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  1. Went to Good Guys in Alexandria today hoping to have a look at the $999 42 inch plasma but was told that they didn't have any in stock. The thing is, all their stock seems to be kept in the store and they had 6 of them on a pallet. So I asked them to check the price of these and was told that these were not the $999 being advertised, these were different and were $1399. Unfortunately the brochure doesn't have the model number so it was difficult to argue it with them but I did ask 2 separate sales guys and they were both telling the same story, I'm guessing GG Alexandria have been told to not sell these. No idea why, they were pushing the one with the inbuilt SD tuner which I wasn't interested in, I pointed out that these 2 Conias were exactly what they were advertising, the SD tuner being the only difference but they came up with the same BS. Quite funny in the end.

  2. Nice price Dickie, I just purchased one today and payed more than that.... and the company refuses to organise delivery...

    Is there anyone that could PLEASE give me the size,weight and dimensions of the packaged TW600? or some info on a good courier company, I need to get it from Melbourne to Brisbane.

    Well mine was sent via Australian Air Express, Rosebud VIC to Sydney NSW, $35 plus $10 insurance. Says on the box that its 5Kg Prepaid so I guess its less than 5 Kg. Dimensions are 500 L, 400 W and 300 H.

  3. Received a warning from a fellow forum user about purchasing from E-bay, apparently you may not qualify for the bonus lamp if purchased in that way so a useful heads up for anyone else thinking of buying from there. Here's my response though - I guess I was lucky:

    "Thanks for the response but the deal is done, on the plus side, I didn't actually buy it from an e-bay auction, the guy contacted me direct from Peninsula Home Theatre and said he could sell me a new one for $2200, including free bulb and an extra 6 months warranty (as per the current Epson promotions). Received it yesterday. I've printed off the Epson promotion and I need to send the proof of pruchase but as it was from Peninsula I don't see any problems - thanks for the warning though, I'd have been pretty peeved if buying it from E-bay had invalidated the bulb offer."

    Just projecting onto the (greyish) wall using my Xbox 360 to play a movie I was still really impressed - as was the wife who admitted to being more than sceptical before she saw it. I think we'll be using it alot more than we thought we would. I'll not be getting a HD Plasma/LCD now, the projectors just so much better and cheaper too.


  4. What have you guys started, had to choose between the Z4 and the TW600. Best price for Z4 was $2490 on Ebay from a Sydney based seller - you could collect so I figured that was pretty safe, but the TW600 was only $2200 brand new with the free bulb and only $55 postage so it got my vote (a different seller, but still on Ebay with 100% feedback and all the contact info you could hope for). Can't wait now, should have it by early next week.

    Once again, to reflect what others have been saying, thanks to all the very knowledgable people here on the forum in assisting me with my decision. You just can't beat opinions from people with real experience of these things.


  5. I was hoping the update would resolve my DVD playback issues - in that it won't play DVDs through the Component cables. I've got it connected up to a 26" Magnavox and whilst I can see the dashboard as soon as I try to play the DVD I get an out of range error. Strangely, copied DVDs do not have this problem, only originals (tried it just as a test you understand). I can also play the DVD using VGA cables OK but I get no sound (using the red/white connectors in both available places). So not alot of joy. Still, games work fine.

  6. If you need a box with YUV call foxtel ask to speak to TST (technical support) and they will give you a pace stu at no charge as long as you advise them you want it because of YUV and no other reason.

    Its true, the UEC720 box REALLY sucks. You can get it changed for free to the Pace 420 box but you have to be really firm and don't accept its a 75 bucks charge. Use the fact it doesn't do YUV and that you need to hook it up to your home theatre system, you need the 5.1 surround sound. They will do it be they will put up a fight.

  7. http://img83.imageshack.us/img83/6839/settings6vx.th.jpg

    Ok heres my settings so far, this appears to be perfect now. This is with a GF4 Ti and 81.98 forceware version.

    After setting that i can now select the native res in CS:Source and trackmania (only 2 games on this pc).

    *note* its seems when you go back into the nvidia panel the res gets reset and undoes your custom settings. But anyway you can now have native res with DVI :blink:

    Spent ages trying to get the TV to display at 1366*768 only to find that having my background desktop image set to stretch made it look like it wasn't working (I had issues with the screen scrolling to display the 1366 on what I guess it thought was a 1024 display). Set the background image to centred and hey presto it seemed to work itself out. So now getting the best output over DVI from my laptop. Nice.

  8. I will be hooking up my xbox 360 to it shortly and giving that a test, will report back once I have an idea how it all pans out...

    Looking forward to see how it performs with the 360, thats exactly why I want it in the first place. Where did you get yours from, I can't seem to find anywhere in Sydney that has one in stock.

  9. We tried 4 stores in Sydney on Thursday night and none of them had any in stock. We got a raincheck on it which is great but if anyone is interested you can order this via mail order with only 15 bucks delivery, the wife rang them on Friday and they had one in stock but it would have taken 4 days to deliver so would have arrived next Thursday and we are on holiday so I'll be waiting on my raincheck but someone else might want to give it a try.

    Still interested to know if anyone has tried an Xbox 360 though (other than the favourable link provided previously - I want to make sure it works through the Magnavox and not just the Phillips Magnavox - if there is indeed any difference).


