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  1. I have upgraded and no longer need these speaker, they are the Dynaudio X14 bookshelfs and the X24 center speakers in satin white in immaculate condition. Location is Adelaide but can ship if needed $2000 for the lot open to offers
  2. I have a set of Venere 2.5's for sale in gloss black, immaculate condition. $2500 delivered aus wide http://www.sonusfaber.com/en-us/products/venere-2-5
  3. I have my Dynaudio Xeo 3's for sale as i just dont use them anymore, they are gloss black with a scratch along the bottom of one of the speakers. They work perfectly. $900
  4. According to JVC there is no new X35 they are just continuing on and as far as the GB im gonna close this down as its just all tyre kickers and they are out of stock until end of feb now anyway.
  5. if its you first then i would go for the X500 as it would be a great first projector. cheers
  6. Ok pricing is in so ill start the PM'ing, deposits will be taken on these as there will be limited stock and these will run until mid january. These are full aussies stock through JVC-Kenwood and come with 2 Year warranty. Cheers
  7. Hey Mate thats the RRP now for the X35 official and the X500 is $5999 RRP now sorry.
  8. Hey guys, The X35 will continue on at $3499 RRP now and the X500 will run along side of it. Heres the Press Release
  9. Ok these are now on the water and should be here just before christmas so we need to get an idea of numbers now so we can lock down the GB prices, so if you are keen just leave a message in this thread and ill contact you when we are ready to rock. X500 2 Pairs of glasses and emitter X700 4 Pairs of glasses and emitter X900 4 Pairs of glasses and emitter Lets Go!
  10. its firmware upgradable and a couple less button presses.
  11. Hey lads if you want the prices shoot me a pm, sometimes i miss them in the thread. And Renfen says you cant receiver any messages. Oh and these things work very very well
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