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  1. Thanks Rod for the extra info. I wasn't aware that Salk Sound was still selling these, as Dave Ellis stopped about 10 years ago from memory
  2. Unique Ellis Audio 1801b speakers, which are a two way bass reflex design using a 6.5" Seas Excel Woofer and a Hiquphon OW1 Tweeter, mounted on amazing twisted stands in Tasmanian Blackwood veneer. The cabinets and stands were built for me by Montague Furniture. The cabinets themselves are 480 h x 400 d x 270 w, with the total height on the stands being 1770 (spikes are on the bottom of the stands). I don't know how easy it would be to remove the speaker cabinets from the stands as I'm unsure how they are attached. These are in good condition, and sound amazing. I won't try to describe th
  3. Sorry Ash, you are correct , I was just trying to respond to everyone, so was a bit overwhelming
  4. Yes, the response was quite amazing. I thought a couple of people might be interested and I'd sell them in a week or two, but I've have multiple offers of people willing to travel from interstate to get them. They have been part of my life for 20 years now, but with house renos about to start they just aren't the right fit anymore, so hopefully the new owner will get 20 more years of enjoyment. I have two other speakers I'll also be selling in the next month...both are quirky. The first is a pair of Dave Ellis 1801s mounted on some very interesting stands I had made. These were for l
  5. Thanks everyone for your interest and comments. Sale is pending on these and I will update "SOLD" today when collected
  6. Further information: Rare Dynaudio Finale Floorstanding speakers. These were Dynaudio's premier kit speakers from the 1990s/early 2000s. The cabinets have been professionally built by a furniture maker and finished in Tasmanian Myrtle veneer. These are very large 4 way speakers, measuring 153cm high x 31cm wide and 40cm deep, and are very heavy (require at least 2 people to lift). They comprise a 12" woofer (30W100XL) with 12" passive radiator, Lower Midrange 15W75 (150mm driver with a 75mm voice coil), Upper Midrange D52AF (2" dome) and Tweeter Esotec D260 (28mm dome). The crossover circu
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