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  1. Screenshot if you don't believe me, bitrate at the bottom.
  2. Well funnily enough I'm listening to a Harry Belafonte CD at the moment, which sounds superb and was a Gold pressing, and USB Audio driver is reporting a bit rate of 396kb. Frankly I don't care that the bit rate is so low, I'm happy enjoying the music.
  3. I've started listening to internet radio just to get some variety into my music, and have actually been pretty surprised how good even 128kb can sound. In years past I used 320kb files for listening at work and know it's a standard I can live with happily. Sure, CD rips are great and my whole music collection is now on a large SD card in uncompressed Flac, and I listen them often, but to just casually wind down for an hour at the end of the day without setting up Dacs and hunting for a particular CD, I'm finding that the recently acquired AKG N700NC bluetooth headphones are a huge blessing. Hence the renewed interest in Tidal/Spotify etc, to have curated playlists and suggestions based on my music tastes will be a major bonus and open up much more variety than what's locked in my CD collection. Another bonus of Bluetooth headphones and streaming is when my cat wants lap time at the same time as I'm listening, not having to worry about cables and connections is a godsend.
  4. At the moment it seems that everyone in Australia is charging $11.99 month for their high quality (but not lossless) streaming tier. At the moment, who has the best audio quality in their 320kb (or thereabouts) music stream. I've read that the various providers have their own way of tailoring the music to suit their view of what the consumer wants..is this right or wrong, and if it's right who has the most unprocessed stream. At the moment I'm not interested in paying extra for lossless, could change in the future, but at the moment I reckon I'd be quite okay with what I believe is streaming in the 256-320kb range. Any comments on Tidals 320kb stream especially appreciated.
  5. A friend acquired the AKG N700NC CM2 headphones that came with the recent Samsung mobile phone preorder deal. I've put plenty of hours on them in the last week and they are seriously good, I really recommend them and, the good news, they sound very good both in Bluetooth mode and they scale tremendously well when hooked by cable to a dedicated DAC/amp.The headphones I own are Audio Technica AD900s, Hifiman 400S, and last year I had Jays U-Jays for several months till I sold them. Only the Hifiman beats them, but then your talking about an open back planar versus a closed back, so the presentation is quite different. I'm really enjoying these, and for sheer detail retrieval in wired mode they are the best headphones I've ever had. I've wondered how good ANC headphones could be, never having owned a pair, but these have an easy musicality about them that is really addictive. Dirt cheap at the moment since everyone that got them in the phone preorder and don't want them are selling them on EBay, new in box, with pricing around $200. Bargain.
  6. I have this model Supernet and am having the same problems as other users here - picture breaks up, distorts and sound is garbled. It's getting to the stage that Channel 7 is the only one I can semi reliably record, 2 and SBS are non existent and Ten records terribly, nine less so. Can anyone point me in the direction of a RELIABLE twin tuner PVR, a previous Digicrystal STB worked perfectly but I thought all these units were basically clones of each other. At the moment were downloading Cnannel 10 programmes off the internet and finding this vastly superior to suffering through a garbled transmission, but we can't do this for everything!! Any suggestions or recommendationations?? hal55
  7. Thanks for the advice. The problem with my speakers is that, though nominally 4ohms they drop to 1.7 and it was too big an ask for the amp to drive. First and last time I use electrostatics for HT duty.
  8. I recently acquired a Hitachi PJ-TX10 which has pretty standard resolution (native) of 854 X 480. Given that this is around the resolution of DVD and Standard TV is there any benefit in feeding it a higher definition signal. I've seen the odd post that HD looks great on this projector but I'm a bit mystified as to how that could be given that it's native resolution doesn't support anything higher. I've also seen the odd DVD player that includes line doubling, same question, will that give a better signal. I'm using a Panasonic DV676A which, for the price, gives what I think is a really good picture so I'm not interested in upgrading unless there is a real benefit to be gained. Outdoor scenes on the Hitachi can look stunning but darker indoor scenes can lose a lot of detail. Is this a limitation of the projector or do I have it set up badly? Does anybody have an opinion on getting a HT set up disc, are they worth it or can you set it up just as well without. FINALLY, has anyone else blown up their amp playing War Of The Worlds like I did (one channel totally blown - 10 output transistors fried).
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