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  1. Can you do a system restore? If you cant access any options you might have to try the safe mode This link here should help http://thesinglegamer.com/index.php?topic=520.0
  2. I forgot that the slim doesnt do wireless, so thats a deal breaker for some. It is for me at the time being. As for faults I'd imagine the slim will be more reliable than the phat version. Apparently the phat was released prematurely to rival the Xbox at the time. You'd imagine that the slim would have been through rigorous testing. But eitherway the slim uses less power and doesnt get so hot(apparently) I repair PS3's and the most common fault I deal with i the YLOD. As for whether to get the phat or slim, the slim runs cooler, uses less power, and the phat is exploitable and can run other OS. For most people the slim is more than adequate.
  3. Im interested, where from? why are you selling but why dont you just list it on Ebay to make it an easier effortless transaction. You will probably end up with more than youre asking.
  4. Let us know how you go with it. Im one of the few people that has a PS3 and doesnt use it for games. Although I do now and then maybe if a friend comes over and I must say im keen to get COD MW2 but besides that im not a gamer. The thing I love about the PS3 is how its such a versatile unit. I cant comment on other consoles but I like how easy it is to play movies, music etc and Im not even using a media server as such for now. Another big plus is the bluetooth remote connectivity. I can be anywhere in the house and select tracks etc. Im not a huge TV person for now as I get most shows/movies online but with PlayTV its certainly another plus for those needing a PVR. Reading recent news articles the PS3 will become even better but I beleive mainly for gamers as they will be introducing new peripherals, ie motion based controllers. Id love to know what the PS4 will consist of as Im not sure what new technology as such they can phase in with it. With HD/Blu-Ray and the current unit being 3D capable it seems there isnt much else is there? Perhaps maybe more power and more user apps available. Some people swear by the PS3 Phat (non-slim) as that is very modifiable but for hackers and geeks for now.
  5. Tell them theyre dreamin. Thats a rip off for an out of warranty faulty unit.
  6. Ive read from users that the PlayTV does record in HD. Can anyone confirm this as I was reading an article released by Sony Australia and they said the reason for the Aussie delay is due to Sony ensuring the unit will record in HD.
  7. I just got back from Asia, although there are lots of pirated movies/games etc in the region, they dont do pirate blu-ray yet. I guess its a cost issue, so anyone speculating about pirate games being out there i think is not quite all there.
  8. I am using that version, oh well I guess my issues are otherwise.
  9. Where did you get the laser from? Was it only the diode itself? or the whole tray part like they sell on Ebay? Also how much did it cost?
  10. Hi, I went to turn my PS3 on tonight after not having used if for a week or so. I usually turn it off at the mains which I did for the week but have previously left it in standby mode. The problem I am having is the PS3 is dead. When the power to the unit is supplied the red light goes on but as soon as you press the on button (at the front) the light changes to green for a second and then the whole unit is dead with nothing else budging it. To try the whole process again the mains have to be turned off then on. A hard reset doesnt work. Looking on youtube as I suspected the problem is most certainly the power supply. Rather than replacing the whole power supply module Ive been doing some fault finding on the unit. Ive tested components and I know through previous experience diodes and transistors are generally the first components to blow. The power transistors test fine but I tested 1 x diode that appears to be a short circuit to me. It is D110, I dont have a soldering iron to remove it and confirm it out of the circuit. Testing both polarities it is a complete short. Just wondered if anyone knew any better or could test their working unit if they were in a position to. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  11. THis appears to be a common fault on the PS3 that the blu-ray diode burns out. If the warranty has expired there is a statutory warranty but its open to argument as to how long after Sony should honour repairs. But as its a common fault it should swing things in ya favour. As for paying someone to repair it, I beleive someone said around $300. The part costs around $60 - $100 I beleive. On you tube they have instructions on DIY.
  12. I have the Netcomm NB9WMAXX and am having the same issues. Ive tried just about all the settings suggested here to no avail. One thing ive noticed is the PS3 says its using NAT2 I cant use a wired connection due to the house setup. Im finding it a pain with the wifi drop outs all the time. It seems to be a problem with the PS3 talking to the PC when dealing with larger files, but sometimes it will drop out when just viewing a folder path. Im at a loss on this one, its such a widespread problem that youd think somewhere in the world someone would have a solution.
  13. How will it work if it doesnt need a USB adaptor? Also I think I read in one of those links somewhere that the later models wont need the USB adaptors, I was led to beleive that all PS3s (cept for the 20GB model) are the same besides the various HDD sizes. Im about to get a PS3 remote but if the logitech does the trick without USB while doing my other devices, then thats the way to go.
  14. I just recently purchased a PS3 and the main reason I bought it was as a Media Centre. I know I could have got a dedicated PVR which would do most things but cost vs features etc the PS3 is the best for my use. I have tried using Windows Media Player 11, TVersity, and PS3 Media Server software to get media streaming etc running so that I can see content from my PC. I am doing it wirelessly and signal strength isnt the issue. A quick search on google reveals connection failures to be a wide spread problem but no real fix. When I try to view files and it doesnt matter what sort, I get an error saying the Media Server had Disconnected. Im not sure why but the error will only occur when its looking up data and does this just about every time. The router im using is NBW9MAXX, on the PS3 ive tried both auto and manual settings for the IP/DNS. The data is on my laptop which has built in wireless. It certainly see's the device but will disconnect. Anyone aware of this issue, have any ideas or know the solution?
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