  10. ...and the box does *everything* that the Pace box does. The box is slower - and it doesn't support optical 5.1

    They do? Perhaps it's hidden somewhere... are you able to tell me where to look or link me to a website?

    1. As you say it doesn't do everything. And the menu isn't just slower, its unusably slower.

    2. Well, if you go to the info for a movie it shows the Dolby Digital symbol if its broadcast with it. Its not quite a T&C but I can't be rooting around for those (especially if I don't find it mentioned), but they will accept it as an argument for why you need a free Pace box instead of an old reconditioned UEC 720 one.

  11. well the 720 stu thet you have is a bit slower the the pace 420 & uec 1000 other than that there is no real difference...

    Woooah there, there is a massive difference if you've tried using the menus in both. The UEC 720 is so slow its useless, OK, its the same...but you won't want to use it. We had the exact same thing, a crappy old 720 box. I complained to Foxtel and they replaced it for free. Complain it doesn't have surround sound capability and that Foxtel advertise the movies with surround and supply a box that can't play it. You have to play hardball but they will eventually cave in and send you a nice new Pace 420 box.


  12. We got the UEC 720 box originally and it is awful. Definitely ring them and stipulate you want the Pace 420 box - mention how you need the surround sound capabilities. I had some big arguments with the guys on the phone but they eventually gave in and gave us the Pace 420 for free so don't pay for an upgrade.

    Good luck with it.

  13. Had the engineer round on Saturday to sort a problem I was having with my Sky News channel. We were chatting about the lack of Foxtel IQ in our building even though we have the full digital service. He tells me theres no reason why we shouldn't have IQ, he did say it might be limited to recording only 2 channels or something which is where I got confused because I assumed thats what it allowed anyway...anyway, any form of IQ would have been great so I gave Foxtel a call....only to be told that I couldn't have it as the transmitter on our building isn't powerful enough to be able to transmit IQ to all the appartments in the block (36 floors) and that it can only deal with sending the standard signal - he basically told me that if everyone had IQ it would double the load and the transmitter couldn't deal with it. He also told me that my appartment block was blocked from ordering IQ, his system rejects any request to have IQ ay my address. Great.

    So I've e-mailed the body corporate to ask if they can upgrade the system - which apparently will cost mega bucks, so I guess thats not going to happen. Bummer really, I said I wouldn't tell anyone if they just let me have it....


  14. I have had a similar issue with my fox on various channels...

    I had a tech come out. When performing a frequency sweep test, he identified issues (heavy attenuation) in some frequency bands where the digital channels are carried.

    Turns out there was an issue with the (Optus) network. Had some network engineers out to fix the issue and it seems to be fixed.

    I'd recommend getting a tech out to have a look.

    Cheers, got someone coming out on Tuesday.

  15. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this recently, but a few days ago Sky News stopped working, the picture was badly broken up and I had no sound. I called Foxtel and an engineer came out today and got it working for me. Only tonight, we wanted to watch a Box Office movie and we had exactly the same problem, the picture is really badly broken up and totally unwatchable. So far I have only noticed this on the Sky News channel - which is now working - and this one box office channel, other Box Office channels seem OK - got Team America on now.

    Its just weird this has only started happening this week...around the time a new update is out?


  16. and what Foxtel box would I need to receive it when it happens?

    Not really to do with high definition, but make sure you get a Pace 420 box and not a UEC 720 - you may want to ring Foxtel and stipulate this beforehand. We had an old UEC box and it was awful, really slow in the programme guide and thats without the problems with no digitla optical out etc. There are other boxes, a UEC 1000 I think but I'm not familiar with it...its the 720 you want to avoid, I think Foxtel are trying to farm them out to unsuspecting customers.

  17. My understanding is that you cannot get YUV output on the UEC720 box even if you do a firmware upgrade so your only option is to get a new box - probably the Pace 420. If you have only just got your box then complain to Foxtel that it doesn't output in YUV but most importantly that it doesn't have the optical out that you need for your home theatre system - regardless whether you have one or not. They will argue with you, but in the end they will "see that it is mentioned in your contract" and will let you have a new box for free...this is what happened with me.

    I would actually recommend upgrading anyway, the programme guide on the UEC720 is so slow its not worth using - on the Pace box you can page through as fast as you can press.

    Of course, if I could get IQ in my building then I would get that, having had Sky+ in the UK (the UK equivalent to IQ) it is really good.


  18. Get a scart to rgb cable from Jaycar  CAT. NO. WQ7255

    RRP is $39.95

    Then change your output on Fox box to YUV


    I'm a bit confused by the whole RGB/YUV cable. Is it YUV or RGB, or are they the same, does the cable not care, is it the signal thats sent through it that matters?

    With reference to not having the YUV option, it could be that you have an old UEC720 box. I had one of these and got Foxtel to swap it for a Pace box which has the YUV setting.

  19. What STB do you have? The old UEC 720 doesn't have a YUV setting - even with a firmware upgrade. I just got mine replaced with a Pace420 and the setting is there...and its got optical out and the program guide is really quick. Upgrade, and hassle Foxtel about needing optical out if you want it for free.

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