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  1. I bought an S5 from http://www.platinumav.com.au The best price in Oz i could find. Service was spot on and it was delivered the next day. They also sell all other Sonos gear and my S5 has full Australian delivery & warranty. I am happy & the S5 is better than i expected.
  2. Downer import workers don't they? Didn't they bring a bunch of cable jockeys in from South Africa. One came to my home and asked me if i could offer him a better job and keep his visa. Oh & Austar installers don't earn a 'wage'. They get exploited & in return they get bananas & peanuts.
  3. Optus, employ about 10 technicians in Melbourne. That'll be some task for those blokes. Just like all service providers these days, they don't upgrade anything. They fix it if it breaks. Period.
  4. Join The ETU it is a union with BALLS & Benefits. The CEPU is a wanker union for telecom workers, nothing to do with guys who run cables. The ETU will stand by you if anything like unfair dismissal or failure to deliver promised pay increases fail to come through.
  5. Shop around, the local distributor has just dropped prices, so there are better bargain from many reseller willing to do a great deal.
  6. thanks platinum i now have rhapsody working on my Sonos
  7. we recently had HD IQ2 installed, the guy had a poor grasp of the task at hand, i even know that HD does not come from RCA cables. We called our own A/V guys to do the job and sort out the mess. Thanks to They Fixed our Foxtel Issues in Melbourne we got HD via HDMI and our surround sound works now as well. $200 i wonder what foxtel did with that money? maybe they could use it to train the monkeys they have working for them. Because from what I hear, they pay peanuts.
  8. just wanted to know if this lamp is a good/ fair price. lamp for sale It looks to be a genuine item & i know panasonic charge an arm & a leg. I can be bothered with the price japan route, i've done it before and it sure can be a hassle. Thanks.
  9. i have an AE700 panasonic projector here, and also have a new lamp. But the new lamp says on the box ET-LAE900. will this lamp fit in my AE700 projector? Apart from pulling down my projector and pulling out the existing lamp i'm interested to see if anyone knows the answer before i do this. Otherwise i will have to sell the lamp.
  10. good look, to finish off your equipment cabinet, make a frame with a mesh cover like a speaker front to hide all the gear.
  11. how pathetic are CH10. We are encouraged to go out and enjoy HD. so what does CH TEN do? ... dreamtime at the G, AFL saturday night is SD. Oh but don't worry HD is broadcasting ***kin' NASCAR. CH, go back to big brother and leave the footy to a station that cares.
  12. how about this... you are wrong, someone else has better equipment than you and put the facts there for you to see but you are still in denial. obviously i must have photoshopped it, can i really be bothered with this ???
  13. HD is not always HD. Even if the station has the show on its HD station. Take sunrise on ch7 on station 70. CH70 is not really HD CH10 on its HD station Ch:12 do broadcast as described. CH 12 = 10HD
  14. northlands huh, its called northland ..... learn to speak english correctly please
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