300. I was going to pay $4K for the TW9300 but then read this thread and see that the X5900 is selling for just $100 more. Again, I'll have a non-dedicated room (so there will be some ambient light, will be used to watch TV as well as movies, etc), which is why I had all but decided on the TW9300 (mainly for its brightness). But would I be mad to pay $4K for the TW9300 when I can get the X5900 for $4.1K? Is it unquestionably a better PJ overall? Will its relatively lower light output make me regret switching at this late stage? Sorry for the repetitive questions, but like br0d0 this will be my first foray into PJs and I really have no experience/idea!
  13. bugster70

    Celestion AVC301 centre speaker issue

    Aaarrgghh, thanks @Hensa, I meant to try that too but forgot as my wife was hassling me to do another job. Will try it tonight and see how I go. I was surprised that one of the drivers appeared to be passive too, but it really looked like it had no wires connected to it (or even meant to be connected to it - couldn't see any loose wires anywhere). When the speaker is reassembled and you gently push on one driver, the other extends by the same amount - would that happen ordinarily or does that mean one is passive? Apologies for what is quite possibly a very dumb question, but I did say I'm pretty clueless about this!
  14. Hi guys, I've got a problem with my centre speaker and was hoping someone here might be able to assist. I've got a set of Celestion speakers at home - think the set was officially called AVP305 but it consists of four AVS301 satellite speakers and an AVC301 centre speaker. Anyway, for some time now I have been running my Yamaha receiver on a 'no centre speaker' setting because when it did run, the receiver would trip/switch off at moderate volumes, which was extremely frustrating. I did some testing on the weekend and am now reasonably sure that the problem is the speaker and not the receiver (which I originally suspected was the issue). With no centre speaker selected, the volume can go loud, much louder than I'd ever want. With the AVC301 connected, it triggers what I assume is a safety cutoff in the receiver, which turns itself off at moderate (certainly not high/loud) volumes. I tried connecting a spare AVS301 as the centre speaker and the receiver was happy to play very loudly again. So I opened up the AVC301 and took a look inside, but I'm clueless when it comes to this. Everything looked ok, all wires were properly connected, etc (although I noted that one of the two cones in this speaker appeared to be a passive one). Anyway, I was wondering if anybody here had any ideas on what might be going on? I don't want to spend a fortune having it fixed as I'm about to replace it anyway, but if it's a simple solution/fix then I'd love to try. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  15. bugster70

    Bluetooth turntables - a waste of time?

    Hardly a rant and I think you're on the money with the shared space issue - as my wife and I keep reminding each other, marriage is all about compromises! Celebrating 19 years this year, guess we must be doing something right (and had a shedload of luck to boot). Really appreciate all the input everyone, thank you.