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  1. Black level enhancement: off Contrast enhanc.. :off Brighness limiter: off White enhanc.. : off Color range: Wide Color richness: Off I've noticed most ppl tend not to play around with any enhancement, is there a compelling reason for this? Also, how is your experiences with the Tv's performance in respect to Ps3 gaming? Pretty good I'd Hope
  2. Purchased my Sony Z5500 46inch from HN yesterday, I marched up to the sales guy and asked him to price match for me, took him about 10 mins before he walked out and said the best he could do was $2568. I hesitated and was ready to leave, he then said "if you're willing to take one today, I'll give you $2500 then..." Didn't think he was particularly happy with the sale considering the price, plus this other salesman asked me "where did you get that price"? "how did you find it?" etc. That's my 2 cent...
  3. Scored a 46Z5500 for $2500 today! Cant wait!
  4. Just purchased my Sony 46Z5500 today, I was wondering if anyone can offer me their preferred settings for viewing Blu-Ray and Ps3 Lastly, is Firmware update available for this TV considering the fact many overseas users have been updating their Bravia's via the latest firmware. Cant wait for my Ps3! Woooot! Thank you all!
  5. congra Catnap, Enjoy your new Bravia!
  6. Does anyone know how good the Retravision Store Cost + 1% promo is? Cheers
  7. Hey thanks Adman for your inputs Do you mind sending me your receipt to my Email stevenliu0124@hotmail.com Saves my self from the excruciating bargaining process if not Repetitive Cheers!
  8. What's a good price for the 46Z5500 Kulfi? Cheers
  9. How about the Sony 46Z5500? You guys think I may be able to get it for $2500? or even better?
  10. Hey Guys As the topic suggests, I'm currently in the market for a Sony 46inch Z5500 which coincide with the latest Sony Ps3 giveaway! Anyway, I was thinking whether if I could get some user feedback on this unit, I will be using it mainly for Blu-ray and Ps3 gaming and DVD as well. Lastly, I like to get some Price enquiry for this Tv. I like to know what is some of the Best cash price someone has paid for it recently. After-all the cheaper the better right! Cheers Guys!
  11. Hey Andy, supposedly if you make your purchase, do you mind passing me the receipt? BTW, Where did you got quoted for $2500? Very interested...
  12. Hey Stuggo, Yes I do! and its in great shape!
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