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  1. Its not a question of capacity, there is PLENTY of free transponders to rent on D3. Foxtel are just cheap skates and won't rent new transponders. You see its not about picture quality at foxtel is about saving a few dollars!!!
  2. They said a whole new transponder (WOW!) thats still not enough! that means they will have to put 8 HD channels (7 currently) channels per existing transponders.
  3. The big question is have they rented another transponder on the satellite ? or are they squeezing these new HD channels in the existing transponder reducing the bitrate for all HD channels to even new greater depths of crap.
  4. anyone got any updated info on the bitrate of the HD channels? did the spare bandwidth from the 3d channel get distributed back to other channels? i doubt it
  5. Channel 9s Tigers V Eels game tonight was replayed in SD on Fox Sports edit: actually the first half is in HD and the second half is in SD. Something must of happened
  6. Yes! This was the first Fox Sports produced HD game from townsville, and it looked amazing! Good stuff Fox!
  7. Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, Last Crusade were shown on star pix a few years back. They were shown in Native HD as well. First time i had seen them in HD : This was before they were released on Blu ray.
  8. been going through the guide and there is heaps of paramount films on in January.
  9. 'blue chips' is a paramount pictures movie and its on drama romance on 12th January.
  10. foxtel are probably in the process of receiving thousands of tapes from Warner brothers etc. Where as before the MNC foxtel just received a feed.
  11. Yes, 5th January on Movie/Crime 8.30 L.A. Confidential (1997) Crime. Kevin Spacey
  12. I wonder if the new channels will have watermarks on them like the former movie network channels? showtime channels never had watermarks hopefully they continue that
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