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  1. Why not look at the SD versions (in the 200's) of your HD channels and then you can compare PQ and if its worth reducing.

    Good point hey.

    I'll do that as I never ventured into that territory.

    I always thought it was odd the put the "200's" before the "100's" when surfing through channels, but I guess I now know why.

  2. Current HD Foxtel Cable Channels Bitrate and transponder config

    Cab 263000 6950

    Discovery HD 5 Mbps

    ESPN HD 7 Mbps

    ESPN2 HD 6.7 Mbps

    Fox Sports 2 HD 10 Mbps

    FOX8 HD 7 Mbps

    ThrillerCrime HD 4.7 Mbps

    Cab 271000 6950

    3D Channel 10 Mbps

    ActionAdv HD 3.6 Mbps

    Fox Sports 3HD 10 Mbps

    FX HD 5.1 Mbps

    Nat Geo HD 5.5 Mbps

    SoHo HD 5.6 Mbps

    UKTV HD 4.5 Mbps

    Cab 279000 6950

    A&E HD 7.3 Mbps

    BBC Know HD 6.3 Mbps

    Comedy HD 6.7 Mbps

    DramaRom HD 3.8 Mbps

    Fox Sports 1HD 11 Mbps

    Premiere HD 5.5 Mbps

    Showcase HD 5.5 Mbps

    Cab 287000 6950

    Family HD 3.9 Mbps

    FOX FOOTY HD 11 Mbps

    LifeStyle HD 5 Mbps

    Masterpiece HD 4 Mbps

    MTV Live HD 5.5 Mbps

    NatGeoWild HD 5.5 Mbps

    SPEED HD 11Mbps

    Hi mate.

    Just wondering...

    I don't know where or how you get that info, but can you post the bitrates, etc, for the SD channels as well?

    The HD channels (the ones that I watch) have turned to crap now and look nothing like HD, so I'm wondering if I should reduce my package and stick to just the SD channels now.

    Cheers man.

  3. Well, I have to say this is pretty much the first time I've been very disappointed with Foxtel.

    I've been pretty much happy until now, but with the changes in the movie packages and the VERY noticable drop in quality, I'm actually pretty put off.

    Foxtel seems to be rapidly becoming a second rate product/service.

    I'll need to review my package and/or tenure.

    Just adding to this...

    I just cannot beleive they have Safehouse on their Premiere HD Channel, playing again within the space of only a few hours on the same channel.


    Totally new low they've sunk to.

  4. No, there are many transponders on the sat and available cable channels that they could use, but they choose not to.

    Well, I have to say this is pretty much the first time I've been very disappointed with Foxtel.

    I've been pretty much happy until now, but with the changes in the movie packages and the VERY noticable drop in quality, I'm actually pretty put off.

    Foxtel seems to be rapidly becoming a second rate product/service.

    I'll need to review my package and/or tenure.

  5. They have changed, I don't know exactly when. Frankly, I can't believe the Premiere movies channel would have the 2nd LOWEST bitrate priority on the multiplex. Maybe Foxtel now allocates the bitrates based on how many people watch each channel these days and with movie subscriptions dropping off they don't care to allocate them decent quality!

    12011H transponder:

    A&E HD: 7.58 Mbps

    BBC Know HD: 5.4 Mbps

    Comedy HD: 7.06 Mbs

    DramaRom HD: 5.79 Mbps

    Fox Sports 1HD: 9.38 Mbps

    Premiere HD: 5.04 Mbps

    Showcase HD: 4.78 Mbps

    12052H transponder:

    Discovery HD: 5.00 Mbps

    ESPN HD: 5.60 Mbps

    ESPN2 HD: 8.30 Mbps

    Fox Sports 2HD: 10.50 Mbps

    FOX8 HD: 4.23 Mbps

    ThrillerCrime HD: 6.32 Mbps

    I knew it! It's really very noticable.

    That's totally ridiculous, and the logic behind the bandwidth allocation is beyond me.

    Are they that limited regarding bandwidth and bitrates that they have to do this?

  6. Hey,

    Just curious, as Google didn't provide me with any hits or explanations.

    Just wondering why when I go into settings and signal test, some tuners just appear with "unlocked" rather than showing signal strength and quality.

    Not always the same tuners, and sometimes it's just one or two.

    I know it never used to be like this, but just noticed it since I had my LNB re-aligned just recently.

    Anyone know?

  7. This is turning into another LCD vs Plasma thread.

    But getting back on topic, as I've mentioned before, my Panasonic VT20 (supposedly the best plasma for it's time in 2010) has blacks that are on par with my Sony LCD which is 3 or 4 years older. I'd dare to say even worse.

    I'm also talking about night time, in a dim viewing environment.

  8. Seems to be the TC-P50X1 720p model, I can't find mention of any of the 1080p models. Mind you, I don't read many forums. I also think that some of these problems are really only noticed by people who look for them, I'm not sure I'd even notice unless it was blatantly obvious.

    It may also be the case with the P50 (add another one to the list!), but there's posts popping up at HDJ and AVS of the ST50 being plagued by them also.

    It was even touched upon in a review posted earlier.

    It's there, and it's real, and it's a worry.




  9. Yes, sad.

    Sad that you posted again simply to LCD bash.

    Now, to balance out your post, read on.


    "The black level is lower than any 2011 HDTV we tested, being one-half of the best level we tested on a Panasonic VT30 (0.004 ft lamberts). We like to emphasize this was with the LEDs on, not off, as other sets simply shut down the light source

    "Three things made this TV stand out from every other LED LCD flat panel we’ve tested to date: the viewing angle, the black level and the signal processing. No matter if we stood up or sat, viewed straight on or at an angle, the WT50 produced a fine image with no color shift or increase in black level. This is a LCD first, with no need to sit at dead center for the best image. I’d even go so far as to say, in this regard, it made us forget we were watching a LED LCD and not a plasma, which are known for their outstanding viewing angle."

  10. Why not wait until the Panasonic 2012 series is released?

    It's not that long until they're released.

    The 2011 models had too many issues for my liking, (uniformity issues - green/pink tinges, buzzing, FBr), so I struck that off my list for consideration to replace my VT20 (as the FB's still really annoy me even after a year of owning it!).

    I'm biding my time to see how the VT50 performs, as it's not too far away until it's released, and see what (if any) issues this TV has.

    In my eyes, Panasonic has got the basics wrong for the past couple of years, so I'm hoping this year is their turning point.

    Having said that, if I were in your position and wanted a panel now, I'd go for the Sammy.

  11. Frog,

    The model quoted is not the top model - HX 925 or in the case of Europe HX923 is the top of the range.

    It is obvious that you cannot say anything good about LCD TV's & any negative reports about them you sieze your moment in the sun.

    It is very disappointing that the majority of your posts are all about trashing a certain type of television & you dont seem to post a balanced argument.

    Totally agree.

    I'd hate to see this forum descend into the gutter and turn into trash, much like the Whirlpool forums did a while back until a particular poster was permanently banned.

  12. I'm glad you decided to 'hope' rather than hold your breath... ;)

    Yeah I know, and I don't really hold much hope at that.

    It's a sad state of affairs isn't it really.

    All I know is that I'm over my VT20, the VT30 had too many problems, so I'm eagerly awaiting the VT50.

    I have also lost ALOT of faith in reviews and reviewers. I'll take all reviews with with a grain of salt.

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