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  1. I had a motorised ebay projector screens that did the same thing. I put some clamps on the edge of the screen and attached the clamps to some wall trim. I had curtains on the side to cover the clamps.
  2. Hi. When it smooths out the image by inserting frames -> Using Frame Interpolation (epson.com), It basically increases the frames per second, some people call it the "soap opera affect".
  3. Just wondering if 9400 owners find the interpolation at 1080p only an issue? I am considering upgrading to the 9400 and the only daw back I can see is this. I’ve also read that if you downscale the image to 1080p in the menu you can enable it and the picture still comes out at 4k quality - not sure if anyone has tried this. Thanks
  4. Hi Michael, thanks for the reply. I think realistically I wouldn’t be looking for full reference, probably around 10 or 15 decibels less. Would that be possible sitting approximately 3 metres away. Is the 89 db measured from a certain distance?
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Have you heard the Symmetrix? For such a popular brand they arent the easiest to get to listen to..
  6. My HT is 5.3m X 3.4m and I am wanting to know would the Krix Symmetrix be powerful enough for the LCR? I am thinking of Krix Symmetrix for the LCR and also surround left and right, then Dynamix for the back left and right, and krix atmospherix for atmos. As a bit of a back story, I am in the process of going from 1080p to 4k, which basically means all new components which is stretching the budget. I was initially thinking of going the megaphonix flat but a sales person who seemed very informed was confident that the Symmetrix would do the job. I am a l
  7. Cool, thanks everyone. I was a bit worried about it but seems like it is doable. I am currently using 12 awg wire. I will stagger the connection, wrap them around each other, solder and then use the heat wrap.. not ideal but better than rerunning cable through the wall / ceiling.
  8. If I have a 4 metre speaker cable and a 2 metre speaker cable can I solder them together to make a 6 metre speaker cable? The reason I ask is I am looking to move my receiver location a couple of metres. Unfortunately the distance I want to move the receiver is more than the slack of the speaker cable in a couple of instances. Where my speaker cable is too short do I need to rerun these cables (going through the wall and ceiling) or can I solder another length of speaker cable to the end? Would I loose sound quality if I use the exact same speaker cable? If it is OK should I use a par
  9. Yes, sound was good. I put the make shift screen in front of one speaker, ran just that speaker and measured the dbs with a meter on the phone, it was pretty much the same with the screen present and not there.
  10. I bought the samples from here -> Nylon Spandex Matte Lycra 4Way Stretch Fabric DIY Craft Swimwear Dance Yoga Wear | eBay It seemed to have the same details as the spandex world so, I thought I would give it a go. I really liked the idea of getting a sample and trying before I buy the full amount. I really wanted to like the spandex screen but was really disappointed. . I've uploaded a couple of images if people are interested. I currently have an epson eh-tw5500, and I am looking to upgrade to either the epson 9400 or benq 5700.
  11. I recently gave the diy spandex screen a go and was disappointed with the results. I ordered some milliskin matte spandex, a sample of white and black both 40 cm x 150 and placed it on a frame. I found if I did white on black it was too dark and white on white ruined the blacks. The best picture I could get was doubling the white over the black but even then the sharpness was not very good even compared to my cheap ebay screen. I tried different tension of the fabrics and found that minimum tension was best but still not great. It may have been the fabric I tried, it
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