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  1. http://www.lg.com/au/tv-audio-video/televi...-tv-50PX950.jsp Anyone seen this or the 60 inch out in the wild yet with best prices? THX Certification in both 2d and 3d apparently. With my Samsung going back due to buzzing, and not so comfortable with this years Pana, might be looking at this.
  2. Do we have any idea when this one will hit Australian shores? http://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subac...p;id=1283356604 http://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subac...p;id=1283952410
  3. Any word on Panasonic or Sony upcoming promotions? Thought I saw a post with Pana doing a blu-ray or home theatre soon Wouldnt mind picking up a 50 inch Plasma soon.
  4. Is the store providing the refund or Samsung? Im going through an ordeal with Buzzing also. Gonna give Samsung a call next week to follow up on.
  5. Mine is doing this also. Behind the tv you can hear a slight buzz nothing bad, but from the front its not good. This is the second TV ive had thats had buzzing, the first one was more louder on the back. TV paid for on June 30, delivered about a week later. Replacement arrived June 16. Ive advised Bing Lee and before considering taking it back they want a tech out to investigate even though Samsung say its faulty. Even though the tv is one week old. Service Centre only work weekdays so i have to take a day off work. Frustrating.
  6. On friday i received my replacement 58 inch PS58 Plasma for Buzzing Issues. Replacement is pretty much the same. The old one had a buzz on the back of the tv along with the front directional buzzing. This one hardly has any buzz on the back left but the directional buzz is still there which can be heard from a few feet away. Pretty disappointed as its pretty annoying, especially when listening on low level volume. Lied my head on the floor and pretty much hear nothing. But the way i normally watch tv its definitely there along with gaming. It definitely varies depending on the picture displayed. Bing Lee who replaced it were pretty good as they delivered the replacement at no extra charge. I had to speak with Samsung who said there should be no buzzing from the front of the screen and its most likely a manufacturing defect and to replace with the store. I'm gonna give samsung another call, maybe get a tech out see if its a simple fix, if not gonna have to take it back to the store and consider another brand of TV. Shame as this one has one hell of a fine display. Anyone else with buzzing issues get it sorted with samsung/replacement tv?
  7. Can anyone who has purchased this TV in 58 inch size from a Bing Lee, Good Guys, Retravision etc stores for $3000 with extended warrenty or under please do a scan of the receipt. Many Thanks.
  8. Do we know the power consumption of the samsung 3d plasma tvs yet?
  9. Hi All, Selling Lost - The Complete 3rd Season On Blu-Ray Region A version. Has only been viewed once, includes Card Board Packaging. $35 Express Post Delivered. PM me if interested. Cheers.
  10. Ive had it happen twice on FTA and 4 times on PS3/Bluray. On the PS3/Blu-ray its connected via Yamaha 1900rx-v receiver. Tried different HDMI Cables also with same resultt. This has never happened on my old Sony XBR 3100. Updated the firmware on the Z5500 also.
  11. Has anyone had an issue with the Z5500 (46 inch in my case) where the screen blanks out randomly for a second or 2? This is a replacement tv for my X3100 XBR. Not having alot of luck with Sony.
  12. Properly set mine up today, pretty good tv. Mine seems to have some clouding on the top left and right of the TV. Tried to calibrate to get rid of it but still visable. Anyone else have clouding on their sets? Are there any settings/combinations to get rid of it?
  13. Chockstone I feel your pain. I had a TV buggered in 2008 with red flashing Pixels being a Sony X 3100 series, went in for repair and came back worse. Sony replaced it with a XBR, I wanted a refund but they insisted that it was a dud TV and that its high quality. About a year later the replacement starts to exibit panel faults, double picture and distrotion. So much for a high quality TV. Kicks over to extended warrenty and now they are replacing it with a Z5500 46 inch but only 1 year warrenty. Complained to the retailer and advised them not good enough, TV should come with at least 3 years warrenty. They spoke with Sony and they agreed. It has now been 8 days since they told me this and no news on the replacement from Sony or the retailer. Called up and demanded a refund from the retailer Sony Central Chatswood which was purchased from the Group buy, this is taking way to long. They are washing their hands and pushing it back to Sony. Not Impressed! My faith in the brand has been shot. Gonna demand a refund from Sony, close to 4K for a TV that hardly lasted 1 year. Disgraceful!
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