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  1. Sent pm 23min ago regarding unfufilled order from last year. would appreciate a refund as you have promised
  2. I’m hoping the missing XLR is just “lost in translation” as they do mention analogue outputs twice. Need that rear picture to confirm. price is just over double the lx-500 ($998 euro same site) which would parallel the oppo 203/205 pricing model. Hope we get a kind retail price and not a direct currency conversion as 998/2298 euro would be eye watering.
  3. Translated from this webpage: https://www.thomas-electronic-online-shop.de/epages/64214473.mobile/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/64214473/Products/Pio_11_UDP-LX800_schwarz&Locale=de_DE perhaps someone has accidentally activated their webpage early? Pioneer UDP-LX800 black-UHD-4k-bluray-player New 2,298.00 , 00 € * Product is ordered from the manufacturer Description Pioneer UDP-LX800 Black 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray reference player with high-end audio quality Plays CD, DVD, Blu-ray, 4k-Blu-ray, SACD 4k UHD, HDR, DolbyVision playback Solid construction with 2-ply chassis High-end audio/video with USB-DAC Novelty, available from approx. Beginning of September. Use our pre-order bonus. please email us or call. Pioneer UltraHD-Multiplayer UDP LX800 Ultra HD Blu-ray is the latest generation Blu-ray Disc standard and supports the original video resolution 4k (3.840 x 2.160 pixels), HDR (High dynamic range), a particularly realistic image playback with high frame rates up to 60p and an extended color space. The 4k Ultra HD 3d Blu-RayPlayer pioneer UDP LX800 is of course backward compatible, so you can also play the traditional formats (3d Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD. etc.). The Ultra HD Blu-ray player pioneer UDP-LX 800 supports in addition to real 4k image resolution and HDR (High dynamic Range) also the extended color space (color gamut BT. 2020) as well as a luminance (Luminance) from 1,000 to 10,000 nits. This creates an unprecedented image quality. The UDPLX800 is able to play the new 4k UHD Blu-ray discs, (FullHD)-BluRayDiscs, DVDs, CDs, SACDS and DVD audio. The high-quality audio electronics of the pioneer UDPLX800 with 2 high grade D/A converters ES9026pro can be used not only for its own CD/DVD/BluRay media and for external sources via its USB-DAC input. His analogue RCA outputs also play a great role in classical stereo systems. Mechanics Three-block internal layout (power supply, drive/digital processing, analogue audio) Ultra-Rigid construction Double-Layer 3-chamber chassis with 3 mm reinforced steel plate for rigidity and low center of gravity 6-ply motherboard for high S/N ratio Rigid and low-noise UHD BD Drive Honeycomb mechanism-Drive cover Acoustic Damper Tray Video Ultra HD Blu-ray playback HDR: High dynamic range provides image values with additional luminance densities and color ranges for more vivid, dynamic images Dolby Vision: Dolby Vision delivers significantly more brightness levels and shades than ever before 4k-UHD-Upscaling: Your DVD and BluRay collection is perfectly prepared for 4k-UHD-TV ´ s SDR/HDR Preset mode for optimal screen adjustment 36-bit-deep colour Audio Highly accurate d/A conversion: Enjoy your music in high quality via the lied-on inputs of your music system Direct function switches the video section of the player on request to achieve the best possible audio quality Dual HDMI output: For connecting to older, non-4k compatible AV receivers ClockGenerator: Generates a high-precision audio clock with no time-based error (jitter) for the sound transmission via HDMI (with compatible AV receiver) Analogue audio output Audio dedicated RCA-/Stereoausgang Comfort Disc Information Screen Menu BD-Live/Bonusview Continue, show play position 30 sec. Skip Forward/10 sec. Jump Back Automatic shutdown Firmware update (USB/Network) Self-luminous remote control Playback Media BD-ROM (UHDBD/3d BD/BD)/BD-R (DL)/BD-R LTH/BD-RE (DL) DVD-ROM (DVD-video/DVD-Audio)/DVD-R (DL)/DVD-RW/DVD + R (DL)/DVD + RW Audio-CD (CD-da/SACD)/CD-ROM/CD-R/CD-RW USB memory/hard disk More Product information 3d Playback Yes 4k Upscaling Yes Wireless Yes Smartfähig Yes Hdmi 2x HDMI output, of which 1x only audio 1x HDMI input Scart No Usb 2x USB (1x front, 1x rear) SD Card Slot No Audio output opto/Coax Yes/Yes
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